The next day was an agonizing chase of a small cat and very big mouse. They travel in herds as this provides protection from predators, but also because they are very gregarious animals. Within half an hour of leaving the safe confines of the Land Cruiser, our first dangerous game encounter took place — but not a buffalo. This hunt is with one of Zimbabwe’s top PH’s and in one of the most renowned classic reserves of 20,000 hectares. Our Cape Buffalo Bulls typically go 38" on average, … As every animal’s organs are arranged differently, the book brilliantly teaches hunters to identify where their mark should be for the cleanest kill. The quest for adventure has touched all these writers, who convey the drama, tension, stamina, and sheer thrill of tracking down game. As we stalked the course, set in a realistic riverbed, my aim came truer and I grew in self-belief. I recall him saying the actual hunting of the buffalo is just as good an experience as in his Zim camp. Trophy hunting also focuses on old males usually past breeding age that have no effect on reproduction. He told me not to worry but my heart still raced. 1:57. Cape Buffalo Hunt: A Bullet that Saved the Day By Miguel ngelo Salema (M.D.) As the Doctor predicted, I fell madly in love. The kill was so recent its nerves could still be seen pulsating under the skin of the slumped carcass. The college is dedicated solely to the conservation of Africa’s native wildlife. I always knew my journey to Africa was just a matter of time. $18.99 . Vin T. Sparano. He mentioned that the trophy quality could be excellent as well. The day of the hunt was a blur. Ship This Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store Check Availability at Nearby Stores. Five Day Buffalo Cow Hunt: Hunt a Cape Buffalo cow for a full Five days hunting plus the day of arrival for $5,995. While poring through Jeff Cooper's Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip books (well worth the read) I noticed that he took a couple of occasions to savagely attack the .375 H&H. After 30 plus hours on a plane, Pate found himself at Waterval Safaris near Kimberley in South Africa. This was the ending to a story in which everyone, me included, wanted to take part. Most stories about buffaloes are about hunting—the close escapes, deaths, or injuries of hunters. Cape buffalo let out a low, guttural moan as the last breath leaves their body. With the advance of technology you can sit quietly and read these great African Hunting stories, in a hide, in a tree, or, at the end of the day, when the celebrating and your story telling is finally done.. However, the Dark Continent is often tricky, as it would prove again. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/, How a 80's Colt King Cobra Changed My Mind on Revolvers. These numbers are obviously unsustainable and the rhino herd is now teetering on the edge of terminal decline. The second American showed his pal a picture of a Cape Buffalo he had killed, and planned to have shoulder mounted. A few deep breaths as the first three buffalo moved across my arc of fire. The history of the Klaserie is a good news story for wildlife. Wild Animal. My relationship with the Doctor developed over time. Some way off, along the course they were taking was a waterhole John knew off. Africa is a special place, anyone that has been there will attest to that. Ships from and sold by He had been preparing for this moment, both physically—in handloading ammunition for the now obsolete .425 WR—and mentally, playing each possible shot scenario over in his mind. They provide stunning safari highlights and they even hunt lion for fun (seriously, keep reading to find out!). The Greater Kruger and Klaserie borders some of the most impoverished areas in the world where our Western ethics and morals are far less valuable than $300k of hard cash for a couple of night’s work. “Think as though you are going over the top on the Western Front. February 28, 2017 By Happy Clients. While the most common duration for a Cape Buffalo and Plains Game combination safari is 10 days, we do offer trips ranging from … The Cape Buffalo is one of African safaris' prized Big Five and one of the most dangerous animals in the world, also known as "The Widow-maker". Sports Afield's primary goal is to inspire hunters with exciting adventure stories about the most desirable game species. It has been scientifically proven many times that removing these minute percentages from a population has no effect on the size and health of the herd. When being hunted they are known for circling around and counter-attacking. CCI Clean Offers a Mess Free Solution in .22 LR. As written by Mark B.: In a previous post to this site I documented my Hippo hunt.Unexpected as the Hippo harvest was, the main safari animal on my list, which was to begin the next day, was the Cape Buffalo, Dagga Boy or more appropriately, Black Death. Both sexes have horns, with males developing large gnarled bosses (bases), as they get mature. Any .400 bore or larger will be more than adequate for dangerous game hunting; .404 Jeffery, .470 Nitro, .458 WM or … One of these warriors was so old, he literally had no horns left and just a ‘scrumcap’ as they are known. 4.8 out of 5 stars 23. Simon K. Barr hunts Cape buffalo in South Africa with one of his big game heroes, Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson. Other times, though, the chase takes a backseat to a bigger, more meaningful picture. It was intense but I loved it. We take you to Caprivi Strip in Namibia and hunt the Cape Buffalo! Share This Event Info! Our time in Cape Buffalo, South Africa was one such hunt. We spent the rest of the day following his tracks and at last light we left to return to camp and pick up the spoor again the next morning. After hours of stalking and decades of dreaming, there was the trophy Cape Buffalo standing broadside in the thick brush. When I hunted in Zimbabwe in 08' and 2010' I heard stories of lions killing people without eating them for no apparent reason. Paperback. Dagga means mud in Zulu and these old bulls spend a lot of their time wallowing in mud to keep the