Our quality label ”Lycée des Métiers for business and services” obtained in 2014, is an academic recognition that certifies a large range of services in a same professional sector “business and services” – a training offer from the vocational A´ level to the Hnd. MANAA. And added services like proposition of European Mobilities and suggestions for accommodation. <]/Prev 584447>> It opened in September 1992 and received its current name in May 2014. France Bessis became proviseur of the school in 2019. By 1968, under Scherer’s leadership and direction, the school was building up strength with six sections – German, Dutch, British, American, Danish and Italian. Actualités. 0000002335 00000 n 0000122333 00000 n Histoire des Arts. 0000166680 00000 n 0000169183 00000 n In 1921, after a renovation supervised by the architecte Mitrofanoff, the Lycée Européen Montebello welcomed its first students. The school has fourteen national sections which are essentially run as schools within the school. Charpeil continued to oversee the restoration of the chateau and successfully liaised and lobbied with the supervising educational authorities to advance important projects concerning security, major improvements and maintenance. Students who do not speak French are placed in a French immersion program called Français Spécial. A NE PAS MANQUER. [7] All students return to the main campus for their final three (lycée-level) years. 0000171090 00000 n Tous les étudiants qui le souhaitent  peuvent réaliser leur stage à l'étranger. Le classement 2020 des meilleurs lycées de Nîmes est publié ! After one year, they are expected to be fluent in French and integrate the standard French curriculum along with the rest of the student population. Lycée Privé Saint Vincent de Paul - NÎMES. The challenges were as stimulating as ever: the final stages of renovation and the future use of the chateau; the pressure for increasing the number of classes at Lycée level; nationwide administration of the OIB; the creation of the Polish section at Collège and Lycée level (in 2002/3) and the consolidation of the legal status of the school via a new decree. 0000095882 00000 n Established in 1952 as a school for the children of international personnel working at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in nearby Rocquencourt, the Lycée International caters to students with international and multilingual backgrounds. Our Lycée is a vocational secondary school and a high school depending on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nîmes with about 800 students, 70 teachers and 20 staff. 0000177354 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000000016 00000 n 0000178940 00000 n The SHAPE Village Project was built in the grounds of the Chateau d'Hennemont to accommodate 1,500 officers and soldiers from 13 nationalities, and their families. [1][2] With a typical success rate of 99.9 to 100 percent on the French baccalauréat, the Lycée International consistently ranks among France's top schools and is considered to be the country's best public international school.[3][4][5]. Our school offers several programmes such as : Marketing – Sales ©  2016 AgroSup Dijon, tous droits réservé, Présentation du Centre de Formations d'Apprentis du Gard. 0000179495 00000 n 0000172214 00000 n French Education National teachers teach subjects to French national standards and the school's foreign teachers – employed in one of the system’s fourteen national sections – are given the freedom and responsibility to teach literature, language and history to their own national standards. 0000174365 00000 n Communication Nos formations. Nos spécificités. 0000178546 00000 n 0000085169 00000 n ; English: International High School of Saint-Germain-en-Laye) is a French public school located in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines, in the western suburbs of Paris, France. The Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) is for students in Terminale (grade 12) who have opted for the International Section of Lycée and emphasizes their French-English bilingualism. 0000166181 00000 n At collège level (Years 7-10) pupils spend four hours per week with their English teacher and two hours with their History teacher. He directed the lycée from 2012 to 2016, integrating the Chinese Section. 0000178357 00000 n 0000168586 00000 n L'Etablissement a validé la Charte Erasmus pour l'enseignement Supérieur.. version française | english version. 0000178168 00000 n Our International department has been developing Erasmus+ mobility projects for students in secondary school for a long time but also for higher education. Il lycée international de Saint-Germain-en-Laye è una scuola secondaria pubblica vicina a Parigi, nota per essere una delle più prestigiose e famosa della Francia. trailer 0000170363 00000 n 0000073797 00000 n As of 2010[update] (circa) it had about 115 teachers, 75 other employees, and 1,400 students. xref Nous accueillons aussi des lycéens de tous les continents sur le domaine de l'exploitation afin de comprendre la diversité des techniques viticoles mondiales. 0000179683 00000 n 0000003009 00000 n 0000176966 00000 n Des bourses de stage aident les jeunes postulants encouragés et suivis par les enseignants. The history of the school to date can be described by three distinct phases: In 1951, the then-recently established NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), a grouping of 15 countries, created Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) with the aim of ensuring peace and security in the North Atlantic region, and promising European members the support of the United States in the event of any future aggression. Two years later, in 1954, the school was officially renamed the NATO International School (l’Ecole Internationale de l’OTAN). 