Première Guerre mondiale et révolution russe, Effondrement, puis redressement économique, Répartition statistique des croyances religieuses. Believe me, you won’t get bored while you are in Russia! With the Soviet Union, Russia was cut off from Western culture. Comme Vladimir Kolossov, président de l'Union géographique internationale, l'a déclaré à Russia Beyond, « la population de la Russie [dans sa partie asiatique] s'élève à deux person… Saat itu, kaum Slavofilisme percaya bahwa Rusia seharusnya mengandalkan warisan uniknya (tradisi, kekristenan Ortodoks, kehidupan pedesaan) sementara kaum Barat mendukung gagasan modernisasi dan individualisme gaya Eropa. There are around 50 of them and some can be misleading. However, majority of the people is in the western part of Russia. “Our differences from any Western country are very significant but they are not much more than differences between Finland and Portugal, Hungary and Ireland, Cyprus and Poland,” Baunov wrote. 40% of Russia is in Europe. L’argument du FMI était que des droits de propriété sont essentiels pour l’efficacité d’une économie. Persoalan ini memicu perdebatan serius di abad ke-19 ketika dua kelompok paling berpengaruh di kalangan intelektual Rusia adalah kaum aliran Slavofilisme dan Barat. D'autre part, les institutionnalistes ou « gradualistes », prônant une transition plus progressive. With 27 people for every square kilometer as opposed to 2.5 people for every square kilometer in the Asian part, it’s easy to see why politically and culturally, Russia is more European than Asian. European Russia is home to roughly 80% of Russia's total population. Ini adalah pertanyaan rumit, karena 77 persen wilayah negara terletak di Asia sementara sebagian besar penduduknya tinggal di sisi Eropa. As Lev Gumilev, a Russian historian and one of the most authoritative Eurasianists (those who consider Russia a Eurasian, Western-Eastern country), said, “Russia is a distinctive country which unites elements from West and East.” Moreover, the troubled history of Ru… auccl799 Answer has 6 votes Currently Best Answer. This makes Russia a very unique nation. Kita akan menjadi saudara!" This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Russia is not proportionately populated between its larger Asian portion and its smaller European portion. From the late 9th to the mid-13th century a large section of today's European Russia was part of Kievan Rus'. Seperti dikatakan oleh Lev Gumilev, seorang sejarawan Rusia dan salah satu Eurasianis (mereka yang menganggap Rusia sebagai negara Eurasia, campuran Barat-Timur) yang paling berwibawa: "Rusia adalah negara yang khas yang menyatukan unsur-unsur dari Barat dan Timur. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 14 novembre 2020 à 11:49. As Lev Gumilev, a Russian historian and one of the most authoritative Eurasianists (those who consider Russia a Eurasian, Western-Eastern country), said, “Russia is a distinctive country which unites elements from West and East.”, Moreover, the troubled history of Russia’s controversial relations with European countries and the West in general adds fuel to the fire, making many patriotic thinkers claim: “We’re not European for Europe will never embrace us.” Alexander Blok, a famous Russian poet of the early 20th century in 1918 wrote an angry poem called “Scythians” dedicated to Europeans denying Russia as Europe: “Yes, we are Scythians, yes, we are Asians, with slanted and greedy eyes! Europe or Asia Debate. [21][22], The administrative districts (on a large scale called federal districts) of the Russian Federation do not exactly line up with European Russia, but they are decent approximations, depending on exactly how Europe is defined. It’s also called Central Russia. According to old Scandinavian sources among the 12 biggest cities of Kievan Rus' or Ancient Rus' were Novgorod, Kiev, Polotsk, Smolensk, Murom and Rostov. Daniil enjoys learning and researching everything about travel to Russia. – Mikheil Saakashvili. The country's land size covers up to a tenth of the world's total landmass. Effectifs : 1 140 000 militaires et 2 000 000 réservistes. With how big Russia is, a lot of people are confused as to whether it’s part of Europe or Asia. These cities are Moscow, the nation's capital and largest city, which is the most populous city in Europe; Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital and the second-most populous city in the country; and Sevastopol, located within the disputed territory of Crimea. « la Fédération de Russie » pour l'usage diplomatique, selon les préconisations du. They also helped establish the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline together with pipelines of gas coming from Siberia going to China. Russians themselves argue about where they