After this, Hunter became obsessed with understanding how the criminal mind functions and stopping people like his father from killing innocent people. Eventually noticing Barry's tactic, Zoom furiously leaped off the Magnetar and tackled him before boasting that Barry would be unable to stop the Magnetar regardless as it was too late. During this time Hunter tends to be more wild, impulsive, and far less tactical than he usually was, and acts in a deranged manner more akin to that of a feral animal. This version of Hunter Zolomon has similarities to other enemies of the Flash in the comics: Zoom's blue lightning and speed-draining abilities suggest an influence from two characters, a futuristic version of Barry Allen from the story line, Zoom has many similarities to the Rival as he appears in the New Earth continuity in the comics, presented as the "archenemy of Jay Garrick", relying on special chemicals to increase his connection to the, Zoom's physical appearance, as well as his suit in the show, resembles that of the. Alter ego Hunter was tended to by Caitlin and confessed to missing his speed. When the Trickster made a citywide broadcast to Barry challenging him Hunter noticed a reflection in his eye, and noted it was a stuffed children's toy and narrowed down that Trickster was in an abandoned toy factory. [34] The creation of Flashpoint also resulted in Savitar traveling to 2016 and battling Team Flash making Zoom indirectly responsible for Savitar's exisistence. Caitlin met with Hunter and, after recounting her dad's fight against his own terminal sickness to explain her obsession with helping him, told him he could not find his doppelgänger; he said there was a good reason, and to meet him at Hofherr Park the day after to find out. Once he passed Wally over, Hunter had Harry Wells make preparations to transfer Barry's speed to him, upon which Harry promised to knock his smug face off one day. The demonic speedster viciously battled the Flash throughout the Speed Force vision of S.T.A.R. In a previous version seen in the trailers and in the pilot when Cisco Ramon saw him talking to Atom Smasher, Zoom's eyes glowed blue. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Labs Teilchenbeschleunigers wurde Zoom von der Dunklen Materie erfasst und erlangte so Übermenschliche Geschwindigkeit. Zoom then confronted his prisoners, telling the man in the iron mask to stop making contact with Jesse and the Flash. This page deals with Hunter Zolomon Zoom, for further information on Eobard Thawne see: Professor Zoom. As he is moving at a normal velocity, and the rest of the world is "slow", those hindrances simply do not affect him. Hunter sternly refused, saying that the Speed Force could not be lab-made and the drug's effects could not be predicted, and warned Caitlin not to let Barry use the serum. Since Zoom isn't actually moving at superspeed (rather, he is greatly slowing down Time relative to himself, and can make himself so "fast" that even most of the Flashes look to him to be moving in slow motion), the temporal nature of his speed allows him to avoid the usual problems encountered by other Flash-type speedsters (friction, seeing and hearing at such near-light speeds, et al), whose automatic and unconscious use of the Speed Force overcomes those problems. This prompted another flashback of his rehabilitation back on his Earth and his desperation to convince his doctors that he wasn't a monster. However, much like the original multiverse he was ultimately defeated by Team Flash. Zoom is driven out of his self-imposed imprisonment by Cheetah in an attempt to both harness superspeed and induct him into the growing Secret Society of Super Villains. This seems to have been replaced by the presence of speed force lightning emanating from his body even when he isn't running. Zoom, still in his clutches smiles a psychotic grin. [16] Additionally, now being closed off from Earth-1, Zoom imprisoned Killer Frost rather than kill her due to looking exactly like Caitlin, who Hunter had genuinely fallen in love with during his masquerade as "Jay Garrick" on Earth-1. [7] After Slick's defeat Zoom sent in "King Shark" from his world to kill Flash.[8]. Free shipping. One of them is revealed to be Zoom, and the other one is Iris West Allen. Bart wants to know what's supposed to happen this week. Zoom is pursued by the Justice Society of America into Atlanta. Labs, bypassed their newly installed security, introduced himself, and claimed that their world was in danger. The Reverse Flash beats Inertia badly, scolding him for his part in the death of Bart Allen. on 11/16/20 Zoom then forces the Flash to watch their first fight, in which Linda was severely injured and miscarried. Zoom began training Inertia, giving him portions of his own time mastering power and teaching him how to use it. For More Information: Flash:The Fastest Man Alive. After Eobard escaped the Waverider's brig and was about to go search for the fourth piece of the Spear of Destiny, Ray Palmer showed up and was able to distract Thawne long enough for the Black Flash to get close enough for Eobard's watch to detect him. A deal is made for Zoom to go after Flash. She says she