SAY GOODBYE TO INTERFERENCE: The Sennheiser AVX Combo Set operates on a 1.9 GHz frequency range, offering a very clean and crisp sound. Sennheiser AVX-835 SET Wireless Handheld System for Video AVX 1.9GHz Digital Wireless Microphone System with Handheld Microphone Transmitter, Direct-input Camera Receiver, and … Buy Sennheiser SK AVX Digital Bodypack Transmitter (1.9 GHz) featuring For Use with AVX Wireless Mic System, Lightweight, Compact Metal Housing, Automatic Mic Level Control, Mute Switch, 15-Hr Rechargeable Battery + USB Power, 98' Range. In direct line-of-sight, the range should be even better according to Sennheiser. The 1.9GHz frequency range allows the system to stay out of range … The ultra compact receiver … It features self configuring digital transmission which eliminates time-consuming radio frequency setup. The EKP AVX is the receiver for the AVX wireless microphone system. Sennheiser say that the AVX has a range of at least 30 meters in normal video production conditions where there may be obstructions between the transmitter and the receiver. Range. Review Sennheiser SK AVX