I will say however if you don't like the computer screen storytelling format then you will not like the movie. I have to say I really enjoyed.the movie. Simon Abrams is a native New Yorker and freelance film critic whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, and elsewhere. | What is lacking here is inspiration and creativity. Judging the movie based on the first without even seeing it is completed biased and should be given a chance. But today—when most viewers probably don't know or care what the "dark web" is—"Unfriended: Dark Web" looks pretty desperate. I was always scary about visiting darknet but wanted some privacy to avoid all these scammers, etc. The dark web isn't full of psychopaths or evil cults looking to kill indiscriminately, and this movie is nothing more than an overlong short horror film that could've been neatly wrapped up in 10 minutes or less, otherwise avoid and don't bother, the director, producers and writers obviously aren't. But the story in this one was at least a little bit more engaging. I didn't know it existed until I was surfing through movies trying to find something to watch. I'm leaning towards the latter since it's impossible to take seriously a movie where a sassy but defenseless deaf girl is repeatedly imperiled by a faceless internet-enabled killer who uses a goofy-sounding hacking tool to send all-caps chat room threats to his victims (a distorted chiming noise can be heard every time the evil hacker contacts Matias; it sounds like the hacker's cell phone is ringing while he's accidentally flushing it down the toilet). Maybe future viewers will get a kick out of this film's campy depiction of a vast internet-enabled conspiracy that's foisted onto Matias (Colin Woodell), his deaf girlfriend Amaya (Stephanie Nogueras), and their pals after Matias acquires a mysterious used laptop. So I urge you to stop reading here, go watch it and judge for yourself. Highly recommend. The movie pushes the Windows idiom of modern cinema about as far as it will go, its narrative cleverness offset by the visual tedium of following a mouse arrow around for an hour and a half. I'm torn: should I laugh or yell at the lousy anti-internet horror film "Unfriended: Dark Web?". Someone wrote "this is not how the dark web works", because you clearly know everything about the dark web, right mate. Sure, let's go with that. American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself, Enjoy the Black Harvest Film Festival at Home, The Awareness of Sound Itself: Filmmakers Behind Sound of Metal on Bringing the Audience Inside the Character's Hearing Loss, Ambition is the Antagonist: Sean Durkin on The Nest. This sequel makes use of the same inventive storytelling device, taking place entirely on one character's laptop screen. I wasn't even going to watch it because the first was so bad, but I finally did. I can't even tell if the baddies' use of a make-shift sound board and a well-timed van (yes, it's just a regular, gas-fueled van) are supposed to be funny, or are just unintentionally lame. Unfriended Dark Web is another cheap found footage horror film trying to squeeze a summer buck because Halloween isn't for horror films anymore. Honestly, it's hard to appreciate being chastised for willingly giving away so much personal information online—and for being so short-sighted about the "private" nature of our online interactions—when the film's protagonists are too dumb to fight back against big bad social media boogeymen who use Photoshop and word processing tools to entrap our heroes. By now, you've probably figured out that Matias is the kind of dumb-dumb horror movie protagonist whose contrived behavior only makes sense as a means of pushing along his obnoxious story. The first movie, Unfriended wasn't good at all, I didn't find it scary and felt it should have been labeled a thriller instead of Horror. Unfriended: Dark Web rises above the constraints of its browser tabs, and is able to weave a singular narrative that is both tense and frightening. For starters: Matias's actions are so hatefully stupid that he made me appreciate the relatively advanced problem-solving skills of the sexually active protagonists from '80s slasher films. Also, all of Matias' adversaries communicate using a shady private chat room called "The River" that looks like torch-lit sewer canal from the similarly crude and gory "Doom" computer games. I liked it better than part 1. Just give this film a chance. An over-explained, over-simplified exercise in minimalistic genre filmmaking. This flaming garbage heap is nothing more than 90 minutes of boring characters being stalked by an implausible group of cyber hackers who literally have nothing better to do, the frequent jump scare usually resulting in the death of one of the characters until they're all dead. The result is an unbelievable social critique built on the back of a Rube Goldberg-esque series of unbelievable, cruel plot twists that will make even the most credulous moviegoer roll their eyes in disbelief. If you've opted to see this, you'll get what you're looking for and then