Knowledge will not be aquired without pain and application. But the most remarkable and daring application of the theory was to account for the phenomena of organic life, especially in animals and man. In almost all aspects of life, the application of this process will bring improvements. Neither of these processes admitted of commercial application, but by a modification of Ruff and Plato's process, W. In this application it has lost its original precise sense, and means only the ruler of part of a divided kingdom, or of a district too unimportant to justify a higher title. Now from Philo to Origen we have a long Hellenistic, Jewish and Christian application of that all-embracing allegorism, where one thing stands for another and where no factual details resist resolution into a symbol of religious ideas and forces. By the middle of the century, logical studies had lost to a great extent their real interest and application, and had degenerated into trivial displays of ingenuity. On the day after this curious document had furnished both amusement and uneasiness to the Commons, a woman, describing herself as Sophia Elizabeth Guelph Sims, made application at the Mansion House for advice and assistance to prove herself the lawful child of George IV. Drifts, entries and tunnels find their chief application in mining regions cut by deep valleys. Does the sentence start your conclusion: Use: finally, in conclusion, in sum, obviously, or another concluding transition. For the application of this method to a series of loads Prof. Eddy's paper must be referred to. The introduction of the coefficients now called Laplace's, and their application, commence a new era in mathematical physics. ‘The application for an authorisation must come from a member of the chief officer's force.’ ‘He was the officer who had authorised the application for the search warrants.’ ‘If her application for an appeal on humanitarian grounds is approved, she could be eligible to return to Canada in as little as a month.’ 286846 His application went through. Another word for application. Hitherto no explanation has been given of these exceptions to what appears to be a law of almost universal application, viz. At an early period Wallsend was famous for its coal, but the name has now a general application to coal that does not go through a sieve with meshes five-eighths of an inch in size. As to how long the leguminous crop should occupy the land, the extent to which it should be consumed on the land, or the manure from its consumption be returned, and under what conditions the whole or part of it should be ploughed in - these are points which must be decided as they arise in practice. This double cultivation of his scientific powers had the happiest effect on his subsequent work; for the greatest achievements of Riemann were effected by the application in pure mathematics generally of a method (theory of potential) which had up to this time been used solely in the solution of certain problems that arise in mathematical physics. In that class of beautiful ware the application of pigment to the unglazed pdle is inevitable, and both Seif and Miyagawa, working or the same lines as their Chinese predecessors, produce porcelain~ that almost rank with choice Kang-hsi specimens, though they have not yet mastered the processes sufficiently to employ them in the manufacture of large imposing pieces or wares of moderate price. Don’t forget to attach your photo to the application form. As a further concession to the insurgents, reforms on the widest scale were promised; but their application required time, even if the good faith of the Government could be trusted. It's difficult to see letter of application in a sentence . In its application it falls into sharp division in the hands of German and French poets. Send a full CV with your job application. The practical bearings of a science, it will be granted, are simply, as it were, the summation of its facts, with the legitimate conclusions from them, the natural application of the data ascertained, and have not necessarily any direct relationship to its pursuit. It left the government free either to apply to foreign countries the general tariff or to enter into negotiations with them for the application, under certain conditions, of a minimum tariff. This system of divination has the charm of simplicity and definiteness, as an application of the "doctrine of signatures" which formed so extensive an element in the occult writings of the past six centuries. Secondly, the application of extraneous matter to the body, as painting and tattooing, and the raising of ornamental scars often by the introduction of foreign matter into flesh-wounds (this practice belongs partly to the first category also). Applications to media doesn't make sense to me; applications in media does. Its only important application in medicine is as a carminative to lessen the griping caused by some purgatives such as aloes. Its chief drawback is that it does not give any more reference to the authority for a generic term than the name of its inventor and the year of its application, though of course more precise information would have at least doubled the size of the book. " If the clearance is effected without the necessary permit, the land is nevertheless granted on application, and on the payment of the tapu or sum paid by the proprietor to the state for the value of the land. The angular displacement, 0, of the disk is made proportional to the displacement, s, of the point of application of the force by suitable driving gear. The application will necessarily be confined to simple cases such as are commonly met with in practice, or are required for reference in cognate subjects. (1522), but is most familiar in its application to the house of correction instituted by Edward VI., which remained a prison till 1863. If any such circular or document sent to an infant purports to issue from any address named therein or indicates any address as the place at which application is to be made with reference to the subject matter of the document, and at that place there is carried on any business connected with loans, every person who attends such place for the purpose of taking part in or assisting in the carrying on of such business will be deemed to have sent or caused to be sent such circular or document, unless he proves that he was not in any way a party to and was wholly ignorant of the sending of such document. Definition of Applicant. The tops are covered lightly with rotted peelings and by periodical application of water, fermentation is induced at the bottom, heat is engendered, the leaves force their way through the covering and peeling may begin. CY The proof being of general application we may state that a system of values which causes the vanishing of k polynomials in k variables causes also the vanishing of the Jacobian, and in particular, when the forms are of the same degree, the vanishing also of the differential coefficients of the Jacobian in regard to each of the variables. But the most rigorous application of the doomage law has only proved its complete futility as an effort to reach unascertained corporate and personal property.'. Some of the United States planters are alert to take advantage of the application of science to industry, and in many cases even to render active assistance, and very successful results have been attained by the co-operation of the United States Department of Agriculture and planters. A plaintiff must reside in the state one year before filing an application for a divorce. The theory of the transference of the collective will of the people to historic persons may perhaps explain much in the domain of jurisprudence and be essential for its purposes, but in its application to history, as soon as revolutions, conquests, or civil wars occur--that is, as soon as history begins--that theory explains nothing. The liquid boils at -5° C. and the solid melts at -65° C. It forms double compounds with many metallic chlorides, and finds considerable application as a means of separating various members of the terpene group of compounds.