1/4. His was the delicate task of working with the remaining two public sections – the German and the Dutch – to persuade the educational authorities, both in France and overseas, to rebuild the life of the school which, would from now on need to count on the support of "economic expatriates" to replace those of the original military community. 0000175288 00000 n The partner firms come to our Lycée to present to the students their activities and the projects they can share with them. 0000167656 00000 n 0000174114 00000 n 0000034327 00000 n The SHAPE village school opened in January 1952, under the direction of René Tallard. 0000002434 00000 n The construction was finished by 1873 but the hospital only opened in 1876. Venez et vous verrez ! 0000165980 00000 n 0000176717 00000 n L'Etablissement a validé la Charte Erasmus pour l'enseignement Supérieur. 0000169794 00000 n The partnership has built on an win-win exchange. Foreign teachers in each of the national sections give the students lessons in literature, geography and history (from six to eight hours a week according to the grade) in their native tongue. LYCÉE CCI NÎMES Lycée des Métiers du Commerce et des Services. 0000174790 00000 n The work with our new projects starts in September 2016, we wish to manage Erasmus+ projects for Sport and Youth. Page officielle du BDE Lycée CCI Nîmes! End of November: Holiday Sale including traditional crafts and foods; Late December/early January: Jobs and Studies Fair, with over 200 participants; March: Talent Show for students and parents; Mid May: Tournoi des Etoiles international soccer tournament, End May: Lycée en Fête with international food booths, artistic performances and games, This page was last edited on 26 July 2020, at 16:36. Le sujet qui leur... Mesdames, Messieurs, Une nouvelle fois cette année, la Délégation Académique à la Formation Aéronautique (DAFA) propose aux élèves de 4ème à la... Mesdames, Messieurs, Les dossiers de demande d'aménagements concernant le Bac Général et Technologique sont disponibles ci dessous :... code_professions.pdf fiche_dinscription_restauration_herbegement_scolaire_2020-2021.pdf fiche_infirmerie_2020-2021.pdf fiche_siecle.pdf... Conseil des délégués pour la Vie Lycéenne (CVL), ParcourSup : ouverture le 22 janvier 2020, Licence pluridisciplinaire : Devenir Professeur des écoles, Activités du club tchèque année scolaire 2019-2020, Covid19 : affiches pour les établissements scolaires, Terminales2018-2019.fr : orientation post-bac. 4 formations référencées dans le domaine artistique dans notre base de données : BAC. SHAPE was installed at Rocquencourt, and Saint Germain-en-Laye was chosen as the place of residence for the serving officers and their families. For example, we would like to host two European volunteers per year to support the Lycee in our International development. The Lycée International de Houston initial accreditation is for Cycle 1 to 3. International Baccalaureate. 729 were here. Some of these extra History hours are spent studying Geography in English. Lycée International students must take the international variation on the baccalauréat, called the OIB (Option Internationale du baccalauréat), in order to take advantage of their language skills. 0000179119 00000 n Health and Care 0000176468 00000 n Ouverture Internationale. Lycée International Montebello, originally Lycée Européen Montebello, is a senior high school in Lille, France.Its over 3-hectare (7.4-acre) campus is in proximity to the Faubourg des Postes, Lille-Sud [], Moulins [], and Wazemmes neighbourhoods. H��W�n�� |���Hi�ɾ|A���l�� ��?�U��$��3g7����=��,ު�6�-��Ow|&����_������7�m)K�uk�.�����&�.����'. However, they are not required to be fluent in French to be admitted, as there is a special one-year Français Spécial language program. 0000167479 00000 n 0000171844 00000 n Yves Lemaire took over the helm in September 2001 until September 2012. 0000179871 00000 n The European and International mobilities´ development and the setting up of foreign language conversation workshops. Isabelle Negral was proviseur from 2016 to 2019. Japanese Section students have six hours of literature/language and two hours of history/geography. 0000017064 00000 n 0000167072 00000 n SHAPE Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to create a school for the children of the officers, which he hoped would help SHAPE's multi-national families to live and work together in harmony. It was an immediate challenge for the new proviseur, Edgar Scherer. 0000171276 00000 n Nancy CLEMENTI (Bureau 311, 3ème étage), +33 6 23 54 19 84 It is ranked 4th in the country for the cumulative number of winners. Due to the size of the student body, some larger national sections have satellite campuses for primary and middle school grades at other local schools in the area of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Chaque année, des cohortes d'élèves partent à l'étranger réaliser une partie de leur formation. Les élèves de 1ères STD2A 1 & 1ères STD2A 2, encadrés par leurs professeurs Mme de … 0000033922 00000 n The Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye (more commonly, Lycée International or L.I. 0000175537 00000 n 0000107434 00000 n Protocole sanitaire applicable à la rentrée 2020 au lycée Ernest Hemingway L’enseignement est assuré en présentiel pour tous les élèves, à tous les... Concours Yes we code ! From 1961, senior students prepared for the Diplôme des Ecoles Internationales and the following year, the school was renamed the NATO International Lycée (Lycée International de l’OTAN). Lycée Ernest Hemingway - Nimes. Nos partenaires sont établissements Irlandais, Slovéne ou bien des Îles Canaries, des entreprises du paysage ou des exploitations viticoles. 