Aside from hanging posters and hooks as suggested by 3M, I came up with other ideas on how to hang other items such as drapes without poking holes in the wall a couple years ago at a friend's place. For reference, we used an ultra-slim rod with a diameter of 0.4375 inches. Important tips to follow when applying Command™ Hooks: wait 7 days after painting before use, do not hang frames on hooks. a bed with curtains hanging from the ceiling around it to create a canopy Command™ Picture Hanging Strips make decorating quick and easy - no tools necessary. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly—no nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. I also loathe hanging curtains. I saw some temporary curtain solutions with command strips but wasn’t impressed with the look. A post shared by Shay (@stitchandtape) on Mar 29, 2017 at 9:11pm PDT How to hang pictures from a … Apply Outdoor Hooks between 15° to 125°F. #whatshanginwednesday. Wait 7 days after painting before use. Second, if your curtains are very light, or sheer, try the trick of hot glue on your hooks. Thankfully the 3M Command strips made it possible to prevent wall hole making. At some point I’ll need to start installing ceiling hooks so I can actually open my curtains. How do all my IG plant peeps water their long tangled hanging goodness?? The Best Damage-Free Curtain Hanging Solution. Do not hang over beds or on wallpaper. Also, when choosing a curtain rod, make sure it will fit inside the ceiling hooks. The precise placement of yours depends on a few factors (ceiling height, curtain length, trim & molding style, etc) so I can’t give you a hard and fast measurement for where your rod should always go… but generally, we like to hang ours about 3-4″ below the ceiling or, if there’s crown molding, 3-4″ below the bottom edge of the crown. All the measuring leveling and drilling are just a bother. Buy a curtain or curtains to hang from the ceiling before buying ceiling-mount curtain rods, since the weight of the curtain affects the size and thickness of the curtain rods. 2. If you have a different style hook in mind, you can try MacGyvering your own, like Jamie’s Home Blog did here , by gluing two Command strips together and using them to hang up any decorative hook you like. As easy to fill in a hole in the ceiling drywall as it is to fill a hole in wall drywall. Run the curtain rod through the hoops at the top of your curtains and then hang it up again. Draw the curtains and let them sit for 1 hour to make sure the adhesive hooks can hold the weight. No problem! Use Indoor Hooks between 50º - 105ºF. Command sells metal hooks designed specifically to hold curtain rods, and the brushed nickel finish works with a wide variety of curtains. So I also needed something incredibly easy to use. String your curtain on the curtain rod and hang it up. Third, forget about the wall… hang your hardware from the ceiling! Do not hang valuable or irreplaceable items or framed pictures. How to hang curtain panels with hooks to hang like drapery: Gather supplies: curtain panels, curtain rings with eyelet, drapery hooks, seam ripper, drapery weights Using your drapery hooks insert a hook into the heading of your curtain panel at regular intervals (everywhere you want to use a ring, normally panels use 7-9 rings). It’s the worst task in the world to me. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight.