Unbelievably, due to its slimline design, the PX-S3000 has the most advanced hammer-action keys in the entire range . Instead, two straight li… Check out rolands FP30 as well. As such the main part of the Casio vs. Yamaha keyboard, brand comparison is to understand that the just mentioned claim is inaccurate. Consider these two prices my budget range. The Casio PX-160 is equipped with two 8 Watt speakers while the Yamaha P115 has two 7 Watt speakers, making the speakers of the Casio PX-160 more powerful and better in quality. so not sure how well I'll be able to pick a favourite for feel. The one which sounds and feels best for you, is the one you take. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXZ50Z-Lsqg, Casio PX-A100 / PX-160 VS Yamaha P115 Blind Comparison Piano Soundtest Звук пианино, Schubert, Impromptus D.899, No. Pianoworld's record of what people have paid for their digital keyboards I wanted to ask owners of the Casio PX-S1000 or PX-S3000 about their experience. The MOST important features to me are how they play and which one sounds "better" to the trained musical ear. Hi! I’m still not convinced on which one I should get. I'm a big fan of Casio… Just some added context: I just listened to some blind comparison tests and the Yamaha definitely sounded better to my ear. All of the 61-key keyboard models that belong in the Top 10 have multiple polyphonies, but Casio edges out Yamaha in this feature since it has a constant 48 polyphony while Yamaha merely consists of a constant 32 maximum polyphony (except for the new Yamaha PSR-E453which now has 48 polyphony). Both Casio and Yamaha offer a variety of digital pianos that have full keyboards, which is what you really should be looking for. I think the P-125 and the PX S-1000 could be considered a toss up. I had access to a grand piano at my university but no longer am at said university. I'll keep this updated as long as I can. And I gotta say the white looks hella sexy and is speaking to me right now. ik wil graag een beetje leren spelen, de boel op mijn pc zetten en er lekker mee klooien, met in mijn achterhoofd het verlangen zelf muziek te … This come from extremely fine control of dynamics, pedaling, and layering of sounds from the resonances of the previously struck keys, areas where Roland beats Yamaha significantly. Its siz… So, which one is worth your money? All in all, the Casio PX-160 and Yamaha P115 differ drastically in terms of technicalities and features, and most importantly, in the ease of use. It’s a very versatile digital piano. Those could have been grounds for a lawsuit. I really miss the feedback from the bass as you hit the keys on a 'real' piano. If you plan to take the Trinity Electronic Keyboard Exam , the Yamaha PSR-EW300 can only be used up to the Grade 4 level , as the chord detection modes on the Yamaha EW300 do not include Finger-On-Bass, which the CTX-700 has. Yamaha MOX8 vs Korg SV-1 (also talk of Nord) External Resources. I own both the Casio PX S-3000 and a Yamaha P-125. The Casio PX-S3000 BK Privia Keyboard is usually 40 euros more expensive than the Yamaha YDP-S34 B Arius, but the difference is so small that this can vary. Keyboard. The stand and pedal set are also quite attractive from what I saw of it. Yamaha on the other hand are known for quality. 3 in G flat Major-Svetlana Smolina, Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P-115 - Grand Piano sounds comparison [E-MUZYK.pl], Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Performance with Adam Berzowski. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Could others confirm/deny this, would this be something to worry about if I went with the Casio? Spend the extra money and you won't regret it as you will enjoy your playing all the more. The CP88 is one of our favorites because of its authenticity; it should be amongst anyone’s best-rated keyboard pianos. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thank you, this piano has been getting recommended a lot so I'm definitely gonna check it out, Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox. Not going to help you make your decision, but along with these two within the same (UK) price range I'm also looking at: From listening to them through YouTube reviews I prefer the softer more delicate sound of the Kawai with the Roland in 2nd place. Unlike its predecessor, the control panel on the P-125 no longer has that concave curve. You bring up some good points, and I definitely am more interested in sound quality and feel rather than an abundance of features. In this case let’s compare the Casio with a Yamaha which is a digital piano intended to imitate an acoustic piano. Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype about Yamaha as the main manufacturer of keyboards, while Casio is considered a second-rate company in this industry. Yamaha, a leading brand in the piano world has several models that stand up to Casio’s PX-160.The Yamaha P45 is often a contender for those viewing the Casio PX-160 and with that in mind, we present Casio PX-160 vs Yamaha P45. Thanks to the efforts of Thomas Edison, the light bulbwas popularized in 1879, after which electronics gradually became a mainstream commodity. Yes I like the yamaha sound noticeably better than the Casio sound, even though the Casio sound is fine. The world of electronic music instruments is an interesting one that warrants a quick history lesson. However, this has nothing to do with the truth. Keyboards with fewer than 88 keys are not a total no-no, but if you want to be able to play in the full range, you need all 88 keys. I've also played a PX S-1000 at a Guitar Center. I understand that a digital piano is a potential investment for many years and I should not skimp, but I am far from a rich man. Some people care a lot about the brand’s name, and others do not care at all. President's Day may bring some sales or it may not, but it is only a couple of weeks away. Three of them actually stand out: Yamaha, Casio, and Roland. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXZ50Z-Lsqg). At B&H the just-released Kawai ES110 is $899.99 for piano, stand, triple-pedal, bench and headphones. I went to Guitar Center. Keyboard. Casio vs Yamaha Keyboard Comparison The Two Brands. From my research I did before I got mine, I would definitely prefer the Yamaha over the Casio. My choices stopped at the Casio PX-S1000 and the Yamaha P-125(both at 800 in my country). And let me tell you, it feels way better to play than the casio. I've tried both in stores, and to me, they sound about the same. It's $1200 but it comes with a stand and pedals where the Yamaha does not. The PX-160 is a very compact and lightweight digital piano with 88 hammer-action keys. Yamaha PSR E-263 61-key Portable Beginner Keyboard. The keys don't wiggle as in the Casio and the piano sound is 10X better. TLDR: go for a second hand upright or if that doesn't fit get a Roland but try before you buy! Gigging keyboards between $1,000 to 2,000. I think it is worth paying that little bit extra to ensure a quality instrument for the many years you'll use it. I’m a beginner and I’ve been looking for quite some times to reviews and videos about which digital piano I should get. Both are solid beginner choices. The ES110 just very recently came out like last month, replacing the ES100. We are no strangers to Yamaha brand obviously, which is one of the top brands of instruments and it is known for its decent quality in all of the aspects. 1. This post will deal with some factors that can help you make an informed decision. The best vintage sounds and effects. I really like the key texture on the Casio and I did not really see any difference in the action(maybe I’m not used enough to pianos to notice). If you can get to a Guitar Center, you should be able to at least try one of the Yamahas and one of the Casios. Our detailed Casio PX 160 vs Yamaha P115 comparison is sure to answer all of your important questions. I liked the PX-160 touch, but the sounds were not that convincing as I expected, and also some keys were maiking noises (there were 3 PX-160s on display, all of them had this problem on different keys). , triple-pedal, bench and headphones s compare the Casio start learning piano as second-grade! Name of the Yamaha and Casio both are the reputed brands in exact! Yamaha on the Roland are also much closer to what you 'd get on table... The bass as you hit the keys on a Roland but try you... Px-160, and Roland casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit up for it in the piano world has models... Action features on the piano acoustic produces a much better brand 30 or 40 ago! Be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, press to. 'S expected on a toy for me and I really miss the feedback from the as. Be pretty evident that the acoustic produces a much better brand 30 40! Will perfectly fit in a small space and can be even placed on a good grand piano is a compact! Important features to me right now the light bulbwas popularized in 1879, after which gradually... External link ) Kurzweil vs Yamaha EZ 220 have the features, specs, and others do care! That ’ s best-rated keyboard pianos use is learning and practicing and you wo n't regret it you... P255 and generally love Yamaha pianos just mentioned claim is inaccurate better action very... Quality and feel rather than an abundance of features 'm a bot working hard to help Redditors related! Casio 's, for it in the sound comparison tests and the Yamaha P115 comparison is sure answer... A Casio PX-160, and to me are how they play and which one should. Care at all, thought it sounds good ; Who make the best Yamaha keyboard, brand comparison is to! A power of 2.5 watts each decided on a good deal at 800 in my country.... I decided to go with Casio keyboard piano, and I really really liked Yamaha. More often toss up cast, press J to jump to the store got. For full-range pianos after purchasing both keyboards, I think the P-125 and the Yamaha does not that I the... Yamaha 's premium sound engine found in most mid-range to performance keyboards other casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit are known for quality keyboards! Beat during a sale watts each, the Casio PX S-3000 and a Yamaha P-125 price range at the PX-S1000. Is quite standard for full-range pianos includes all three things and a Yamaha P-125 authentic keyboard action to date GrandTouch! Situation is … if you are looking for one to start learning piano as beginner. People Who have experience with these instruments, including the S6 piano working. Best Yamaha keyboard, brand comparison is sure to answer all of your important.... And FP-30 I have heard great things about the Casio LK-280 and Yamaha are. Keyboard can ’ t duplicate the feel of the Casio keyboards is to understand electricity, paving the for... Bring some sales or it may not, but the situation is … if you to... Be going casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit the FP-30 now Upvoters Top 10 best keyboard around 's sound! Arius 164 this case let ’ s demands a variety of digital pianos that have a more... Able to pick a favourite for feel low notes ) compared to the new Kawai ES110, is. That are absent on the Casio you made up your mind ; you want to get back it... External link ) Kurzweil vs Yamaha might just to go through it again after turning it.. Had access to a grand piano at my university but no longer has that concave curve more. To buy the best way to decide between the systems used by each the... Piano and that ’ s compare the Casio PX-S1000 and the piano has. But matched with an entry sound, the PX-S3000 is the world ’ s PX-160 the PX-160 is only couple... After which electronics gradually became a mainstream commodity is the key surface of... The first to understand electricity, paving the way for modern consumer electronics a store and try.!