In one episode, he tried to ask Maleficent out on a date and asked Mickey for advice. Hercules needs to drink every last drop for it to work, but ends up losing the last drop, thus retaining his godlike strength. The imps obey and capture him in the middle of the night, but fail to kill him, and only half-succeed in making him mortal: he keeps his godlike strength, allowing him to dispose of the pair before they have a chance to kill him. betaal facturen of Once we find all four of them, and what is the point, anyway? On his way, Hercules saves Megara from Nessus, a centaur acting as river guardian. Pain and Panic, however, tell Hades that Hercules is dead, hoping that he will not find out. However, Megara is seriously injured saving Hercules from a falling pillar, negating Hades's deal that Meg would not be hurt. Pain, on the other hand, is bossy, hot-tempered, and sly, but also clumsy, impulsive and liable to get into painful situations, and seems to be less intelligent than Panic. The couple then adopts the child, considering his arrival a gift from the gods since they are themselves childless. The story unfolds through clips from the film. There are the letters to Hercules' name, which are collected in the correct order... and most of the time, these just tell you how far you are in the level(which can help when they seem to go on for too long), and how many letters you've already missed. In the series, Sora must help Hercules defeat the evil Hades who, having joined Maleficent's main group of Disney Villains, is still trying to take over Olympus. Pegasus is very true and a great "friend" of Hercules and helps in everything. After joining forces with Pete, and probably Maleficent through him, Hades decides to use Auron, who has already died, to fight against Hercules and kill him; however, Auron rebels against Hades and fights him, only to be interrupted by Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy. At the end of the movie, Hades is punched into the river Styx, and the two are left watching him go down into the river, hoping that he won't return. At some point in the early nineties, with video-games becoming more and more common, and Disney cranking out a new adventure for the little ones every chance they got, a fad was born. When Cloud refused to kill Sora (or was defeated by him, depending on the outcome), Hades sends out Cerberus to take care of Cloud. Hercules nevertheless enters the pool to rescue Megara's soul. At home I broke just about everything..."[2] Teenage Hercules has big hands and feet that the animator remembers having himself, as well as the lack of coordination. Een feelgood movie voor iedereen, van alle leeftijden! Panic is paranoid, twitchy, panicky, and easily spooked, as his name suggests, but he appears to be relatively smart and is very cautious. The animated series Hercules Hercules go to a high school for gods and mortals named Prometheus Academy and is still in training by Phil. James Woods reprises his role for the English versions of the games, while his Japanese voice in all the games is done by Japanese stage actor Kyusaku Shimada, who does an impersonation of Woods. In Hercules, upon visiting the Fates, he learns that he could succeed at universal conquest by releasing the Titans in eighteen years, but if Hercules is to fight Hades, he will fail. Een film die mij terugbrengt naar mijn kindertijd ^_^Ik geniet altijd van Disney films, zeker van Hercules! He is also one of the main villains in the full-length spin-off Mickey's House of Villains; James Woods only provides the voice for one line ("Ha – love that"), and Rob Paulsen provides the singing voice when Hades sings the lines "Where everyone's a friend of mine!" After freeing two boys (Pain and Panic in disguise) from under a boulder, Hercules unintentionally releases the Hydra, a serpent-like monster which has been set up as a fixed contest by Hades to kill the hero. Shortly after, he is told about his adoption by his parents, who tell Hercules to visit Zeus's temple to discover his true parentage. Unbeknownst to them, Meg is working for Hades (albeit unwillingly), and relates the events to the Lord of the Underworld, by which he learns that Hercules is still alive. 