As it is free-standing, it is a tent system that can also be used separately, without the Caddy. The Caddy California's new turbo diesel engines (TDIs) are especially sustainable. New tent system makes the Caddy California a family camper. And, we really love it when its free. Of course, there are still some classic features it shares with some of the camper vans of yore. The bigger issue though: it’s really expensive. Folded up it reduces to a third of its length and sits compactly above the boot space. Two camping chairs and a camping table – classics that are both light and practical – can be quickly stowed in a redesigned bag under the bed. Best of all, you can fit an entire family into the Grand California. It stands for innovative detailed solutions, which as the T3, T4, T5, T6 and T6.1 made the California the world’s most successful camper van. Storyteller Overlander: You get all the luxurious comforts paired with extreme off road capability. The new VW California Ocean is the worst kind of vehicle: a really cool one we can’t have. Y’all ready? The cushions sit on a dished springing system which is unlike anything we’ve seen in American made camper vans. We’re glad to see Volkswagen joining the trend with their VW camper van. Think of u often n how the Argosy may not be able or u may not want to take it down some of those bad ass paths you traveled before.our travels have been good winters in Florida as work campers at an airport for about 4 or 5 months (to long) 3 months stationary is enough. They’re waterproof and durable — some are even lined — and they’ll handle any winter conditions; it features a stout rubber bottom and a hardy leather upper, which makes them ideal for winter’s inclement conditions. Stylistically, this bathroom has the feel of an Airstream or Leisure Travel Van. According to the VW Commercial Vehicle website, these are the biggest selling points: The Grand California carries over the advanced safety and assistance features of the award-winning Crafter, with the following as standard: Getting a good nights sleep is essential for van-life travel. Can’t wait to hear where u stayed, View the Drivin & Vibin Privacy Policy Here, Front Assist to monitor your surroundings with City Emergency Braking, Front and rear parking sensors to help you into tight spots, Crosswind Assist to keep you stable in high winds, Driver Alert to encourage breaks on long trips, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), 7 Amazing Corpus Christi RV Parks | 2020 UPDATE with Videos, 2020 Polydrop Trailer | Teardrop Camper of the Future. And that legacy endures to this day. James Brodie from Auto Express explains it like this: Volkswagen doesn’t sell any vans at all in the United States right now, be it of the commercial or camper variety. Though some of these details may feel small on their own, they add up to a vehicle that feels much more like a home than a van ought to. Integrated in the top part is a single hob gas cooker, inclusive of wind shield and handy shelf. The 840x800mm compartment includes a toilet, shower and space-saving sink. It has cup springs and a high-quality mattress for better comfort. Every last detail rethought, redeveloped and redesigned – and yet unmistakably the successor to the multi-functional Caddy Beach. The temperature controlled outdoor shower lets you cool off on a hot day, or take a hot outdoors shower even if its snowing! Since van life has rocketed into the mainstream culture, the vintage VW bus solidified itself as an iconic symbol of nomadic freedom. Based on the fifth-generation Caddy, the smallest member of the California family offers similar living space as found in its bigger brothers. Another new feature: a new, modular tent system1, which can be connected to the Caddy California. The new mini kitchen consists of two pull-out parts. Before the journey the seats of the second row can therefore be very easily taken out. Hinged to the left cargo space wall beneath the bed, when the hatch open is it can be pulled out to the rear. Straight off the plane at Los Angeles International and our brand new, temporarily imported German-spec California Ocean van is causing a stir, and within minutes a potential sale for Volkswagen has slipped by. The fusion of ‘Digital Cockpit’ and top 10-inch Discover Pro navigation system creates here a new digital landscape of indicators and controls: the ‘Innovision Cockpit’. Equally innovative: Trailer Assist for partially automated and thus extremely easy manoeuvring with a trailer. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Touch control is the way of the future. Best pizza Bocce n Bings vintage gas station serves great burgers under $6.Sedona 17 miles. While only two colors are on sale currently at Backcountry (Supply Green and Mango), the Nano Puff at 30 percent off is usually a deal to scoop up. In combination with a camping table and two chairs (easily stowed at the rear), the tent extends the California's living space, perfect for outdoor adventures. The movement that began with the Volkswagen camper van – a rolling symbol for independence and freedom – now brings you a true home on four wheels in the California 6.1. It increases the size of the living space in such a way that enough room is created on the pitch for a family and all their camping gear. The list of features certainly doesn’t stop there. The. If desired, the tent can be extended by adding a sleeping cabin. The efficiency of the TDI engines is further improved by the Caddy California’s new exterior design. The Caddy California, with a length of 4,501 mm, will launch before the end of the year. It’s a Transforming 2-Story Tiny House on Wheels, Buying a Camper Van? Until well into the autumn, online visitors to start_virtueller-reisemobil-messestand will be able to find out more on a virtual tour of the show not only about the new model, but also about the California 6.1 and Grand California ranges. For sleeping, the VW Caddy California comes with a fold-out bed that measures almost 2 meters (6.5 feet) long. This year we’re excited to see Volkswagen finally breathe new life into the classic camper van with their 2020 Grand California. The all-new VW Caddy California has a wheelbase of 4,501 millimeters (177.2 inches), which will make its dealership debut in Europe by the end … The optioned-out model was a blast to spend a weekend in, but if these were available Stateside, I’d grab the simple, no-frills version and save tens of thousands of dollars while still having largely the same experience. Many of the most luxurious Class B RVs began introducing this feature in their 2020 models. Via an online connectivity unit (OCU) with integrated eSIM the infotainment systems are able to access the mobile online services and functions of ‘Volkswagen We’. With the T6.1, the California has been loaded with even more comfort- and efficiency-minded gadgets. Recently, your humble scribe spent three days in Canada driving the new Volkswagen camper van, the T6.1 California Ocean, around the southern half of Nova Scotia, covering over 400 miles of pine-lined rustic shores and sprawling interior farmlands. It’s also great for letting in some fresh air if the diesel heater has been cooking a little too hard through the night. READ OUR GUIDE TO THE BEST STANDING DESKS, 5 New Products That Should Be on Your Radar, The Best New Knives and EDC of November 2020, Everything You Need to Do Film Photography, Toyota Built the Ultimate Tacoma Camping Trailer, Thanksgiving Is Coming So Buy a Roasting Pan Now, Dyson TP02 Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier Fan - Refurbished, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. But the two-tone white on copper finish that our vans had gave the VWs a retro look that simultaneously managed to be modern and chic. Now in 2020 the new Caddy California is making its debut in the compact camper segment. The app can be used with all VWCV camper vans. For the windscreen and panoramic sunroof further fasteners are used in addition to the magnets. Hannover, 2 September 2020 – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents the world premiere of the new Caddy California. The VW Caddy California has many highlights – one of which is the pull-out kitchen that features a single hob gas cooker with windshield and shelf. Measuring 1,980 x 1,070 mm, the bed is very big. With cup springs and a high-quality mattress, its construction provides the same high level of sleeping comfort as the beds in the T6.1 California and Grand California. There will be two versions: a standard length model from European launch in late 2020 and a long-wheelbase model that will follow in 2021. As it turns out, it's the VW Caddy California – the newest addition to the California range of campers populated by the T6.1 California and the Crafter-based Grand California. New ventilation openings with integrated fly screen for driver and front passenger door – securely held in place by side window panes and door frame – optimise the climate in the living space on camp sites. One Gear Patrol editor swears by these extra tough, well-fitting chinos. VW calls it the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit; it controls the auxiliary heater and fan, cabin lights, Apple CarPlay, sat-nav and pop-top mechanism. Large windows, which can also be fully opened, ensure lots of light throughout the day. It may be surprisingly good to drive, but that can lead you to feel a bit too trusting in the corners — a potentially hazardous issue with something that is nearly 10 feet tall and clocking in at 6,000 pounds. The new technology highlights of the Caddy California include progressive driver assistance systems like Travel Assist – a system for partially automated driving across the entire speed range. Mod Vans: These modular camper vans come just like you want it. And no better way to express your attitude to life. Discover campers online on the virtual trade show stand for camper vans. Starting on 4 September, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be presenting the new Caddy California to the public for the first time on a virtual trade show stand for camper vans. Sustainable engines and optional all-wheel drive. Some of the Best Are 25% Off. The T6.1 has a new bed design with a built-in box spring and queen-size mattress surrounded by a sturdy, almost white-water-raft like material, and it can be deployed in less than two minutes with the push of a button. The 2020 Grand California starts around $75,000 USD. Background note: the cw value (previous model: 0.33) has been reduced to 0.30, a new benchmark for this genre of vehicle. It’s no Italian sports car, but the mix of strange beauty and German practicality here is hard to deny. An important thing to know for everyone who likes to go camping off the beaten track is that, as was already the case for the Caddy Beach, the Caddy California will also be available with all-wheel drive (4MOTION) as an alternative to the standard front- wheel drive. With the Grand California, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles transferred the California ‘multi-tool’ philosophy to the large Crafter's vehicle class in 2019. The Grand California has a private, separate bath! The interior feels truly massive — at least by New York City apartment standards. Clever detailed solutions add perfect touches for camping. Sportsmobile Class Bs: These are iconic camper vans in the USA. Unlike the Microbuses and Westfalias of the past, these new iterations aren’t a canvas tent with a sliding piece of wood for a bed. The Caddy California is based on the new fifth generation Caddy. The VW’s touch controls lets you program lighting and temperature settings. The California also has (deep breath) a two-burner propane stovetop, refrigerator, sink, cold-water shower, on-board water and propane tanks, twin removable tables and chairs, an awning, a diesel-powered heater and more Batmobile-esque gadgets that would take years of ownership to uncover. Patagonia's Nano Puff Jacket is one of its best — it’s light, packable and perhaps the most versatile layer one can own. Yes, it’s true, VW has been producing the California model since 1988. The California is still fitted with that iconic feature, the pop-top roof bed that sleeps an additional two people. The all-new VW Caddy California has a wheelbase of 4,501 millimeters (177.2 inches), which will make its dealership debut in Europe by the end of this year. If you decide, like I did, to forgo the new alarm clock feature (in which the cabin lights gently fade on at whatever time you choose), the pop-up tent has zip-open flaps on all four walls to allow the sunrise to wake you. If you’re traveling with kids, the lofted bed above the driving cab is the perfect fit. The differences between a base model and a fully-optioned one aren’t that extreme, essentially coming down to a flip-out kitchen instead of a fixed one and a handful of aesthetic items. Ideal for getting off the grid for back road adventures. swears by these extra tough, well-fitting chinos, This Isn’t a Camper Van. New mini kitchen makes the compact camper even more versatile, The Caddy California’s optional mini kitchen is a new feature, highlight and USP in this camper van class. This is huge when it comes to van life. There are many sacrifices nomads make: sacrificing space is easy, but sacrificing good rest is not an option. Another thing to available is a 15.1 square-foot (1.4 square-meter) panoramic glass roof that serves as an infinite starlight ceiling at night. Volkswagen is one of the few carmakers that’s managed to create icons both within and outside of the automotive world. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has further enhanced the practical storage bag system on the rear side windows, which can take items with a weight of up to five kilograms on each side. Rarely on sale, Western Rise's promo is one to jump on now. The appeal was clear: whenever we stopped, someone would pull up alongside the van and ask a flurry of questions — and inevitably walk away sad when they heard they couldn’t have one. Yeah, it’s a huge bummer that these camper vans aren’t for sale in the USA. We r first time navigators this year. From now on there are thus three California models – a camper van family for every budget, every journey and every adventure. In this article we’ll dive deep into the specs, features and price! It also gives you battery and water level information. The rear side windows, meanwhile, are covered by the storage bags. However, the locals know the score. Fitting perfectly into the Caddy California’s world of digital services comes the free new ‘California on Tour’ app. Hey we were at Enchanted Trails (Met you there 2 years ago when we were newbies)for a week,while waiting to move over to Balloon Fest. Since van life has rocketed into the mainstream culture, the vintage VW bus solidified itself as an iconic symbol of nomadic freedom. The quick answer is, no. In fact, this feels more like “Class B life.”  Volkswagen is very proud of this new design – on the VW website they boast: A defining feature of the all-new Grand California is the separate wet room. They're lined with luscious Australian merino sheepskin to keep your feet swaddled in a vessel of warmth, with a memory foam footbed and arch support. They're fantastic semi-casual jeans or chino alternatives sturdy enough and functional enough to wear anywhere — from camping to traveling to the office. Thanks to the MQB, new technologies make their entry into this model line. The back impresses with camper van fittings cleverly thought-out down to the last detail. With all the additional options and add-ons you’ll be able to quickly rack up a price tag that exceeds $100,000.
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