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We strongly advise you to use Firefox or Chrome. We offer three collections from INA's archives: 1,000 videos of sport events, 650 videos of art and 1,480 videos from It contains details such as the name of the server, an identifier in the form of a unique number, and possibly an expiry date. Uncheck mark Accept cookies from sites option to disable cookies. DigInPix is a system that automatically recognizes visual entities coming from dictionaries in INA videos or in your images. INA cannot guarantee that the Service is free from any computing errors or that any such errors will be corrected. See 2 tips from 21 visitors to L'Entrepôt du Bricolage. Evénement qui a réuni 240 fournisseurs et 1700 collaborateurs des 36 magasins et du siège. As required by the "Informatique et Libertés" (French data protection) law of 6 January 1978 modified in 2004, you have the right to access and correct the data relating to you. These GTU are governed by French law. L’Entrepôt du Bricolage, c’est une entreprise vivante de ses 1917 collaborateurs « acteurs », aux valeurs fortes et incarnées de partage, de confiance et de bienveillance. Browse dictionaries containing identifiable entities and collections of a few videos in the INA archives, analyzed by DigInPix. By submitting your Images to the Site, you guarantee INA that: You undertake to release INA from any liability and guarantee it against any claim, complaint, lawsuit or legal action resulting from or relating to your Images, your use of the Service or further to your breach of the GTU and these Supplementary Conditions. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web site and stored in a user's web browser. Select the Cookies check box, then click Delete. Each entity (logo or painting) is represented by one or several images in the dictionary to enable DigInPix to learn to recognize it. INA cannot guarantee the availability of, or regularity of access to, the Service. You may not copy, modify, sell or distribute them to third parties, nor may you create works or derivative products based on the Results. The DigInPix Service offered and operated by INA enables individuals or legal entities to identify visual objects in their images for testing purposes. The applicable GTU are accessible online on the Sites when you access them. The visual dictionaries contain a series of visual entities: logos, car models, pictures, buildings, etc. the name of the identified visual object and its related metadata, from zero to several links to images in the Dictionary representative of the identified visual object. There are lots of amenities at this restaurant like a play set for kids, but the restaurant can be very busy and loud! Idéal pour déjeuner ! As hoster of Images, and in accordance with its statutory requirements, INA retains Users' identification data (inter alia the IP address). Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing. The sites of the Institut national de l'audiovisuel. Vous trouverez ici tous les magasins de L'entrepôt du bricolage à Montceau-les-Mines. Accordingly, INA shall on no account be liable for any interruption in or malfunctioning of the Service for whatever reason, or for the duration or frequency thereof. You are solely responsible for the Images you submit to the Site, as INA can on no account be responsible for Users' Images. TIENDEO utilise les cookies pour proposer ses services, personnaliser les annonces et analyser le trafic. INA provides no personal assistance or hot line. However, pursuant to current regulations, INA may have to : To that end, each Image includes a link labeled "Report this Content". Dictionary : Apart amalia.js video player subject to its own terms of use (GPL v3 license), INA authorizes access to the Sites, Prototypes and Content solely for strictly personal use. All rights to the Sites, Prototypes and Content are thus strictly reserved. In the History section, for the History rules option, select Use custom settings for history. The Sites, prototypes ("the Prototypes") presented on the Sites (such as Diginpix, Syncnotes, Bobino, Saphir) and content ("the Content") on the Sites (such as audiovisual and audio content, texts, logos, databases, software) are protected by law, more particularly the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code. INA reserves the right to modify these Supplementary Conditions without notice at any time, inter alia to reflect any statutory, regulatory, editorial and/or technical changes. You can view the results of each video by clicking it. INA may on no account disclose, assign, transfer or distribute the Images to third parties, nor use them for any purpose other than the Service. Horaires d'ouverture et informations supplémentaires, Plus d'informations sur L'entrepôt du bricolage, Voir tous les magasins L'entrepôt du bricolage, L'entrepôt du bricolage à Montceau-les-Mines - Promos, réductions et catalogues. Consequently, INA accepts