belong; some claim they have a very special identity which is non-European, non-Asian – but rather a specific mix. Artikel ini adalah bagian dari "Kenapa Rusia", di mana kami menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan populer tentang Rusia. Misalnya, Alexander Baunov, seorang jurnalis Rusia dan pemimpin redaksi untuk, menulis dalam artikelnya pada tahun 2014 bahwa baik orang Timur dan orang Barat menganggap Rusia lebih dekat ke Barat, setidaknya dalam hal budaya. Try and take us on!”, For instance, Alexander Baunov, a Russian journalist and the editor-in-chief for, wrote in his 2014. that both Easterners and Westerners consider Russia closer to the global West, at least in terms of culture. Pemikiran ini sekarang dianggap salah. What do undertakers tattoos from wreastling say? This western part is also called European Russia for obvious reasons. The European portion contains about 110 million people out of Russia's total population of about 144 million (making it the most populous European country) in an area covering nearly 4,000,000 km2 (1,500,000 sq mi) (making it by far the largest European country), with an average of 27.5 people per km2 (70 per sq mi). Nov 26 2002, 8:08 AM. L’agriculture a toujours un poids écrasant : en 1897 la Russie compte 97 millions de paysans pour une population totale de 127 millions d’habitants. The political ties between Europe and Russia were strengthened in May of 2003 when the European Union and Russia reinforced their partnership because they feel that they share the same values and interests. While 75 percent of the country is in Asia, only 23 percent of the Russian population lives there, at an average of 6.5 persons per square mile. If we consider culture and ethnicity, most Russians (including many who live in the Asian part of the country) would firmly consider themselves to be European. [14][15][16][17][18] Despite all these influences from the Western and Asian-Oriental cultures and many common traditions with Russia, Russian culture was repeatedly exposed to longer isolations which created an independent, different kind of culture, which differed in many elements from both Western cultures and Eastern cultures and created its own Russian otherness. There. Apa argumen utamanya? To summarize, Russia is part of both Europe and Asia. Some theories say that some early Eastern Slavs arrived in modern-day western Russia (also in Ukraine and Belarus) sometime during the middle of the first millennium AD. All Rights Reserved. In our opinion, it’s both. This is not to say that the nation does not have partnerships with its Asian neighbors. "Perbedaan kami dari negara Barat sangat signifikan tapi tidak lebih dari perbedaan antara Finlandia dan Portugal, Hungaria dan Irlandia, Siprus dan Polandia," Baunov menulis. Meskipun negara terbesar di dunia itu sebagian besar wilayahnya berada di luar Pegunungan Ural, sebagian besar penduduknya terpusat di Eropa. ", Selain itu, sejarah hubungan yang bermasalah antara Rusia dengan negara-negara Eropa dan Barat pada umumnya menambah sengit perdebatan, sehingga banyak pemikir nasionalis mengklaim: "Kami bukan Eropa karena Eropa tidak akan pernah menghargai kami. The following administrative districts are overwhelmingly European: "Replacement Migration: Is it a solution for Russia? Learn how your comment data is processed. Le territoire s'étend ainsi d'ouest en est, de l'exclave de Kaliningrad au district autonome de Tchoukotka , sur plus de 6 600 kilomètres et pour une superficie de 17 125 191 km 2 . How much does it cost to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It comprises 38 percent of the continent. ", "Ancient Rus: trade and crafts: History of Russian trade and crafts: Business & Law: Russia-InfoCentre", "The Role of the Caucasus in Russian Cultural and Intellectual History", "İstanbul Haberleri - CRSEA: Russia and Turkey are building the cultural bridge between Europe and Asia - Merkez Haberleri", "Russia's Sovereign Globalization: Rise, Fall and Future", "Population 1 January 2015 Estimate – Federal State Statistics Service Russia", List of countries where Arabic is an official language, Lower Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests, Northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows, Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt pine–oak forests,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 17:43. Environ 75% des Russes vivent dans la partie européenne du pays avec de vastes espaces de Sibérie et l'Extrême-Orienttoujours sous-peuplés en raison du climat rigoureux. Most of it lies in Asia but Seperti dikatakan Vladimir Kolosov, Presiden Perhimpunan Geografi Internasional, kepada Russia Beyond, "populasi orang Rusia di bagian Asia ada dua orang per kilometer persegi." This article is part of the "Why Russia…?" 40% of Russia is in Europe. Russia cuts across nine time zones and has coastlines along the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. Get the week's best stories straight to your inbox. Dan itu adalah contoh pemikiran bahwa hubungan budaya antara Rusia dan Eropa akan tetap ada di atas perbedaan dan kesalahpahaman politik. 20 Dangerous Most Polluted Cities in Russia, 5 Facts About the Bombing in St. Petersburg’s Subway, Gaming In The Mountains: Exploring Sochi Casino And Resort, Alcohol in Qatar is expensive but you can drink at the 2022 World Cup. Western or Central Russia is in Europe. In fact, most Russians would say that they’re Europeans, not Asians. Sekitar 75 persen penduduk Rusia tinggal di wilayah Eropa negara, dan wilayah luas Siberia dan Timur Jauh secara umum tak banyak penduduk karena iklimnya yang keras. He has a passion for traveling and for helping other people travel. What are the key arguments? In fact, if majority of Russia is in Europe, Asia wouldn’t be the biggest continent in the world. A lot of people are confused because the capital of Russia, which is Moscow, is located in Europe. Like many European and Asian civilizations, Russia was once an expanding empire. Pertanyaan ini tertunda ketika kaum Sosialis radikal berkuasa sejak revolusi tahun 1917, dan kemudian berlanjut lagi. Kenapa Orang Rusia Kesulitan Belajar Bahasa Inggris. series in which RBTH answers popular questions about Russia. About 75% of the Russian population lives in European … Kenapa Perempuan Rusia Memilih Pria Asing? If Russia shuts off central Asia and the Caspian Sea from Europe, the European allies of the United States will be totally dependent on Russian gas and energy. Christian Vandermotten (auteur), Julien Vandeburie (auteur), Collectif (auteur), Quentin Rombaux (cartographe), Pablo Medina Lockhart (cartographe). But only about 4 million square kilometres of Russia are in Europe, west of the Urals. If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. How long is the flight time from Heathrow to Lisbon? Sejak era Pyotr yang Agung (memerintah Rusia pada tahun 1682-1725) yang membawa nilai-nilai, kebiasaan, dan bahkan pakaian Eropa ke Rusia pada awal abad ke-18, sudut pandang ini memiliki banyak pendukung. Russia is both in Europe and Asia. What’s much harder to find out is whether Russia, As Vladimir Kolosov, president of the International Geographical Union, told Russia Beyond, “the population in Russia there [in its Asian part] stands at two people per square kilometer.” The two biggest cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) also are in Europe, as well as all federal authorities so many. [1]:6[1]:10 The Asian portion of Russia, mostly encompassing Siberia, makes up about 50% of the country's territory with 22% of its population at 2.5 people per km2 (6.5 per sq mi). But as far as politics and culture are concerned, it’s more European. You can check this post out to see the details about the gas deal between Russian and China. [10] During all this time, Russian culture had not only strong cultural links and exchanges with Central Europe and Asia, but also with its many ethnic minorities which exist until today in Russia, like Tatars, Ukrainians, Finno-Ugrics, Bashkirs and Chuvashs. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. It maintains strong ties with India as they are partners when it comes to relations regarding defense and strategies. Mathilde Riener (auteur), Pierre Ferbos (photographies). Traditionally, most scientists now suppose that the eastern side of the Ural Mountains roughly set the border between Europe and Asia in Russia. As Vladimir Kolosov, president of the International Geographical Union, told Russia Beyond, “the population in Russia there [in its Asian part] stands at two people per square kilometer.” The two biggest cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) also are in Europe, as well as all federal authorities so many claim the European part is more important. Rusia tentu saja tidak kekurangan monumen yang menandai perbatasan antara Eropa dan Asia. Even if a bigger part of the nation is in Asia, majority of the population of the nation (77%) is in the western part of Russia which is its European part. Those opposing the idea that Russia belongs to the Western world usually emphasize that the Russians throughout history have been living “at the crossroads” of civilizations and have therefore embraced cultural values from both Europe and Asia. Peter the Great was able to change Russian society partly, resistance existed among peasants, the traditionalists and Old Believers within the Orthodox Church. Europe is everything west of the Ural Mountains. In our opinion, it’s both. Western or Central Russia is in Europe. Western or Central Russia