“There’s a worthy debate over what we do and how we solve this problem, and I hope we can have that conversation.”… Judith Curry, president and co-founder of the Climate Forecast Applications Network, said she believes climate change is a natural occurrence that cannot be … There is solid middle ground in the ever-contentious climate-change debate. / Judith Curry. It seems to be an early retirement — she is “a few years shy of 65” and plans to stay on as an Emeritus Prof. Judith Curry: I absolutely think that more effort is needed in determining the effect of the sun on our climate. A feature from Scientific American. Judith Curry: The debate is polarized in a black-white yes-no sort of way, which is a consequence of oversimplifying the problem and its solution. On Tuesday June 25, I will be testifying before the House Oversight and Reform Environmental Subcommittee in a Hearing on Recovery, Resilience and Readiness – Contending with Natural Disasters in the Wake of Climate Change. Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate Over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Climate Change” 8 December 2015 Judith A. Curry Georgia Institute of Technology curryja@eas.gatech.edu I thank the Chairman and the Committee for the opportunity to offer testimony today on ‘Data or Dogma? This is a story of a sharp […] You can cherry-pick a certain line of papers to support whatever argument you want. Judith Curry abandons science That realization struck me when I read the final lines of “ Handling the Heat ,” her profile in Georgia Tech’s Alumni magazine (the source of the top photo): The climate’s natural variability is unpredictable. ... Judith Curry has announced that she has resigned from her post at Georgia Tech, as of Jan 1st. scorched earth). Climate heretic: Judith Curry turns on her colleagues. Posted on May 24, 2016 | 95 Comments. Bernie Lewin identified this 1995 meeting in Madrid as a key turning point in the climate change debate. 4 years ago, 12,266 views 72 minutes. Coral bleaching debate. No debate. Judith Curry: Climate change is an extremely complex problem. The removal of agreed statements from a technical chapter to agree with unsubstantiated political opinions greatly hurt John Houghton’s cause and reputation. Judith Curry, a highly credentialed climate scientist, discovered what happens when you question the reliability of the models. But then, neither reality nor complexity mobilizes passions as much as myths do, which is why Judith Curry’s work is so important today. Judith Curry is all about politics, this is where discussions about her belong! I already did that.This post is about the real problem with the public debate over global warming. Our data show the pause, just as the other sets of data do. And now is the time to welcome it, given that politics is not going to reverse in any detectable amount the human influence on climate. Judith Curry, one of climate science's most vocal critics, is leaving academe because of what she calls the poisonous nature of the scientific discussion around human-caused global warming. ... Jr., Judith Curry, Keith Idso, … Esteemed American climate scientist, Dr Judith Curry, has submitted to the court an Amicus Curiae legal brief exposing Mann. The sun is receiving increased attention (and funding), and there is a lively debate underway on interpreting the recent satellite data record, reconstructing past solar variability, and predicting the solar by Judith Curry. The topic of the debate was “Must We Act Now To Avert a Climate Catastrophe?” and was part of a longer conference hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute called “The Costs of Kyoto” that took place on July 15, 1997.