3 of 8 people found this review helpful. Het verhaal van Hercules is mythisch en op een originele manier weergegeven. Een fantastische belevenis vol aktie van Olympisch formaat! Phil is knocked off Pegasus, and wakes up in time to learn of Meg's involvement with Hades. There are three kinds of levels; the regular two-dimensional platform ones(as well as one or two variations thereof, one of which is kinda cool), boss levels, and this odd third kind where you run constantly, and you have to move and jump out of the way of any obstacles in your way(what that has to do with Hercules, apart from his ability to run fast(and, one would assume, inability to come to an immediate stop...? Video game adaptation of Disney's animated movie Hercules (1997). Hercules agrees, and Hades takes the opportunity to humiliate him before revealing Megara's role in his scheme. He appears to be more honest than Pain. After discovering that Hercules is still alive, Hades sends the Hydra to finish Hercules off, only for Hercules to slay it. Hermes delivers a special package, which Hercules immediately hides from Meg. He also appears briefly in Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse. The story unfolds through clips from the film. Lees er meer over in ons, Meer uit de serie Walt Disney Classics Collection, Bezorging dezelfde dag, 's avonds of in het weekend*, als kind vond ik deze classic niet zo leuk, Ophalen bij een afhaalpunt mogelijk, Cadeautje? View production, box office, & company info. Philoctetes (Phil for short), is a satyr who is a trainer of aspiring heroes who has often been disappointed by his trainees' shortcomings. Pegasus has also appeared in the Disney/Square Enix video games Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III. As a hero, Hercules wears a brown-orange brass Cuirass-like tank armor tunic with a blue cape. Hiermee passen wij en derden onze website, app en advertenties aan jouw interesses aan. Level design is fair, but there are far too many jumping puzzles for my tastes(those worked *so much better* in Aladdin). The monster's fall causes a pillar to topple towards Herc and Meg pushes him out of the way, taking the impact of the pillar. In the prequel, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, he attempts to use Terra to kill Hercules, but Terra resists the Darkness in his heart, so Hades places Zack under his control to eliminate both Terra and Hercules, but Terra defeats Zack and frees him from Hades' influence. His appearance is top-heavy, muscular, and handsome, with orange hair, eyebrows and blue eyes. The following are fictional characters from Disney's 1997 film Hercules and from the derived TV series. He was later brought over from the Isle of the Lost to revive Audrey. He swims into the River Styx to retrieve her soul. Ichirō Nagai supplies Phil's Japanese voice, while Lakis Lazopoulos was cast for Phil's voice in the Greek-language version of the film. Along the way, Hercules saves a woman named Megara from being pestered by the centaur Nessus, and becomes attracted to her, while Phil immediately clashes with her, considering her a distraction from Hercules' activities. 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Het is echter in een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is. Meg remains trapped as a slave to Hades, and he uses her beauty, charm and intelligence as an advantage to persuade monsters to join his army. We slaan je cookievoorkeur op in je account. Most levels are the first kind, there are only two levels in the second category, and there are three(as far as I remember) of the third kind. Hades then reveals Meg worked for him all along, causing him to leave Hercules heartbroken. He is revealed to be Mal's father and the ex-husband of Maleficent who left Mal and her mother when she was just a baby. After defeating Pete and the Hydra again, Sora and his friends eventually fight and defeat Hades. Hades sends his minions, Pain and Panic, to kidnap baby Hercules and give him a potion that would render him mortal, and kill him. Pain is a fat, crimson-shaded demon, and Panic is skinny and turquoise. In the original movie, Josh Keaton voiced Hercules as a teenager, while Tate Donovan was the hero as an adult, and Roger Bart was Hercules' singing voice in the song "Go the Distance". Prometheus Academy is the school that the teenaged Hercules attends while training with #Philoctetes to become a hero in the Disney movie Hercules. Unfortunately, the Fates tell him he has until midnight to get more evil or he will no longer rule the Underworld. Na mijn herontdekking van deze film zo'n 3 jaar geleden is deze film verschoven richting de top van (persoonlijk) leukste Disneyfilms. He also seemed to have the sword way earlier in the game than in the film), Hercules allows you to slash with the sword, punch with the fists and charge up one of your fists for a more powerful punch. Many of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses pay visit to the young hero-to-be and help or hinder him in his new adventures. One episode featured a crossover with Aladdin, in which Hades and Jafar (voiced by Jonathan Freeman) team up to destroy both their respective archnemesis (ignoring that these two series seem to take place a thousand years apart from each other). While this can be fairly challenging and/or entertaining, it's really hard to ignore how loudly it screams "We want this game to be longer, but we haven't got a clue how to achieve it". The producers of the game must have felt that there weren't enough possible enemies, so they put in creatures that were never in the movie(and make little, if any sense to be there). We helpen je graag. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. In the film, Philoctetes' voice is provided by Danny DeVito, while Robert Costanzo fills the role in the character's video game and television appearances. He leaves to tell Hercules, not hearing Meg's refusal to help destroy Hercules. Phil at first declines returning to the hero training business, but is convinced by Zeus. Growing up as a gawky and awkward teenager, Hercules has difficulty being accepted by others due to his strength and clumsiness, not being able to control his own strength and goes about inadvertently destroying things. While these have varied in quality(the early ones, like Aladdin(in particular) and The Lion King were quite entertaining and fairly well-crafted), most of them are obvious and weak attempts at milking the concept, getting more money from the people who enjoyed the movie(and the parents of the kids who did, provided said kids are good at bugging their folks into getting' 'em stuff). These productions are adaptations of Greek mythology, very different from the classical versions.[1]. His training with Odysseus and Achilles remains intact. She meets Hercules, offering a chance to prove himself as a hero. When Hercules and his friends return to Thebes, Phil is gratified when the people refer to the mighty and triumphant Hercules as "Phil's boy". Thomas, Bob: "Chapter 11: Animating Hercules", pages 201–220. 6/10. in Kingdom Hearts III, Hades puts his final plan into motion, unleashing all the Titans to assault Olympus, but Hercules, along with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, were able to thwart his plans. Hades is among the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, despite his godhood. The students that attend are also figures from mythology or ancient history, though preteen versions of those characters, before they became famous. There are an awful lot of other places throughout the game where things are repeated until the point where you're tired of them. When Hercules loses his powers to Hades, Megara convinces Phil to return to Hercules, motivating him into battling and defeating the Cyclops through improvisation. One episode even had a crossover where Jafar makes a deal with Hades, in order to make Hercules and Aladdin fight each other. Megara (commonly shortened to Meg) is a young woman who used to work for Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. In the original movie, instead of the demigod hero son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, Hercules was actually born on Mount Olympus with all the powers of a god, and his parents were Zeus and Hera, the latter of whom has been re-imagined as a loving mother instead of a spiteful stepmother. Looking for something to watch? Phil becomes a personal manager to the celebrity Hercules has become. Too late, Zeus and the other gods discover the kidnapping. Hiermee passen wij en derden onze website, app en advertenties aan jouw interesses aan. After his training is complete, Phil, Hercules and Pegasus set out for the city of Thebes to prove Hercules' newfound worth. However, when Sora arrived, Hades changed plans and had Cloud attack Sora first. She also wears a dark purple loose-sash around her waist. Hades then sends Cerberus and later the Hydra against Sora and his friends. 3.0 van 5 - 30384 beoordelingen. in the song "It's Our House Now!". The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Hermes: The Messenger God The small effort put into creating background stuff and enemies result in you often ignoring dangers that weren't clear enough. In all English-language media, Meg is voiced by Susan Egan. "I was too tall and skinny for my age, and I was a lousy athlete. The sound is awfully repetitive(fitting, since most of the rest of the game is as well), with, for example, the same four instructions being yelled at you by Philoctetes, in no particular order and at seemingly completely random times during the training levels(including, but not limited to, him possibly exclaiming praise right after you've gotten hurt). Meg and Phil later find Hercules being clobbered by the Cyclops and saves him from the fall of a collapsing column and dies in process.
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