“Come with me? Alexei (Stranger Things) Lives Season/Series 03 “Okay children, time to appeal to me, which of your two groups is least likely to accidentally kill the most valuable resource we have in shutting down that machine.” Dustin spoke up first, “If he comes with us he will be able to communicate with you guys.” Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things.. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. He thought he would collapse when they experimented on him. A blanket comes to rest across his shoulders, and Billy’s expecting Steve, or Max, or perhaps Robin. Will Byers x Reader [Book 2/4?] You could ask his mother and she’d list of a hundred different times she’d had to force whatever out his hands and into his sisters. I've been geekin' out over it since Season 2 dropped. Grigori was present at the failed test of a Key machine that was designed by a group of Russian scientists, including Dr. Alexei.When the machine failed and killed several Russian personnel in HAZMAT suits, Grigori was ordered by his superior, General Stepanov, to punish the scientist for his failure. You must have gotten lucky," Murray teases him once they've reunited. He can’t move, and he can’t really see, but those two kind of fall behind the fact that he can’t fucking breathe. Alright, just based after season 2, has a lot of Smut, not so much in the first chapter but it progresses. He wasn't amused -- but Murray turned out to be more helpful than he could've imagined. or this fills in the missing scene in season 3x07 where murray confronts joyce and hopper to “pull over, tear off those clothes and get it over with already” lmao so here ‘ya go!! Their friends greet them warmly and all appears to be as it was before they left. They can laugh and just be themselves with no fear of Eleven being whisked away by Dr Brenner. Jonathan wasn't planning on spreading his legs anytime soon and giving Nancy pups. White or transparent. A sequel to Stranger Things 3. 1 Career 2 Filmography 2.1 Film: 2.2 Television: 3 External Links 4 Trivia Instagram Twitter He is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Steve brings Billy flowers.It takes a while to recover from almost being killed by an inter dimensional monster.Hawkins’ Upside Down Team take turns visiting Billy; told through the symbolism of flowers. Kara adds Carol and so on. Billy resents Steve for having the 'perfect life,' but he doesn't really know anything about Steve. When Eleven and Will Byers return home for Spring Break in the spring of 1986, they find that little has changed in their time away. Jim Hopper is a strongman from a small town circus in Hawkins. Alexei wants to learn everything he can about this first American holiday, and Murray gives Billy one of his infamous talks. 11.9k. All that and more will be answered (eventually) in this on going slice of life story you didn't even know you were missing. Martin Brenner comes back from death and brings back demons El Hopper tought she had already burried, but of course, Mike Wheeler, A.K.A The Best Boyfriend Ever, is there for her. His body burned. But when he arrives to the Cirque de Upside Down, he quickly finds out that not everything is as grand as it seems.- Jopper! Steve brings Billy flowers.It takes a while to recover from almost being killed by an inter dimensional monster.Hawkins’ Upside Down Team take turns visiting Billy; told through the symbolism of flowers. But he couldn’t fail them. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Now Billy can't even be found to pay Child Support, Steve is stressed to hell at all times, and Mike is really thinking about running away from home. Possibly even Joyce. They have a van, a mattress that no one should sleep on, a suit case of vodka, and a map of the United States marked with 6 bright red Xs. Of course, Billy doesn’t notice this the first time he wakes up, because he can’t breathe. Work Search: also there will be a sequel for this:’D let me know in the comments about your opinions!! (WARNING: SMUT IS IN THIS STORY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Mike's Dream. Series. On the way to a cabin trip in Illinois with Billy, Steve's Beemer broke down in Sesser. The on going relations between a former Soviet mad scientist and a mad American conspiracy theorist. So, so tired. This deal though...this was better than he expected, especially once he saw who his alpha would be. He made eye contact with Brenner. Stranger Things is a Netflix Original Series created by the Duffer Brothers which debuted on July 15, 2016. Murray did not see himself forming close relations at this stage in his life and he didn’t enjoy the idea of being in love. This is for my stranger things blues, so if you like it that's totally tubular, if not, cool, go read something else. Bigfoot! The Party were now graduating high school, Steve was Hopper's Chief Deputy. Their dad is home, their parents are happily married, their whole lives are now perfect...except for this new thing going on with Dustin's anatomy (What do you mean he's a Carrier has a uterus now?!). My love for the show only grew and grew until I started writing about it and finally decided to start writing a story for it! In fact, this all makes it much easier for Steve to do what he does best. After getting a job offer at a legitimate newspaper and another offer for a potentially supernatural-related adventure, Jonathan packs his things and moves to Hawkins. 235 notes tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". TV Shows: Stranger Things, 2016 fanfiction archive with over 3,011 stories. He is beaming and blushing so brightly that Murray feels like he's basking in a sunbeam. Sort of. And all coinciding with the appearance of a mysterious teenager in Hawkins whose presence is likely to change the game for both El and Will forever. "I can't believe it! Inadvertently, they have created a portal to an alternate dimension called "the Upside Do… Or Jane, whatever you want to call her. February 11th 10:39pm. Your Uncle Murray calls you late in the night with no explanation, and next thing you know he is at your door, along with a brooding man, a feisty small woman, and a dirtied young man beside him...you hadn't a clue that soon this would be the man you would fall for. He isn't quite sure what to expect when he receives an invitation to the most famous circus in the world. How will Alexei adjust to life in America? Alec Utgoff is a British-Ukrainian actor who portrayed Alexei in the third season of the Netflix original television series Stranger Things. After all, what was the U.S. government going to do? A side full of pain. Various one shots of stranger things characters, these characters WILL NOT include the party (Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, or Max) as I am an adult and I wouldn't feel comfortable writing about underage CHILDREN. He had no fucking clue. It’s the scariest story ever told —. Alec Utgoff (The slurpee loving Alexei from Stranger Things 3) is interviewed at the Premiere for Mortdecai in London's Leicester Square. Authentic Stranger Things sweatshirt: This premium Pullover features a famous and authentic design of the Stranger Things Series! After 1985, Mike and Dustin find out just how far the Butterfly Effect can reach and have to learn to navigate their new lives in this new timeline.