0000171648 00000 n OUR QUALITY LABELS. Parent associations organize numerous events which bring together the school's fourteen international sections: In addition, each section celebrates numerous events linked to their own culture and history, such as the Scandinavian sections' festival of lights, the Japanese spring celebration, and the American Section's potluck dinner and bingo night. Administration and Management Plus Portes Ouvertes. Through Erasmus and now Erasmus+, this department has developped different partnerships and has set a sustainable and coherent International strategy. %%EOF NATO, and SHAPE, were forced to find a new European base, in Belgium, and the Lycée International de l’OTAN lost two thirds of its pupils at a stroke. 0000173874 00000 n 0000172592 00000 n Le P'tit Alphonse. 0000002016 00000 n 0000172796 00000 n +33 4 66 879 740 Rencontrer un conseiller. 0000172973 00000 n 0000166343 00000 n Since the French curriculum requires learning at least two foreign language, many students who graduate from the Lycée International are fluent in four languages. Nous offrons la possibilité aux élèves de bac professionnel de réaliser une partie de leur stage dans diverses entreprises au sein de l'Union Européenne, grâce à l'option facultative Discipline En Langue Étrangère (DELE). Public international school in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. Nos partenaires : Espagne italie allemagne belgique royaume- uni i irlande In 1997, Maillard handed the baton on to Patrick Charpeil, who focused attention on the administrative complexities of the school, clarifying the legal basis of the Lycée and its component parts. 0000177564 00000 n 0000170917 00000 n +33 4 66 879 739 0000175970 00000 n While each news outlet has its own ranking system, in all the Lycée International consistently figures among the top ten in France. 0000168408 00000 n The International Department created in 2004 in the CCI Highschool, was born in order to give an International dimension to all the members of our school : the pupils and the students. The International Department created in 2004 in the CCI Highschool, was born in order to give an International dimension to all the members of our school : the pupils and the students. Our school offers several programmes such as : Marketing – Sales Communication Administration and Management Health and Care IT OUR QUALITY LABELS. 0000173634 00000 n 0000052408 00000 n Replacing pre-fabricated buildings with more lasting structures was now a priority. Taxe Apprentissage. 0000122485 00000 n 0000167283 00000 n S'informer sur l'orientation. 183 likes. 0000179307 00000 n Les formations proposées. 0 0000174605 00000 n Conosciuta in passato come École internationale de l'OTAN, è stata fondata dal generale Dwight D. Eisenhower per i figli degli ufficiali della NATO. [1] This former Hospital of Charity was renovated at the end of the XIXth century to host 1300 students and 200 teachers and employees. Our Lycée created in 2000 an International Relations department in order to allow the students, the teachers and the staff to participate in some European mobility programmes to be more competitive on the labour market. It opened in September 1992 and received its current name in May 2014. “The ETOILE label”, an academic label obtained for European work-placements´ and languages´apprenticeship for students in vocational A´level. 0000003122 00000 n The Lycée International de Houston is one of 57 accredited French Schools in the US and every grade from PS to Terminale is accredited under this system. LYCÉE CCI NÎMES Lycée des Métiers du Commerce et des Services. Lycée privé sous contrat d'association avec l'Etat 85 86 Students are taught the relevant national curriculum alongside the standard French curriculum. Les élèves suivent un cours (autre que le cours de langue vivante) en anglais ou espagnol durant une heure par semaine. We intend to develop in our students, the high IT skills through the introduction of MOOCs in the teaching practices to stick to the new management’s types. 0000167844 00000 n 0000033682 00000 n 0000173135 00000 n Every year many Lycée International students present the prestigious Concours Général. 0000177774 00000 n The Erasmus+ Charter for 2014-2020, a quality European label for the work-placements´ and studies´mobilities for students in Hnd., teachers and staff. Funding from SHAPE provided the school with equipment and accommodation, including a new flagship building completed in 1960. 0000123845 00000 n [2], In 1859, from the lack of beds in the hospitals around Lille, the project for a new hospital was born. Most sections also have specific theater programs and other extra-curricular activities for students. His successor, Joel Bianco officially took office as the new proviseur in September 2012.
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