no liability for any use of the Results that is in breach of these General Terms of Use. Chargemente en cours de… L’ENTREPOT DU BRICOLAGE; Bienvenue à L’Entrepôt du Bricolage ! INA reserves the right to modify these GTU without notice at any time, inter alia to reflect any statutory, regulatory, editorial and/or technical changes. As hoster, INA is under no general obligation to monitor the Images. For web analytics purposes, INA also uses the Xiti cookie: Your browser automatically sends us certain standard data, such as your IP address, the type of browser you use, its functions, your operating system, any third-party site from which you may have reached these Sites and the dates and times at which you accessed the Sites. You undertake to pay INA compensation for any resulting damages, claims, costs and expenses (including lawyer's fees). Results = for each Image, the Service gives the User from 0 to several identifications, each one comprising : The Service is accessible to any natural or legal person who has unconditionally accepted the GTU and these Supplementary Conditions of Use and has the authority to do so. The Service is not designed for storing Images; it is up to the User to personally take the necessary steps in this respect. You are free to accept or refuse this Xiti cookie. Search all entities in dictionaries and documents in INA collections. You agree that INA may use your Images free of charge and non-exclusively, as part of the Service accessible worldwide, for the following purposes: In this respect, you agree to INA storing your Images and automatically analyses by means of the Service. Make sure you comply with the GTU when using this demonstrator, more particularly with regard to the intellectual property of content and rights of personal portrayal. INA provides no personal assistance or hot line. Vous pouvez ajuster vos paramètres de confidentialités quand vous le souhaitez. If you wish to use the DigInPix prototype, you should also accept the Supplementary Conditions of the DigInPix Service. In the "Privacy" section click Content settings. je ne parlais pas du bon. It is agreed that the Service is provided "as is". You can share the URL to show detected entities. Retrouvez le produit Contreplaqu powerplex ep.5mm L'Entrep t du Bricolage dans le rayon Panneaux - Dalles plancher. By continuing to browse you agree unreservedly to abide by the current GTU and French law. Usually, the analysis takes a few seconds. L’ENTREPOT DU BRICOLAGE On s'y retrouve tous ! Notre vocation d’entreprise place au cœur de son projet la qualité de la relation à l’autre et à soi. Make sure your information is up to date. This function may be unavailable, depending on server load. The Service is provided to the free of charge, for non-commercial and non-exclusive use for the purpose of experimenting with the Service. Click an entity to see the result on the corresponding keyframe of the video. Panneau de construction usage int rieur. Moreover, INA shall on no account be liable for the use of Prototypes or interpretation of information provided on the Sites. Moreover, INA is on no account responsible for the use of interpretation of the Results. Le batiment n'existe plus. Any use for other purposes, commercial purposes in particular, is subject to INA's prior written consent. You acknowledge and accept the characteristics, technical performance, limits and risks of the Internet. | Le commerce de demain se prépare aujourd’hui ! Just change certain settings in your browser to refuse cookies or be notified if a cookie is saved on your computer. In this demonstration you can access a dictionary of 25,000 logos, as well as a dictionary of 25 000 paintings from the Images d'Art website of Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais (Rmn-GP). The "last updated" date is specified at the top of the GTU. Modifications to the GTU come into effect and are binding upon web users as soon as they are published on the Sites. erreur de ma part. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. The results depend on the quality and size of the analyzed documents. Précurseur dans le domaine de la qualité de vie au travail (QVT), la filiale Bricolage du groupe SAMSE a depuis longtemps opté pour un management centré sur l’humain. Servers access them to read and record information. In this eventuality, please try again later. The performance of DigInPix varies according to the following criteria: DigInPix is a prototype being developed by INA's Research department. The User alone is responsible for disclosing the URL to any third parties of its choosing for the purpose of sharing the Images and Results; INA shall on no account be liable for the use of the URL by the said third parties. You can also sort the entity results, in which case that is the number of documents containing this entity. Foursquare © 2020  Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA, "Exceptionnel !
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