The Wii U GamePad offers a … On the surface, this is a quiet game of exploration. It could easily be mistaken for a horizontal shooter like R-Type or Gradius , only with better graphics. All along the way, UExplore extols the virtues of its perfect safety record - more specifically that they have had no "recorded" accidents in two decades. The object of the game is to pilot your rudimentary, cheap, bucket of bolts, ahem, “affordable” space craft through a series of atmospheric and stealthy, sidescrolling levels. Affordable Space Adventures puts players into the shoes of an astronaut who has been sent by the company Uexplore to an uncharted planet. Spectaculon is split into a series of levels where your progress will require a deft understanding and manipulation of all of these spaceship subsystems. all the internal systems of the ship. Affordable Space Adventures’ flaws don’t take away from what the game sets out to achieve, though. Nominee. Boilerplate NAPNOK GAMES (formerly KNAPNOK GAMES, Hexblade and Lateral Labs) is a 9+ year old indie dev studio, with such widely acclaimed titles as Affordable Space Adventures (Top 25 WiiU titles of all time, IGN) and Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party (INDIECADE 2013, Best Tech Award) as well as AR toy hybrids like Airhogs Connect (Auggies 2016 … The combination of puzzles and stealth feels unique, and Affordable Space Adventures comes up with enough permutations over the game's 38 levels for it to never feel tired. What is Affordable Space Adventures? At a glance, Affordable Space Adventures doesn't look particularly unique. Affordable Space Adventures is an exclusive title for the Wii U released in 2015 1 Gameplay 2 Plot 3 Development 4 Reception The gameplay is utilizing the gamepad to manage the various functions of the player's starship. The Gamepad’s gyroscope can be used to tilt the ship and allow you to squeeze through narrow gaps. stabilizer and many more systems in order to successfully navigate a Affordable Space Adventures is a sci-fi horror stealth puzzle game developed by KnapNok Games and Nifflas' Games and released exclusively for the Wii U on April 9th, 2015. Origin Story is a set of 5 brand-new levels of Affordable Space Adventures that take players through the hardest areas of the game so far. Affordable Space Adventures is a physics based puzzle game where you guide a spaceship through the levels, utilising the craft’s mechanisms. Nominee. Affordable space adventures — Pulstario review. GamePad™ is your Heads Down Display and gives you precise control over has gameplay of three levels showing both the TV and GamePad screen! Affordable Space Adventures is all about atmosphere. Affordable Space Adventures starts off with 3 difficulty levels - Technical, Tourist, and a third mode that is (clearly, due to labeling) the hard mode. Frantics. shutdowns, blown fuses and implosions may occur. Parents need to know that Affordable Space Adventures is a downloadable side-scrolling puzzle adventure where players steer a small spaceship around a mysterious planet. Affordable Space Adventures is a great puzzle game, and it uses the GamePad in interesting ways that don’t feel like gimmicks. [1] The new levels were meant for experienced players who have already finished the game and were looking for a new challenge, though once the update has been installed, players can choose to play those new levels anytime. Affordable Space Adventures also went on to win many accolades, most recently picking up Best Game Design at the Nordic Game Awards 2016.