shot at him for his own good. However, he warned her not to try freeing his masked prisoner or he'd kill him. Serial killings and obtaining super speed. His speed doesn’t come from the Speed Force, but from altering his own relative time, slowing or speeding up the world around him, allowing him to run even faster than the Flash. Discovering the existence of Barry Allen on Earth-1, Hunter traveled to the other Earth and acted as a friend and mentor, apparently training to fight Zoom, but actually planning to increase Barry's speed to eventually take it for himself. Labs, showcasing him to Team Flash and also mocking Harry for believing that the Flash was going to defeat him. His warped sense of heroism and villainy has led Zoom to continuously threaten not only those closest to the Flash but also countless heroes throughout the DC Universe. $7.99. He was wrong. Labs before Barry could bring Wells over. Before Zoom can kill Kid Flash, however, Professor Zoom himself arrives on a cosmic treadmill, with Jay Garrick chained to the front end. Zoom realizes his mistreatment of Wally and briefly apologizes before slipping into the timestream. Returning to his lair on Earth-2, Zoom taunted Jesse of her father's disappearance, claiming he left her behind. team he baited, and Reverb after the latter disobeyed his rule about speedsters. "Jay" did admit that Zoom scared him and he did not confront him as often as he could. Créé par Geoff Johns et Scott Kolins, il apparait pour la première fois dans The Flash: Secret Files & Origins n o 3 en novembre 2001 As such, Hunter would never run again. His appearance as the Black Flash is different from the comics, as half of his mask is torn off (which was full in the comics, although the reason for this is because Barry tore Hunter's mask right before the latter was transformed by the Time Wraiths) and his lightning emblem is red and reversed of The Flash's with a black (and sometimes white) background, but in the comics it had a white background and the red emblem was not a reverse of The Flash's. Around the same time, he also fought with another speedster in attempt to absorb the man's speed. On the day Hunter was to leave for college, he came home to find the police laying siege to his house. Zoom then reveals Libra's plan: to make Inertia the new Kid Flash. He returned a short time later in the post-Flashpoint timeline as a mindless being bound to the will of the Speed Force for all eternity, while hunting down a time remnant of Eobard Thawne who existed in the new timeline due to Flashpoint, but was not supposed to exist because of ancestor Eddie Thawne's suicide. However, Barry declined, believing they didn't need his help, and Hunter was locked back up in the pipeline. However, insisting that Henry's death would push Barry to be just like him, Hunter phased through Henry's chest, stopping Henry's heart and killing him as Barry watched on in devastation.[23]. He cautiously chose to remain in his cell, however. As Jay, Hunter presents himself as a courageous and selfless man, a person who always wants to do good and would have sacrificed his own life so that another could have lived similar to Barry Allen. Zoom | Flash Comics Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia FANDOM Among those Zoom employed were Killer Frost, Deathstorm, Reverb, Rupture, King Shark and Black Siren as his enforcers to keep Central City's criminal gangs in line. Their training was interrupted by the appearance of the Rogues who wanted revenge on Inertia for manipulating them into killing Bart Allen. Noticing the presence of the Flash, Reverb decided to contact Zoom and inform him that a new speedster had appeared on Earth-2. [47] Sometime before 2032, Zoom's suit and speed-dampening mask were displayed within the Hall of Villains in the Flash Museum along with other memorabilia from past villains that Team Flash had fought and defeated. However she didn't believe him and declared her father would return and kill him. James Zolomon (father; deceased)Ashley Zolomon (mother; deceased) Still plagued by an incurable bloodlust, Hunter decided to use his powers to terrorize Central City. Barry coldly stated that he didn't have to and looked over his shoulder to see a pair of Time Wraiths emerge from the Speed Force. Afterwards, he chained Caitlin to a desk within the police department. Thanks to Wally using the slight 'rips' in Time that were being created by the use of Zoom's powers, Zolomon was forced into a temporal anomaly- being shoved into the rift essentially tied a 'knot' in his timeline- and ended up in a comatose state, continually watching the death of his father-in-law. Zoom is utterly unlike the Flash and other speedsters, both setting him apart and making him one of the most dangerous and challenging of Flash’s foes. However, Cicada's killing count is bigger and was just growing. He and Thawne then disappeared through time. She spent a lot of time trying to communicate with Hunter. Zoom returned to Earth-1 with Joe and waited beside the Magnetar as Barry and Team Flash met him there. Nach der Explosion des S.T.A.R. Zoom has the ability to alter time relative to himself, as opposed to utilizing the Speed