f800gs vs f800gs adventure. Not rated. The 21′ front wheel and reduced overall weight make it much easier to control in loose terrain. Price: £ 6630. I'm also from Flandres ( Sint-Niklaas) and I took the F850gs and the R1200GS on a back to back testdrive. f800gs comparison. f800gs review. Fri, 3 May 2013. The new F800GS Adventure in on the scene, so what are you getting for the extra £1,000 on the asking price of the standard model? > Looking to buy or sell a … For one up riding it's up to you. Category: Adventure. We could get upset about the lost travel but the ease of use and confidence boost the 850 gives vs. the F800GS is much more important to the people who are going to buy these motorcycles. Retrouvez toutes les caractéristiques techniques de la nouvelle BMW F 850 GS. Fun fact: the average age of an F850GS purchaser is four years younger than the average age of all other BMW buyers…. “The BMW F800GS is a better motorcycle for me and the way I like to ride.” The first thing I noticed when I switched from the 1200GS to the 800GS was the improvement in handling on gravel roads. Differences: BMW F800GS vs Adventure. Dépassez vos limites et défiez facilement la voie hors piste grâce au pneu avant de 21 pouces. Details. By Laura Thomson. By Ben Cope. Join the conversation! I love the engine in the f850gs, the grunt and the fact that I can rev it more without losing the license. Manufacturer: BMW. Thu, 25 Oct 2018. Share: 0. BMW WATCH: BMW F850GS vs BMW F800GS. Share: 0. f800gs adventure. Overall. at 51 years old according to BMW. Découvrez l’équipement de série et téléchargez la brochure. OVERLOOKED and underappreciated, BMW's F800GS achieved nowhere near the success of its larger sibling, the R1200GS. In the Midwest we have a lot of gravel roads. I don't miss the power during commute. But if you plan long trips two up with luggage then I would recommend the R1200GS. Essai moto BMW F 850 GS Adventure Altitude Bicylindre en ligne, 853 cm3, 95 ch, 92 Nm, 244 kg tous pleins faits, 13 300 euros sans option.