is in Europe. Click here to find out more. Perhaps the other most well-known transcontinental state that you might know is Turkey, which can also be found in both Asia and Europe. Di sisi lain, dalam puisi yang sama, Blok menyerukan persatuan di antara orang-orang Rusia dan tetangga Eropa mereka: "Kamerad! It covers a land area of over 3,995,200 square kilometres (1,542,600 sq mi), making Russia the largest country by area in Europe, as well as the most populous country in Europe, with a population of over 113 million residents. [8] The elements of East Slavic paganism and Christianity overlapped each other and sometimes produced even double faith in Muscovite Rus'. Moskow dan Sankt Peterburg sebagai dua kota terbesar berada di Eropa, begitu pula dengan semua otoritas federal yang mengklaim bahwa bagian Eropa lebih penting. But as far as politics and culture are concerned, it’s more European. This website uses cookies. All three federal cities of Russia lie within European Russia. India is also the biggest customer of the military equipment industry of Russia. Since Peter the Great (ruled Russia in 1682 – 1725) who brought European values, habits, and even clothes to Russia in the early 18th century, this viewpoint has many supporters. Those opposing the idea that Russia belongs to the Western world usually emphasize that the Russians throughout history have been living “at the crossroads” of civilizations and have therefore embraced cultural values from both Europe and Asia. more people live in the European part. Coba lawan kami! Orang Rusia sendiri kerap berdebat tentang di mana mereka berada; beberapa orang mengklaim bahwa mereka memiliki identitas yang sangat spesial, bukan Eropa dan bukan pula Asia - melainkan campuran yang spesifik. Most of it lies in Asia but more people live in the European part. What is 35 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit? However, the questions like "is Ukraine a part of Europe" or "is Ukraine in Europe or Asia" should be answered from different points of view - since Europe, Asia, and Ukraine are not just geographical locations but carry various aspects of identity. Mais rien ne s’est déroulé selon ce scénario. Russia is a massive country – 17,098,242 square kilometres in size. Why are Russian people (mostly) Orthodox Christians? In addition, Russia is friendlies with China thanks to the Treaty of Friendship that they signed. This train of thought is now considered wrong. European Russia (Russian: Европейская Россия), is the western and historical portion of Russia in Europe.The portion extends from Central to Eastern Europe, and spans roughly 40% of Europe's total land area, with over 15% of its total population.European Russia is home to roughly 80% of Russia's total population. Bien que le plus grand pays du monde se trouve principalement au-delà des montagnes de l'Oural, sa population est en majeure partie concentrée en Europe. On the other hand, it’s Asia where the most natural resources are concentrated, so it’s not wise to underestimate its importance. One of the first Rus' regions according to the Sofia First Chronicle was Veliky Novgorod in 859. Anyway, it’s easy to define the correlation between Russia’s European and Asian territories: About 23 to 77 percent respectively. Ini adalah pertanyaan rumit, karena 77 persen wilayah negara terletak di Asia sementara sebagian besar penduduknya tinggal di sisi Eropa. Why did Russia pass up on two different chances to take Constantinople. Yves Gauthier (Auteur), Antoine Garcia (Auteur). The main question concerning Russia’s identity in relation to the outside world could be formulated as “Is Russia a European country or not?” The issue sparked serious debate in the 19th century when the two most influential groups among Russian intellectuals were the Slavophiles and the Westernizers. Try and take us on!”. Pour les gradualistes, les privatisations ne sont pas une fin en soi mais avant tout une façon de stimuler la concurrence, l'innovation et la productivité. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. As far as geography is concerned, it’s more Asian than European. Russia certainly doesn’t lack monuments marking the border between Europe and Asia. “Our differences from any Western country are very significant but they are not much more than differences between Finland and Portugal, Hungary and Ireland, Cyprus and Poland,” Baunov wrote. Mereka yang menentang gagasan bahwa Rusia adalah milik Barat biasanya menekankan bahwa dalam sejarahnya, orang-orang Rusia selalu hidup "di persimpangan jalan" peradaban dan karenanya telah menganut nilai-nilai budaya baik dari Eropa maupun Asia. Bahkan lambang negara Rusia merefleksikan sifat ganda: satu kepala elang menghadap Eropa, satunya lagi ke Asia. What is the interesting part of the story of why sinigang? [citation needed]. [11] While Russia evolved over periods of time with a balanced European influence, it was tsar Peter the Great who wanted to reform Russia and bring it up to a true Western standards and way of life. Misalnya, tugu terkenal "Eropa - Asia" di Orenburg (1400 kilometer di timur Moskow) dibangun karena Sungai Ural (di sebelah Orengburg) memisahkan dua bagian dunia. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Join the Circus? This makes Russia a very unique nation. Although the biggest country in the world predominantly lies beyond the Ural Mountains its population is concentrated in Europe to a great extent. Around 75 percent of Russians live in the European part of the country with vast spaces of Siberia and the Far East still generally underpopulated due to the harsh climate. [9], In the fourteenth century Muscovite Russia served as the intermediary in the trade between Europe and Persia as well as Turkey. About 25 percent of Russia is located in Europe, covering approximately 1,528,560 square miles. He is an experienced traveler who has been to 30 countries in Europe, Asia, South and North America and many places all over Russia. But it is also true that many Russians would consider themselves to be Asian.These two different backgrounds have co-existed within Russian borders for hundreds of years. [19][20] In the age of globalization, the Russian elite seeks a development in which Russia, as a sovereign state with its own culture, traditions and identity, can participate in global cooperation. On the other hand, in the very same poem Blok calls for unity among the Russians and their European neighbors: “Comrades! Ukraine is an Eastern European country. Back then, the Slavophiles believed that Russia should have relied on its unique heritage (traditions, Orthodox Christianity, rural life) while the Westernizers supported the idea of European-style modernization and individualism. It’s a tricky question, with 77 percent of the country located in Asia while the vast majority of the population lives in the European portion. Secara tradisional, kebanyakan ilmuwan sekarang berpendapat bahwa sisi timur Pegunungan Ural secara kasar mengatur perbatasan antara Eropa dan Asia di Rusia. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? In the nineties, the Russian political elites hoped to integrate Russia into the West. Bagaimana pun, mudah untuk menentukan luas wilayah Asia dan Eropa di Rusia: sekitar 23 persen wilayah Eropa, dan 77 persen Asia. It’s easy to see why this is the case. You can expect a diverse nation filled with interesting people and cultural traditions. The region was a place of operations for Varangians, eastern Scandinavian adventurers, merchants, and pirates. In late 8th and early-to-mid-9th centuries AD the Rus' Khaganate was formed in modern western Russia. The nation is also a major player in the European political arena. Ultimately, Russia is one of the select few countries around the world that’s lucky enough to be located in multiple continents at once. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Is Russia part of Europe or Asia? 77% of the total landmass of Russia is in Asia while the rest is in Europe. Though this is the case, a majority of … We shall be brothers!” And that’s an example of thought that cultural ties between Russia and Europe prevail over differences and political misunderstandings. Even Russia's coat of arms reflects its dual nature: one head of the eagle is facing Europe and the other looks to Asia. After all, parts of Russia are in Europe while some parts are in Asia. Les privatisations ont accru les possibilités de pillage et les raisons de piller au lieu de réinvestir dans l’avenir du pays. Is Russia part of Europe or Asia? Within Russia, intellectuals have been debating where Russia should be more invested in Europe or in Asia since the mid 19 th century. With this, the EU-Russia Common Spaces were established by the President Vladimir Putin as he was an advocate of a partnership between the two entities. Significant cultural influence came also from Tatars, Caucasians, Iran, Mongolia, Ottoman Empire and other Central- and Western Asian cultures. Di sisi lain, di Asia inilah sumber daya alam berada, jadi ia tak bisa diremehkan. L’absence de lois assurant une bonne gouvernance d’entreprise a incité ceux qui parvenaient à prendre le contrôle d’une firme à voler les actionnaires, en pillant les actifs des entreprises ». [12][13] The Russian culture was shaped for centuries by the Orthodox faith, Slavic traditions, the Cyrillic script, the geographical location between Europe and Asia, with significant Swedish, Dutch, French, Polish, Lithuanian and German influences, from 1500 to 1945.
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