ROTA Mobility describes its RoTrike as “the ultimate cross-over wheelchair.” It eschews traditional push-rim propulsion, with its motion instead generated by a central lever and a “powertrain.” The lever is used to move both forward and backwards, achieving up to two wheel revolutions per push-pull and speeds as high as 15 mph. Kristen Tapping, 36, second year product design student at London South Bank University produced the winning design – an innovative wheelchair, ‘Moveo’, which is designed to propel the user forwards by them pushing backwards – exerting less force and effort than a normal wheelchair. This tread allows the chair to travel wherever the user wants to go: over streams, sand, snow or mud. These new designs have sculpted the hand rims to fit into the user’s hand, making it easier and more comfortable to propel the chair. People with limited mobility have relied on wheelchairs for centuries to help them get around. International Wheelchair Day is a welcome moment both to celebrate the innovative technological advancements which have changed the lives of millions, but also to consider the reality that throughout history – as is still the case today in most developing countries – only the privileged few who need wheelchairs actually have access to them. The lights help the user navigate better in the dark as well as make it easier for others to see them. Still, every new idea could be the spark of something that leads to an affordable modern wheelchair that can help more people with disabilities find greater levels of mobility and independence. Trekinetic’s original K-2 model chair introduced a carbon fiber monocoque seat instead of the traditional metal chassis more common in regular wheelchairs, and the seat was anatomically molded to brilliantly support the human form. Other designers tackled this same challenge in another way. Illuminated wheelchairs have lights that are powered by the rotation of the side wheels. The minimalistic chair, which weighs less than 18.5 pounds, is made of cutting-edge “hydroformed aluminum” and acts like a rigid chair with all the perks of a softer folding one. Jul 1, 2015 - Explore Gail Daniels's board "wheelchairs ramps ideas" on Pinterest. Built-in safety features make it virtually impossible to tip the chair over—in any direction. People with neuromuscular disorders might be left behind. Besides giving the wheelchair a fresh look, the unusual shape perfectly fits to the contours of a human body, thereby giving a feeling of utmost comfort and security. Converting a Manual Wheelchair to an Electric Wheelchair. This is because not all disabilities are the same. While many of the futuristic designs are exciting, they aren’t appropriate for all wheelchair users. Sensors and gyroscopes are key to the iBOT’s intuitive design, enabling the chair to maintain balance by feeding information to its custom-designed software. The chair is made up of four detachable components: twin side wheels, a seat and footrest, and a seat back. The design features self-balancing technology, and it can not only negotiate tough terrain and stairways but, like the CARRIER (see entry 6), also elevates the user so that he or she can be at eye-level with others who are standing. [It’s] built to do work.” Unlike the case with standard wheelchairs, the front casters are set directly into the frame and are positioned further forward than usual, meaning the HXC has a longer wheelbase. In 2011 Briton Jim Starr was barred from using his Tank Chair on public land owing to its weight and size. Suzanne Brewer develops "Segway-style" wheelchair that allows users to stand upright London architect Suzanne Brewer has created a prototype wheelchairwith only two wheels … This design balances the load on the joints of the arms and reduces the impact on shoulders and wrists. Chairs that adjust the angle of legs and back will help the user change position and avoid some of the problems that come with being immobile. Another innovative design uses a different approach. Scottish inventor and wheelchair user Andrew Slorance took four years to design and develop the Carbon Black, and the end product is both portable and low maintenance. Modern wheelchairs use the same basic design that was developed many years ago. Wheelchair Gloves Wheelchair Backpack Wheelchair Tire Covers Wheelchair Reflectors . This chair also has the capability to lift users to a standing position by means of a pair of extra wheels in the rear. New Trends in Innovative Wheelchair Design. The Movi is more comfortable, easier to use and safer for both the patient and health care transport staff, according to early trials at UAB Health System in … What are some of the new concepts and innovations in wheelchair design? 6. The device connects to a wheelchair, transforming it into a small, motorized vehicle. The compact Quickie Xenon is billed as “the lightest folding wheelchair in the world.” The chair’s progressive and patented flat cross brace composition cuts a distinctive shape around its lightweight oval frame. A new wheelchair prototype with an innovative propulsion system has been developed by Massey University engineers that attempts to minimise chronic shoulder and … Here, the aim is independence, and to allow wheelchair users to handle a wide range of surfaces and situations. Architects have been pitching in creating awareness regarding disability. Tim Rushby-Smith @TRushbyS. Another elegant and practical touch is the line of LED lights on the footrest, which not only brighten the path ahead in darkness, but also increase the visibility of the wheelchair at night. New wheelchair inventions make use of new technology and futuristic wheelchair designs that better meet the needs of the people who use them. These people have more options than those who don’t have the use of either their arms or their legs. RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories Cool, Innovative and FUN Wheelchair Accessories We put the FUN into Functionality! All they need to do is shift the weight of their upper body and the chair will respond. Designed with ALGOR FEA, Innovative Wheelchair Provides Greater Mobility and Independence. One innovative approach is the folding portable wheelchair which is perfect for travel. Although disabled vehicles and wheelchair ramps help eliminate many of the mobility challenges that wheelchair users face, staircases still remain a prominent issue. For those who can’t use the sit and stand chairs, there are advanced wheelchairs that elevate the user to the height they would be at if they were standing. This ensures faster, more adrenaline-pumping rides. Designers are coming up with new concepts to address these needs. The wheelchair also has a run mode, which uses three gears, much like bicycle gears, which helps when users are traveling uphill. The chair can easily maneuver over obstacles like mud, stones, tram tracks, or curbs.