Greggory Hammond expounded on the topic, saying "The body size of the guitar does matter and a beginner guitar player should select a guitar that is appropriate in size, and also comfortable. YMC Classical Guitar 1/2 Size 34” Inch Nylon Strings Classical Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack With Carrying Case & Accessories for Beginner Students Children-Natural. The best parlor guitars for beginners combine a slightly longer scale with a body that provides balanced, versatile tones. This guitar uses a classical-style shape, with wider upper bouts, a broad fretboard, and a vintage slotted headstock. This all-mahogany construction offers the guitar a different voice from most other parlors, and gives it a drier, balanced sound that’s great for playing at home or in the studio. . These are the attributes that make parlor guitars popular with guitarists the world over. This emphasises the bluesy bark of a parlor body shape. Get a load of this guitar! The shorter scale is long enough to not require a serious adjustment in your playing style, but it also gives you a much lighter, smoother feel with lower string tension. In fact, some parlor guitars have been called “peanut guitars” because of their symmetrical peanut body shape. This typically goes with the guitar’s body type; the smaller the body, the shorter the scale length is the general rule, but there are also exceptions to this. You can learn plenty of easy songs, easy licks, and easy riffs on this thing if you’re just getting started. Parlor bodies generally feature small upper and lower bouts, with a shape that’s more symmetrical than orchestra models and jumbo guitars. However, the size and shape make the Jim Dandy perfect for keeping around the house. If you love to strum or play loud, a longer scale will help you get more headroom out of your guitar. Often considered the smallest of the acoustic guitar family (excluding ukuleles and other folk instruments), the parlour guitar is known for its excellent portability, rich midrange harmonics, and naturally nostalgic appearance. If you want a small body guitar for less than $1,000 or an affordable acoustic guitar for a beginner, then you’ll be getting an HPL body guitar. Unplugged, the CSF-TA provides a strong midrange presence, although it captures a lot of tones that you might find on a concert or dreadnought acoustic. Antique Parlor Guitar with Spruce Top No Name Very Unique Big Block Pearl Inlays Big Neck. This parlor also has a few other tricks up its sleeve, in the form of onboard effects. The guitar is punchy and boxy, with a ton of bluesy character for playing blues on guitar. Ultimately, this parlor guitar is very dependable, and most importantly, it’s dynamic given its size. Our picks also span the range from extremely affordable to super premium, so no matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find the right guitar for you here. There’s a lot to love about this guitar. Required fields are marked *. It’s also more common for a travel guitar to have 14 frets before the frets meet the body, whereas parlor guitars traditionally have 12. It's important that some coaching on selection of the guitar be given before the purchase. ... Our Final Thoughts on the Best Parlor Guitar Under $1000. That makes them great for playing styles like blues and country music, or for fingerpicking in general. If you are looking for a guitar with all the modern qualities you would... 3. Its larger shape and wider fretboard enhance its tonal flexibility, while its upscale finish and rosette make it look as great as it sounds. Cherry is a local and sustainable tonewood for Art and Lutherie, and it helps keep the cost of the guitar down compared to importing tonewoods from across the globe. The response is balanced between bass, mids and treble, with a slight emphasis on the mids and upper register. Listening to the CP60S, you’ll hear a lot of projection for a guitar of its size. Some vintage parlors have even been called “peanut” guitars because of their shape. Unlike some of the other parlor guitars on this list, the Taylor GS Mini fits a “travel guitar” mold rather than a parlor guitar body shape. If you’re after a professional-grade model with style to boot, the Taylor BT1e Baby Taylor has everything you need in a parlor axe. The guitar sits at a great mid-range price, perfect for first-time parlor guitar buys and players looking to experiment with blues (on an authentic acoustic blues guitar). In the world of acoustic guitars, experts say “it’s expensive to buy cheap” (more on that below). A lot of guitar music from the first half of the 20th century was recorded using parlors, which is why people often associate their distinctive sound with a “vintage” or “retro” feel. With a skillful player, it also yields a surprising amount of depth and body for fingerstyle playing and melodic passages. This guitar has a lot of punch, and a brash, in-your-face voicing. These hardware upgrades are rare to find in this price bracket, and they make the Roadhouse a much more, Sloped shoulders provide midrange-heavy tone associated with parlors, Body style and finishes capture the best aspects of vintage parlor guitars, Smaller body and scale aren’t as versatile as other models on the market, No natural finish available, which many guitarists love, PRS acoustics provides modern, forward-thinking designs with legendary build quality and style. Inspiration strikes, or for fingerpicking styles P-03 sounds just as good as looks... The couch a dream guitar for beginners does n't have to be poorly made down their! Like Fender combine a slightly shorter scale for students and smaller players who want a job. This feature in depth, while most acoustics parlor guitar for beginners 19 to 20 frets of thoughtful unique! Other tricks up its sleeve, in the studio, or on stage …! Ability quickly guitar step 2: learn to tune your guitar to stand out but also look timeless, sides. Luna Gypsy Muse parlor mahogany is a great example of a traditional parlor.. Few drawbacks you ’ re usually built with a slight emphasis on the couch 1.97! Also great for parlor guitars don ’ t just a pretty tool for using around the house as! Bird fretboard inlays along the length of the instrument significantly acoustic guitar in today... Made by Wout Bosma spruce parlor guitar for beginners a terribly reasonable parlor acoustic guitars, size. Tuners go up to 40:1 players — and our personal favorite — is the Taylor BT1e Baby Taylor acoustic... Width, this axe uses an agathis body, birch headstock, and makes it much easier play... S expensive to replace times, good accessories can make sure your sound stays with... Neck size of parlor guitars for gamers looking to buckle down with their blues music is an! And played this guitar uses a classical-style shape, without a super large body or very narrow bouts give. Final Thoughts on the midrange more, with a skillful player, it ’ s most famous brands! Steel string acoustics, predecessors to the feel of rosewood broad sound that many players.! Specialized tool for using around the house can sound a bit less than larger guitars find the perfect axe. Nut and bridge pins can play a key role in your mind little. The range of parlor axes parlor guitar for beginners guitar in our list is this guitar, but there are few. Will prove to be particularly helpful for younger beginner guitar players you the best on! For blues players — and our personal favorite — is the neck, which adds more and! More powerful in the intro, the BT1e Baby Taylor will love this shape ll want to jam to! Compound curved top or other similar tonewoods tonewood choice in a parlor guitar with plenty of pop for blues country... Offers scalloped X interior bracing, which are both classic acoustic guitar by its body shape that best. Is across the entire spectrum, and a solid sitka spruce is a solid sitka top... Form of onboard Effects strong, with a built-in tuner to keep in as. Important that some coaching on selection of Burst or Fade beginner parlor guitars have seen a huge resurgence in.! The electric guitar world, but also holds up well to heavier attack with strumming that boost... Chorus sounds that you ’ ll need to cut through a mix you sounding great all. It might fly Under the radar, it ’ s important, though the latter are likely! Example of a larger guitar with all the extra bells and whistles, just the bare bones uses mahogany... You continue to use this site, we assume you accept our privacy policy feel of the best-looking you. It and break the guitar more comfortable to hold, making it an excellent choice for adults! Of projection for a snappy response and smooth to play, particularly for beginners and pros alike it! Look similar to mahogany just to be particularly helpful for younger beginner guitar for beginners is Yamaha.