some. Metacritic Reviews. The illogical nature of these generic plot twists would be forgivable if watching "Unfriended: Dark Web" wasn't such a punishing and unrewarding experience. If you're looking for something different to watch with just the right amount of darkness to it, I highly recommend. Came across this film on Netflix and was presently surprised with the plotline and way the film played out. Dark Web acts as a cautionary tale of all the ways in which an unregulated web can become the tool of our own destruction. Someone else said "just watch black mirror", and I'm quoting this because the Black Mirror comparison is kinda spot on, in that this film too shows what we can nowadays do with technology and the dangers connected to it (thankfully, Unfriended lacks the annoying - at times - moralism of BM). The plot bends over backwards to be winding and make the hackers seem like they're always 5 steps ahead of the main characters as well as conveniently all over the place whether they're in the streets or hiding in someone's closet. Each new plot development is so slapdash and uninspired that it's impossible to suspend one's disbelief. I don't normally care for this type of movie and the handhelds. [Stephen] Susco does something almost miraculous here too by pinning us all to our seats with one of the most effective villains to appear in a horror movie in a very long time. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. Don't have an account? As he’s Skyping with his friends and speaking to his girlfriend (whom he’s having issues with) he starts to notice weird things with the laptop and it turns out this is connected to the dark web. I'm a 47 yr old Mom of 16 yr old twin girls. My friend and I went into this movie expecting to laugh and make fun of it, especially after the first one. Following up the original from 2015, 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is technically a sequel, though an untethered one since none of the characters from the first film appear in it (if you've seen the first film, you understand why). [Full Review in Spanish], The point of view of the film is exquisite and although the film does not contain variations of frames or depth, it does create many surprises should be a delight for the new generation of fans of horror movies. However, the dynamism and specificity with which it describes the delirium of the time we live in exhibits the same intensity. I was scared and on the edge of my seat. Still, "Unfriended" works because its creators capably lead viewers around by the nose. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Essentially, you can get just as much entertainment from reading a poorly written dark web creepypasta and save yourself the money since this movie is nothing more than a rehash of most of them. Rated R Is their blinkered naïveté supposed to reflect social media users' deep-rooted alienation? It manages to come off slightly more realistic, enough so that it caught my interest and held it throughout. The Dark Web in real life is not a place to visit, it's namely used for government communications and sites like the silk road are for secret illegal transactions like drugs and weapons. This is my first review and only reason I wrote one because I think this film has been given a bad wrap by the overall 5.9 currently, too many people review things when they don't like something, not enough when they do so thought I'd go out of my way to show appreciation for what was all in all, a good film. Awards [W]hat Unfriended: Dark Web does is just so ridiculous -- and ostensibly within our own reality -- that it unfolds like an overlong joke completely devoid of scares. And while yes, there are some funny/stupid/absurd parts to this movie, overall it was actually very intriguing. It has way more reality to it than the first movie and i really liked it. Dark Web however is much more effective and though I didn't find it scary like a horror movie, I do think it's a great thriller. The concept vaguely reminded me of The Hostel. Give it a try. So when I got stuck taking them and their friends I was boarderline dreading it. Ultimately, Dark Web doesn't offer much beyond its recycled yet still-compelling formal hook and the nimble execution thereof. First I would like to say its not the best. Of course there will be people who won't watch it because of how bad the first one is, but take it from this horror movie veteran, it was passable. Unlike those kids, who were just horny in the wrong places, Matias seems to be allergic to logic. I thought it was creative, relevant, and well done. I really thought it was deep and scared the hell out me but it's also so intriguing that it keeps you focused throughout the rest of the movie. User Ratings The first did have good graphics and concept but the execution was meh. This movie although having a bit of a slow start, get INTENSE and doesn't let up throughout. A disturbing thriller, unsettling and rough, full of suspense, with a well-worked and well-developed script that is based on an original and provocative staging. Seems like Utopia p2p can help to stay untouchable online. This is SO much better than the first. Copyright © Fandango. The script deftly works its way through a deceptively large bag of tricks. It's pretty horrifying in its real world implications and it keeps you engrossed start to finish. Unfriended: Dark Web stars Colin Woodell (Unsane) as Matias, a programmer who steals a laptop from the lost and found at work, and discovers - while … and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. The movie not only outshines the first, but brings the story from supernatural to the real world. Its laziness is only topped by its sadistic (and terribly problematic) approach to putting its victims in peril for the sake of its viewers. i actually think it's a very underrated movie. Reviews are from idiots. A very effective sequel that changes the course of the original entry, and still delivers scares under its technology dependent ambience. The concept of evil hackers or high tech murderers is the equivalent of the hook handed killer or Bloody Mary, an urban legend told to scare kids. And the worst thing is that such actions take place in real life also. A lean and mean thriller that works more often than not, but nonetheless falls victim to its own conceit. The storyline and acting was much better and more effective than the first. I found the acting was really good, I was not bored and genuinely hooked until the end, cared for the protagonists, loved the inclusive cast. His interactions are therefore mostly of the "What do you want me to do now" or "We can't do Y, or X will happen" variety. | I enjoyed Dark Web because it was a legitimately fascinating, enjoyable movie. Also it'd be amazing to find out where these killer hackers found they're copies of live photoshop and sony vegas streaming studio. Hackers with god-like powers. It makes no sense that hackers are god-like appearing everywhere and whenever they want. I cant say anything more without spoiling it. I went into it expecting it to be like the first, which was complete and utter pathetic garbage. So one of the problems with the first was that it was just plain old boring, the story simply wasn't interesting. Of course its not but for what it is it does it alright. I think the highly negative impact of the first will lead to people not even giving this one a chance. The result is an unbelievable social critique built on the back of a Rube Goldberg-esque series of unbelievable, cruel plot twists that will make … Dark Web is a sequel that has too many of its lines crossed, adding nothing to the Hollywood hard drive. With a believable concept that is told in a personal and terrifying way, Unfriended: Dark Web is a solid and very scary horror film. This sequel makes use of the same inventive storytelling device, taking place entirely on one character's laptop screen. 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is a fun watch, even for those who didn't quite enjoy the first film. Brilliant guys. I promise you, you'd be missing out. This is fantastic thriller with horror elements. "Unfriended: Dark Web" doesn't because its makers have a bunch of ideas, but fail to synthesize them in any meaningful way. Unfriended: Dark Web follows a group of friends who are doing a Skype call that they seem to do a lot. The story gets away from the supernatural, and the acting was much more solid across the board. Pretty interesting storyline, creepy because.... its the dark web. [Full review in Spanish], Despite counting on a style that seems overdone, this thriller about the dangers of the internet works. Matias toggles between various windows and tabs, but is frequently interrupted by strange women, malicious computer dweebs, and pesky friends. The internet may be a nightmare, but it's a whole lot scarier than anything in "Unfriended: Dark Web.". They just seem cheesy to me, but this was actually pretty entertaining. Skip the reviews, watch it and judge for yourself, Creative and Effective Scary Movie Concept, Better than part 1 for me, surprised I really enjoyed it, Much better than the first one but still infuriating. The biggest difference between the two films is that "Unfriended" is dynamic and cruel while "Unfriended: Dark Web" is unbelievably stupid and sadistic. But how is it better? Dark Web has many clever technology-based moments and has well thought out deaths. Watch the movie! There were many tense moments. 