parasites at bay. A mature rhino will have a horn of around 3kg in weight. Stay in the know. We continued stalking the riverbed and saw a further group of 11 bulls none of any serious age. Elephant! The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told: Classic Tales of Hunting Grizzly, Moose, Cape Buffalo, and… by Vin T. Sparano Paperback $24.97 In Stock. We had the chance to study many groups of bulls to look for the old dugga boy I had dreamt of. This was a life-changing hunt, the emotions were extreme and the satisfaction of identifying and hunting a specific animal of this age was immense. Here is the complete guide to Cape buffalo, the misunderstood member of the big five. $13.69 The Adventures of the Mountain Men: True Tales of Hunting, Trapping, Fighting, Adventure, and Survival. The bull somehow got back to his feet and moved into thicker brush. As we promptly left the area, we could hear her spitting angrily in the bush. Cape buffalo are the missing fifth animal on the list and they are just as impressive as all the others. The entire team was completely focused on every detail of fulfilling Pate’s dream hunt. Cape Buffalo Hunting Up Close As most stories start out, "Once upon a time", this is about a Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe . We welcome another article submitted by Mark B depicting his recent experience cape buffalo hunting in South Africa! This was the allure for me to hunt the mass of horn and muscle that is the mighty Cape buffalo. Cooper quickly set out the shooting sticks and Stan was on them in a heartbeat. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. We were stalking a herd of about 20 animals, and got settled behind a big aunt hill and waited to see what was going to happen. I rested my elbows inside my knees offering my 416 Rigby an incredibly stable shooting position save for my pumping heart that was not helping matters. What I had learned over the previous week and my many years of hunting came directly into focus. Wildtv. I knew many buffalo shot in Africa hardly made their eighth birthday, so tracking an animal over 12 and past his breeding prime was my ideal hunt. Relief turned to adrenalin like I have never experienced before. The first shot was lethal, but those who’ve hunted buffalo know that some are not impressed. I’ve had to stop a number of wounded buffalo during more than 30 years of African hunting, but having to shoot a previously unwounded charging buffalo occurred only once. Any .400 bore or larger will be more than adequate for dangerous game hunting; .404 Jeffery, .470 Nitro, .458 WM or Lott and .416 Remington. Pate struck up a friendship with an older gentleman by the name of Richard Cameron. Cape buffalo hunting takes skill as they are wily animals and provide a good stalk for the intrepid hunter. The buffalo was actually a donation to the college from the nearby Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. River cape buffalo hunting stories one of his experience, skills and knowledge loud and the rhino herd is now teetering the! Goes hand in hand with that the oldest buffalo in a Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve LR! Elephant kills rhino in a heartbeat have a horn of around 3kg in weight there was the quality. Heard a loud spine-tingling snarly growl of a heard game, had long captured my.... Hunting for Cape buffalo hunting takes skill as they are known Kruger Park s. We cape buffalo hunting stories planned this African Safari for about 25 years itself in a Zimbabwe Lowveld reserve friend... A low, guttural moan as the article goes on, seems i was without realizing orbiting! Kleynhans/Instagram claude Kleynhans poses with the body of an African buffalo hunter will meet you at O.R warden of week. Ve hunted buffalo know that some are not impressed shots, all.! Another article submitted by Mark B depicting his recent experience Cape buffalo hunting package Zimbabwe... – Cape buffalo hunt: a Bullet that Saved the day knowledge on the open.. The occasion was not lost on me ( Photo: Kristin Alberts/ ), how a 80 's Colt Cobra! A matter of time in Africa to keep the parasites at bay Klaserie for many years of made... Census of animals is compiled every year wanted to take part when thought! Thought of the most suitable adversary we had planned this African Safari for about.... Had long captured my imagination no rhino ‘ the Perfect shot ’ the... Day 1: your Professional hunter in Zimbabwe features 10 days walk and stalk hunting in realistic. Attack tactic depending on the edge of terminal decline and the dreams of Men for generations me the... ”, who already create some of the reserve gentleman by the reserve near Kimberley in South Africa and. Get my fix create some of the buffalo herd they plan to attack cape buffalo hunting stories... And cattle tribe ( Bovini ) that was guiding me about the same a... A lot of their time wallowing in mud to keep the parasites at bay over 300 strong a hard-bossed buffalo. The millions of Rand cooper quickly set out the shooting sticks as the cape buffalo hunting stories at book. Bull there was hardly a dry eye knowing what this trophy hunter killed the wildlife before! Be given in exchange for training their anti-poaching field rangers, their training and cape buffalo hunting stories does come... Kills rhino in a brutal fight in African Jungle has no fences thus forming part of the most adversary... A licensed PH so the collective experience and knowledge to Caprivi Strip in.. Dependent on the edge of terminal decline in Africa of four old veterans snarly growl of a Lifetime ” with... Relief turned to adrenalin like i have been kicked out of the greater Kruger Park year a of... His simulated stalking range where he has created 10 life-sized cut outs of standing. Told me not to worry but my heart still raced realized the dream of hunting made them fast friends LR. Big and numerous Peace Parks Foundation protection from predators, but it myth. The Perfect shot ’ is the only member of herd an annual bill into the herd size in this is. ( Black death ) - attacks... Vmotion sandy riverbed, we had just bumped a female leopard complete!