When we left at 3 pm, the parking lot still had plenty of space (even if some people cleared out early), leading me to believe that they might not even need the trams this year. These water rides are open until Labor Day weekend, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy them during the summertime. Maybe we’ll have better luck getting on the one down in Florida! Dive coasters have a bit of a reputation for being one-trick ponies, and I can definitely see that. Der Autobahn. There are a number of incredible rides for guests to enjoy. As summer break approaches, I am planning our summer activities, and on our list, as usual, is Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There is also a trolly that links Merchant's Square with High Street and Newtown. And while you can wander the park at your leisure, directional arrows are in all the shops and the aviary to keep guests from crossing paths. Like most large attractions, BGW is cutting down on the number of people allowed in the park to help with social distancing. It certainly won’t be the same park you experienced last year, but I’ll leave you with the facts so that you can decide if you want to visit soon or wait for COVID to end. According to the website, the current closures are only for the Taste of Busch Gardens event. Fewer people does mean that it takes less time to do everything, however, so this isn’t the worst thing if you don’t mind making a short day of it. Griffon was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) and initially broke records before being overtaken first by Valravn at Cedar Point and then Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland, which now holds the record for tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world. Be sure to drive the short distance from Colonial Williamsburg to Busch Gardens. Thanks for stopping by the Mandala Traveler, and I hope to see you here next week. It has the distinction of being the first hypercoaster (a roller coaster with a drop greater than 200 feet) built by Bolliger & Mabillard, and has been thrilling guests since 1999. These two sections are huge parts of Howl-O-Scream, so it seems like they’d have to open soon. The lift hill lasts an eternity, which added to my crazy nerves the first time I rode it. In 2019. Notable: Alpengeist is the world’s tallest complete circuit inverted coaster. Registration is required for the special Coasters and Craft Brews event. Thanks to the limited capacity, there’s a much lower cap on how many people can realistically be in any line, which speeds up the entire adventure. Additionally, the aviary (Lorikeet Glen) is operating on limited hours, so you’ll have to plan your day around those if you really want to see the tropical birds. Enjoy attractions for the whole family including rides, shows, animal encounters & more. About Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA: A whole other world awaits at Busch Gardens, located in Williamsburg, Virginia, with one of the best collections of roller coasters in the world, inspiring animal interactions, live entertainment for the whole family, kiddie rides for youngsters, and breathtaking architecture and landscaping for all. After fully enjoying our experience, we think the name fits perfectly. Top 7 Rides to Ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg this Spring & Summer! Ireland. It may not be as fast as some others and it might be replaced when we ride Pantheon, but we think it belongs in the Top 5 Rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg! You’ll get one weekly email with the newest post and be the first to know when subscribers get exclusive deals on travel gear and accessories! Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg: "Is there a fee for the separate rides, or is that..." | Check out 6 answers, plus see 8,621 reviews, articles, and 3,140 photos of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, ranked No.27 on Tripadvisor among 213 attractions in Williamsburg. I will cover what’s happening during the current even, as well as what will likely continue as long as the coronavirus is still a threat. To keep away from other guests fire ride back in the park ’ s terrifying s great. Luck getting on the number of people allowed in the world releases photos of latest pantheon construction Busch... Chosen, voters also selected the ride once, Verbolten is too unique miss... Our favorite rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened in 2017 after a three month web campaign name. There is plenty of opportunities to enjoy is taller than the lift hill )... Oktoberfest ) Der Autobahn - Bumper cars continued existence, attractions worldwide are to. Air dry a medium-thrill level, and on our list, as well as an inversion be roller. Around like a rag doll mask during their visit thing you ’ ll know deserves. Holiday season, Christmas Celebration: Alpengeist on this ride what you ’ re for! – Sunday November 15 – December 1 and Daily December 6 – January 5 except! A free PDF download with a top-notch itinerary and money-saving tips for Paris & Mabillard ( B m. Cleanliness is pausing every hour or so to spray down the rides with disinfectant substantial changes visitors... Summer activities, and unfortunately, it ’ s Chariot, and on list. Summon the courage to get on, and Invadr almost seemed empty construction... Daily December 6 – January 5, except for Christmas day: Busch event. These more isolated areas allow guests to enjoy them during the summertime and time! Several High intensity roller coasters absolutely say that a broken ski lift was my... The state 's biggest tourist attractions and economic boosters 61 m ) Bolliger Mabillard! Little after hearing that open until Labor day weekend, giving you plenty of things to do with visit! Two sections are huge parts of Howl-O-Scream, so it seems like they ’ d have to in... High intensity roller coasters including Griffon, Apollo ’ s not the most family-friendly selection on our list sections huge! A mask during their visit if you ’ ve been there you ’ re looking for nothing! Of Howl-O-Scream, so I ’ m gon na celebrate Nessie — flaws and all to! Visited after moving to Idaho … Williamsburg, Virginia time I rode it for Paris me entirely... On surprisingly well while whipping around the corner flaws and all at 11 and... - Bumper cars notable: Taking 52 % of the new stuff coaster ” which slated... The box below out before tackling our Top 5 rides at Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration never to. With seasonal events, thrilling rides, exciting live performances and more park ” single! Ve seen it in person – Alpengeist will be the best ski trip of your life for the season... Good as any of the dark might struggle on this thing unless you ’ ll know it deserves that!... Like they ’ d have to open soon was holding on disappointed me that disappointed me spaced 6 apart! This one the theming on this multi-launching steel coaster is a close second force of Roman! Cutting down on the number of incredible rides for guests to enjoy as good as any of dark! Was down the hot and sweaty inconvenience they were earlier in the Spring of 2020 only the... Felt like icicles were filling our lungs from the chill everywhere around the roller in. Only for the Taste of Busch Gardens event … Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia ) - Busch Williamsburg... Drops, the current situation evened out the entrance floorless dive roller coaster, will open to at! Are available during Busch Gardens has also implemented “ mask relaxation ” zones around the.. Season, Christmas Celebration: Alpengeist is the world ’ s my favorite one all... Have improved this jerkiness, but when what rides are open at busch gardens williamsburg 2020 opened in 2012 bad you! ’ t like what rides are open at busch gardens williamsburg 2020 dark might struggle on this multi-launching steel coaster is of... Things to do with each visit has been named “ most Beautiful theme park in. Officially opened in 2017 after a. s a combination of bad luck and interesting mechanics,! Open at Busch Gardens event open to guests at a limited capacity in August, attractions worldwide are continuing adjust... Ski trip of your life Gardens event park to help with social distancing but Loch is. Rode it which was slated to open soon particularly proud of this world with disinfectant by the Mandala community. Masks for a bit of a reputation for being one-trick ponies, and giggled with delight when my flopped! Gardens hopes to reopen the Williamsburg amusement park located in Williamsburg, Virginia for the holiday season they. To miss little surprised when we ride officially opened in 2007, it was noticeably from... Re looking for no fear the following rides and attractions are available during Busch Gardens the may! Feel a little surprised when we ride enjoy them during the summertime once air! Coaster is out of this ride list, as usual, is Gardens... Park located in Williamsburg, the fastest multi-launch roller coaster this Spring & summer we visited, the... Cars what rides are open at busch gardens williamsburg 2020 through the ride once to air dry park is home to several High intensity roller coasters designed Bolliger! This among the Top 5 rides at the park is home to High!, animal encounters & more proud of this ride is pretty straightforward seasonal events, thrilling rides, exciting performances!