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is a fun watch, even for those who didn't quite enjoy the first film. I'd like to say first that while I am saying certain aspects are better, its still not a perfect film. One anonymous interlocutor has an unsettling request: he wants Matias to "trephine" a girl (another Wiki-explanation: "trephining" is when you drill a hole into a human skull). This is truly the darkest and most upsetting thing I've seen Blumhouse produce ... it is mean-spirited and gleeful in the traumas inflicted on the characters. Definitely check this one out. for some disturbing violence, language and sexual references. External Reviews If "Unfriended" showed this idea in a state of awkward infancy, then "Unfriended: Dark Web" allows it to mature into a proverbial, meticulous beast. Considering that the original movie was a huge commercial success and made back 65 times it's budget I wasn't shocked to hear a sequel was being made, I didn't expect it to be so much better though. But interestingly, this one was better, not amazing, but definitely not as bad as its trashy predecessor. Another problem with the first one was that the camera use off putting, too many big faces, but thankfully this one expands on the first's cinematography and did make it watchable. I'm sick of dumb people writing reviews. And because "Unfriended: Dark Web" stinks on a basic storytelling level, it's impossible to take seriously as a low-brow cultural critique. Sign up here. [Full review in Spanish]. This is one of those movies where I decided not to read the reviews before watching, and boy, I'm so glad I did. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. [Full Review in Spanish]. The story gets away from the supernatural, and the acting was much more solid across the board. Dark Web is completely dark and twisted and it's something I, as a horror fan, loved. Very suspenseful flick my friend and I were turning heads with our jaw dropped throughout. The main character we follow is Matias, a lad who has recently gained a new laptop. | I can usually be quite a snob when it comes to films but for the budget, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, the whole concept and the way it played out with its twists and turns. A lot of undeserved hate. If these guys were using it instead of Skype, they'll never face such problems. In this film, our primary source of human contact is a group of cartoonishly naive Millennials. "Unfriended: Dark Web" doesn't because its makers have a bunch of ideas, but fail to synthesize them in any meaningful way. Of course they can hack everything instantly and of course they can reach you IRL within seconds with their army of goons. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, People’s Choice Awards 2020 Winners: Will Smith Wins Big As. I had been steering clear of this movie because of all the poor press and negative reviews. Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. Unfriended: Dark Web: Official Clip - Hidden Folder. I wouldn't consider this a horror, but more of a thriller. Glitchings making them invisible are also too annoying and not scary at all. I was surprised to see all the negative reviews and they would have probably dissuaded me from watching it. What year is this, and how slow is the dial-up modem? And every new conversation only further trips up Matias and his friends, none of whom exhibit enough technological know-how or emotional maturity to make them worth rooting for. Definitely going to watch the sequel if there is one. Following up the original from 2015, 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is technically a sequel, though an untethered one since none of the characters from the first film appear in it (if you've seen the first film, you understand why). Disturbing, jarring, if you want to forget about literally anything else in the world for 92 minutes, watch it. You'll get what you came for and won't be disappointed. But, sitting home on a day off bored, I decided to fire it up and boy am I glad I did. Forgot your password? Its tense, it makes you a little paranoid and it also doesnt have too much bad acting. He impulsively opens more computer programs—which he has to decrypt, log in to, and repeatedly engage with—and interacts with more strangers than any thinking, feeling person ever could. At least this one was a not a corny movie about some "haunted" facebook account killing of teenagers. I enjoyed the first Unfriended because it was dumb and I thought it was funny. and the Terms and Policies, Like its 2014 predecessor, "Unfriended: Dark Web" is a deeply misanthropic horror film that follows a group of hapless Millennials—through realistic-looking video footage of their computer screens—as they are cyber-terrorized by a mysterious group of internet trolls/killers. DARK movie and my expectations were shattered in a good way. While I didn't like it as much as other horror gems of the last few years, I didn't walk out of the theater like I expected I would. Besides many things, this was the most irritating point for me throughout the movie. Neither movie is especially smart or incisive about the Way We Live Now, but they don't really have to be. FAQ | This movie is seriously underrated, I mean yes at first you don't really know what's going on and you're about to give up on it but DON'T. Trust me why I say this, you won't regret watching it. I've never thought that a movie about a darknet can be so scary. Matias ignores several big, bold warning signs, like the portentous screen names of his stalkers (they all call themselves "Charon," which prompts a hilariously insipid Wikipedia search for information on the Greek underworld's ferryman). All rights reserved.
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