Force like most of the DC Universe speedsters do. He was also pursued by the Justice League in an attempt to locate Sinestro after Batman and Hal Jordan learn of the existence of the Sinestro Corps. However, the current version has his eyes pure black. Following Barry's move, Zoom kidnapped Wally West and brought him to his lair on Earth-2. Zoom viciously murdered all but one officer so that the survivor could live and tell the tale. 1: Move Forward (The New 52). Inertia murdered the baby and then created a new outfit and identity for himself in seconds, christening himself Kid Zoom. After delivering his ultimatum, Hunter left Caitlin alone in her room. 7: DARKSEID WAR PART 1, "Flash War" is the Most Consequential Flash Story in Years. Zoom screams at the boy for interfering, but Inertia has other ideas. Finally, he carried Barry's body back to S.T.A.R. He asked Wally West to use the time-travelling cosmic treadmill in the Flash Museum to prevent this from occurring, but West refused, saying that he could not risk damaging the timestream. In Infinite Crisis #1 he is part of the team of super-villains who engage the Freedom Fighters in combat, where he scars Damage's face badly. The second character to assume the Reverse Flash mantle, he served as the archenemy of Wally West, the third superhero to be called the Flash. But as the scene starts to rewind, West's uncle and mentor Barry Allen appears, riding his own Cosmic Treadmill and saying that he has been looking for Professor Zoom. Seeing no choice in the matter, Inertia accepted the new suit. Derisively mocking Wells for believing Barry stood a chance of defeating him, Zoom stabbed Barry with one of his claws before bidding him farewell. Soon after, Geomancer caused tremors and collapsed a hospital. At the last minute, he realizes what Barry's advice meant and puts on a final burst of speed, pushing himself, and hitting Zoom in the back. Eobard, blinded by his arrogance, had abandoned his early-warning system in the alternate reality and therefore did not realize the Black Flash was close until it was too late. Professor Zoom the Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) appears as the main antagonist in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, voiced by C. Thomas Howell. Original multiverseHis group (formerly)Team Flash (in secret; formerly)New multiverseHis group [6] Hunter also learned the names of Barry's then-current team members; Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Joe West, Iris West and Martin Stein. During a scuffle, he ends up taking Zoom hostage until being talked down by Liberty Belle. DC Universe: Barry Allen The Flash Custom Mini figure USA Seller. Hunter Zolomon Zoom later returned to Earth-2. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Barry then told him he made a mistake by revealing to Caitlin who his doppelgänger was. Zoom realized his mistreatment of Wally and briefly apologizes before slipping into the timestream. Condemned to serve the will of the Speed Force for all time, he was transformed into the "Black Flash," a savage, demonic speedster driven by a lust to kill and operating on a newfound ability to sense the use of the Speed Force by other speedsters. [18] Determined to make Zoom pay for his deception, Barry began to discover new ways to get faster to defeat the evil speedster while Cisco continued to receive "day-mares" of Zoom while near his helmet. The Speed Force representative told Barry of what he had to do to save Wally and gave him a final ultimatum, whereupon the Black Flash began draining Barry's life-force. Zoom is utterly unlike the Flash and other speedsters, both setting him apart and making him one of the most dangerous and challenging of Flash’s foes. Zolomon decided that if he became the new Zoom and caused a great tragedy in Wally's life, this would help the Flash become a better hero. $23.08. He proclaims himself Kid Zoom and somehow managed to steal all of Zoom's time for himself, reverting Zolomon back to his crippled state, and leaving the Reverse Flash powerless. She was hoping they could catch him off guard. One day, Hunter felt a breach being opened. Desperate to save himself, Hunter set out to find a cure throughout the multiverse regardless of how many people had to die. Hunter also subjected himself to a full body scan upon Caitlin's request, and was tested on Barry's treadmill. Zoom ist ein Metawesen Speedster von Erde 2. [6] Hunter introduced himself as "Jay Garrick" and explained to the skeptical team that the singularity had, in fact, opened a portal to his Earth through which other meta-humans had traveled, and that in his world he was a speedster named The Flash. Hunter was present when Harrison announced his plan to find Dr. Light was to give Light's helmet to Cisco, revealing he was secretly a meta-human. As the Black Flash burst out of the Speed Force, he was immediately beset by Killer Frost, though he dodged her attacks easily. [15] When Hunter arrived back to Earth-2, he dumped his time remnant to the ground, claiming the situation to be a complication. General Information "Vergiss nie, ich bin der Schnellste der Welt" -Zoom zu Harrison Wells (Erde 2) in Zoom (Episode), S.T.A.R. After losing a race to Barry and attempting to destroy the multiverse, Time Wraiths appeared and imprisoned Hunter in the Speed Force, while reducing him to a decayed spectre-like form known as Black Flash, similar to that of the Time Wraiths. As the Luthor/Brainiac hybrid creates artificial replicas of the Justice Lords (the fascist versions of the Justice League from an alternate dimension within the show) and pits them against their counterparts, Luthor/Brainiac creates a special replica of The Flash in Zoom's color scheme, since the Justice Lord Flash died before the Justice Lords were formed. With Zoom briefly distracted, Zoom was shot by Flash with the B.O.O.T. He turns to his grandma and demands some answers. Later after finally fixing the portal's alignment Hunter decided it was time to head home to learn what Zoom was plotting and how he stole his speed, but Caitlin insisted Hunter could look for Zoom on their Earth, and Barry further noted he could use more speed tips. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Wally West discovers all that he’s lost in a powerful preview of this week’s THE FLASH #48. Kid Zoom disagreed, only wanting to cause tragedy for the sake of tragedy. Preparing to invade Earth-1, Hunter sadistically laughed at a horrified Caitlin and took her to Earth-1, fulfilling her wish albeit in a very twisted manner.[17]. Intangibility: Originally, Hunter Zolomon, unlike speed force-driven rivals like Wally West, could not vibrate through solid matter. Hunter Zolomon Civilian Before Zoom can kill Kid Flash, however, Professor Zoom himself arrives on a cosmic treadmill, with Jay Garrick chained to the front end, Zoom having earlier captured Jay and forced him to take him back to the day of Professor Zoom's death to recruit his assistance. Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2016, I didn't like the art style Francis Manapul's art was amazing I wish he never left and the story is kinda boring :(, Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019, Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018. [49], In an erased future, where Barry's time remnant became Savitar and killed Iris, the remnant surpassed Zoom and Thawne's speed to the point that Barry felt as if he was standing still in comparison to the self-proclaimed "God of Speed". While the remnant continued the race, the original Barry jumped off the Magnetar and freed Joe. Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020, Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2016. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. He created the charade in order to instill false hope - hope that would be ripped away. This is one issue you cannot miss! Personal Time Manipulation: Hunter Zolomon's primary ability is to alter time relative to himself, as opposed to utilizing the Speed Force like most of the DC Universe speedsters do. To see other versions of this character, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of Hunter Zolomon. Caitlin later shared the news of Hunter's sickness with Barry, saying that he was affected by Zoom stealing his speed at a cellular levels, and therefore they could replace his dying cells with healthy, identical ones; for that, they needed his Earth-1 doppelgänger. 8: ZOOM, collecting THE FLASH #41-47 and THE FLASH ANNUAL #4. The darts were designed to make speedsters powerless for about a week. [33] But, it caused major changes to some members of the teams' lives. With his new range of work, he was in constant contact with the Flash, Wally West. Bart doesn't believe it and hits Zoom in the neck with the dart. Labs, but "Jay" immediately scolded Wells for his plan. Informing Barry that he'd also be able to create a time remnant provided that he possessed the willpower to kill his other self, Zoom declared that Barry was "almost ready" before swatting him aside and racing away, as a tearful Barry watched on in defeat. Despite Caitlin insisting he and Wells talk, Hunter claimed that Wells couldn't be trusted, since he happily profited from meta-human activities, but knew something had changed in him. One day, after learning that Dr. Wells was responsible for the existence of meta-humans, Flash arrived at S.T.A.R. Zoom later infiltrates the already growing "Rogue War" between Captain Cold's Rogues, the Trickster's reformed Rogues, and the Top's brainwashed rogues. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Please try again. In the present in Keystone City, while The Flash is visiting, Captain Cold threatens him to extradite him to Los Angeles when suddenly Zoom arrives. One example is his laboring under the idea that he and Barry's similar backgrounds and histories make them, for but for a difference in their mothers' murders, the same person. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. When Barry was trying to get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion, Hunter watched a bolt of lightning strike S.T.A.R. Later, Hunter was visited by Laurel Lance, who mentioned she saw and fought The Flash. Zoom was temporarily stunned by Wells but made it through the breach in time to kill his time remnant. Taking matters into his own hands, Hunter attempted to go back in time himself, leading to an accidental explosion, another tragedy—but one that made him more than what he was. Zoom feels that Wally West should be made to focus on the feelings of sorrow and loss from this experience and told Professor Zoom to rewind it so that he could watch it again. [44][45], DeVoe viewed Zoom, along with Thawne and Savitar, as one of the many "children" that the Flash had faced as inferior compared to him, thus; the Thinker deduced that his own power of limitless thought was far superior to Zoom and his speed. Then, things took a turn for the truly dark after an attack by Gorilla Grodd left Hunter paralyzed. Zoom then went to kill Jesse before being betrayed by Killer Frost, who took her revenge on him for killing Ronnie. A battle ensues between the two Flashes and Kid Flash against the two Zooms (during which Kid Flash escaped Zoom by vibrating to become intangible, the only speedster power Zoom couldn't duplicate), but in the end, the two Zooms accomplish what they intended, grabbing the Flash and jumping onto the treadmill. Hunter later learned that the Velocity 7 caused more cellular degeneration, though Hunter told Caitlin he had faith the next batch won't do harm. Zoom mocked Team Flash for trying to bring back their beloved hero, instead killing him. Zoom was then contacted by Vibe, who told him Barry would give up his speed in exchange for Wally. Hunter begun teaching Barry but after an hour Barry had no luck in hitting his target and Barry believed he couldn't do it, though Hunter insisted that he could. It didn’t work. Wally rushes to catch up, but he is a step or two behind. However, Hunter then watched as Barry's remnant began to create a phase of his own to counteract the Magnetar, killing himself in the process while destroying the device and ruining Hunter's plan. 5: History Lessons (The New 52), The Flash, Vol. I went back and read his old origin and I really enjoyed it. When Hunter asked how he knew he was Zoom, Barry revealed that he was aware that Velocity serums turn a speedster's lightning blue if they run fast enough. Kid Zoom was soon after killed by the Rogues and Hunter was taken away with Libra who said that Zoom had been intended to be Darkseid's messenger. [32], Zoom's actions in killing Henry resulted in Barry creating the Flashpoint timeline to not live with the pain of losing both his parents. Hunter then created a time remnant and convinced it to be killed as part of his plan to push Barry to get faster. Hunter then explained that the "Jay" he killed was his time remnant rather than a speed mirage, explaining that he realized he needed to be on both Earths once Barry closed all the breaches and went to Earth-2. [1], A few moments later, Zoom returned to S.T.A.R Labs to find a time-traveled version of Barry from 2018 and another girl. Zoom is also present during the Battle of Metropolis, where he fights against several members of the JSA. After abducting Caitlin, he was somewhat trusting of Caitlin, letting roam around his lair in his absence. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Through vibing, Cisco was able to determine that Zoom had taken Caitlin back to his mountain-top lair and tried to sway her into siding with him to no avail. Hunter shows Caitlin his Earth-1 counterpart, to explain why there's no "Jay Garrick" on Earth-1. After consideration Hunter agreed to stay until Zoom was defeated. Once the city was in the "Metapocalypse", Hunter left a sign for Barry to find on the Police department building, of his lightning bolt insignia. So he took the man prisoner and put a mask on that prevented from using his speed or talking. [44], CC Jitters sells a coffee named after Zoom on their secret menu that Tracy Brand would get whenever she was stressed. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Really good comic, just like most of the other ones in this series. Liberty Belle uses her superspeed to catch it and toss it back, knocking Zoom unconscious. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 4, 2018. In short, we can help you identify Zoom and Reverse-Flash in the comics, but when it comes to figuring out who’s behind the mask on the show, you’re on your own! Zoom however realized it was the Earth-1 Linda posing as her Earth-2 double and easily saw through the deception easily and did not take the bait, choosing instead to bide his time. Zoom runs for the treadmill, but West forces them back to their mutual present. together and became agents. Er kämpfte 2 Jahre lang gegen den Flash ( Jay Garrick), solange bis er Jays Fähigkeiten stehlen konnte. Zoom himself scarred Damage by pummeling him with punches at super-speed. Drunk with victory and in the midst of gloating, Zoom was distracted long enough for Cisco to shoot him in the neck with a speed-dampening dart. Eventually, the Black Flash escaped from the bank vault and continued his hunt for the Reverse-Flash but was unexpectedly recalled back to the Speed Force by his masters. When Hunter was finally arrested, he was convicted on 23 counts of murder and sent to the Saint Perez Mental Asylum for the Criminally Insane.
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