…and musical instruments, including the balafon (much like a xylophone but constructed of animal horns, skins, and wood), are all that remain of older handiwork. Historical documents dating back to 1353 state that the Balafon was discovered by a Moroccan traveller who reported it to the then Mali court leaders as an instrument to use. Britannia Kids Holiday Bundle! The Balafon or (Balafong, Balaphone) is a wooden xylophone (percussion idiophone) from West Africa and is thought to have originated from the 1300s under the Sosso King. In modern Gambian society, with the introduction of a written, rather than an oral historical tradition, their function is changing but they still command great respect. Ces derniers sont traditionnellements utilisés dans les orchestres (Un orchestre est souvent composé de trois balafons, un grave, un médium et un aigu accompagnés de tambours). Balafon is a Manding name, but variations exist across West Africa, including the balangi in Sierra Leone and the gyil of the Dagara, Lobi and Gurunsi from Ghana, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. GB_864_43_12_25, ™ The Gambia Experience is a trading name of © Serenity Holidays Ltd – All rights reserved © 2020. Stories of Sunjata from Gambian sources can be found in many places but Bamba Suso and Banna Kanutes’ book Sunjata, published by Penguin Classics, is a great place to start for those who are interested. Instrument à découvrir Le balafon Publié le 08/08/2018 à 14:57 - 4 min - par Civodul Le balafon est une sorte de xylophone originaire d'Afrique occidentale. Les balas de 14 à 18 lames sont généralement en accord pentatonique tandis que les balanis de 21 lames sont communément accordés en diatonique. The Balafon is made using various types of wood. so please check regularly for updates. It has between 17 to 27 keys and is placed on calabash This practise still continues today and the Jeli families are still of importance in modern Gambian society although the caste system of certain families following certain trades is long gone. La position des notes et la forme du clavier sont similaires à celles d’un piano avec deux étages : un pour les dièses et les bémols et celui du dessous pour les notes sans altérations. One version of the story of ‘bala konte’ (or Kante, spelling is hard to pin down here and tends to depend on whether sources are English or French in origin) has him losing his name, to be given the name of his instrument instead. She runs monthly balafon workshops and workshops with djembe folas (master djembe players) such as Nansady Keita and Sidiki Dembele both in the UK and The Gambia. Est un de ceux qui figurent au patrimoine musical et culturel africain Les plus petits (appelés balani) sont dotés de lames étroites et de petites calebasses, produisant logiquement des sons plus aigus. Publié le 08/08/2018 à 14:57 336 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<302B352D6982AF48995741659F196B8D><7DEDE5897A2BDC4BA92414A5A84191F8>]/Index[301 69]/Info 300 0 R/Length 147/Prev 627939/Root 302 0 R/Size 370/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Chris Sylla has been studying and teaching West African music since she made her first trip to The Gambia in December 2000. VIDÉO DE PRÉSENTATIONCet instrument aux sonorités douces, apaisantes, invite à la rêverie ! Particulièrement présent dans la musique mandingue où son existence est attestée depuis le XIVe siècle, le balafon se retrouve  dans de nombreuses régions d’Afrique. Older balafon players I know have told me of learning this skill at night, when the myriad sounds of the African day – people, chickens etc... have stopped and the silence allows complete concentration on matching the pitch of the gourd to the key. Les génies de la musique veillent sur lui. A warm and sunny welcome from all of us at Ngala Lodge in The Gambia! Si vous désactivez ces cookies, vous risquez de voir apparaître des publicités moins pertinentes, de ne pas pouvoir vous connecter correctement à Facebook, Twitter ou à d'autres réseaux sociaux et de ne pas pouvoir partager des contenus sur les réseaux sociaux. Les Maîtres du balafon [D.V.D.] Artist: Sandiya A memorable winter sun family holiday in The Gambia, Announcing this year's Gambia Experience Hotel Awards, Top 10 reasons to visit Morgan Kunda Lodges, Saving Bijilo Monkey Park and the Western Red Colobus Monkey, An exciting new children's book, set in The Gambia, An update from our destination expert - November 2018, Raising funds to equip a health centre in The Gambia, Winter 2019-20 Gambia holidays now on sale, Return to The Gambia - kayaks, hot tubs and Gida's Garden, Charity brings solar power to the villagers of Janneh Kunda. = M’bi bâlan blana / réal. Tel : 05 49 72 22 13 Fax : 05 49 72 28 98, Email : service-client@fuzeau.comMagasin ouvert au publicde 9h à 12h - de 14h à 17h du lundi au jeudiet de 9h à 12h - de 14h à 16h le vendredi, de 9h à 12h - de 14h à 17h du lundi au jeudi, et de 9h à 12h - de 14h à 16h le vendredi. Univers Education Musicale-Nos Engagements, Univers Education Musicale-Paiement sécurisé, Catalogues_Dépliants_Univers Education musicale, Imprimés scolaires c'est aussi notre métier, Claves, tubes résonnants, guiros, castagnettes, Couronnes de cymbalettes, grelots, sistres, Politique de protection des données personnelles. de Hugo Zemp, Je fabrique un balafon [D.V.D.] Whether it is called the Balafon, Balaphone, or simply the Bala as known in Guinea, it carries the pride of African music with each key played. Artist: Various While I’ve never seriously tried to play the balafon, I have spent many years learning other Western African percussive instruments, principally the djembe drum and my favourite teacher, without a doubt, is Chris Sylla. After the frame is made it resembles a xylophone but then calabash, or gourds, as they are more commonly known in English, are attached underneath to add resonance – these essentially act as amplifiers for the sound. More recently, handicraft workers have begun producing unique designs and pictures made from butterfly wings glued to paper and some ebony and other tropical hardwood…. These days it isn’t just those from jeli families who play the balafon. par The Diabate family playing at a wedding in the village of Moria, Guinea, July 2011[/caption] So the balafon, like the kora, was from the court tradition, unlike the djembé and other drums which tend to be from the village tradition, embedded in the everyday life of the people. Le balafon est un instrument à percussion venu d’Afrique occidentale.C’est une sorte de xylophone, à cinq ou sept niveaux de sons différents. Comme les calebasses sont de plus en plus grandes d’un côté, le balafon est plus haut d’un côté que de l’autre.Pour éviter d’avoir un instrument trop large, les facteurs les courbent légèrement en arc de cercle, afin de permettre au musicien placé en son centre, de toucher toutes les lames sans se déplacer. Album: Keletigui Diabate, 2004. The Balafon resembles the xylophone or African Marimba. In the West, instruments like this are called xylophones. Why upgrade to Star Class with Titan Airways? A story of a king, Sunjata Keita, who united the warring tribes by prowess and magic, and created an era of peace and prosperity, sometime in the 13th or 14th centuries. The instrument is played more widely than it used to be, either alone, with the kora (which tends to be the tradition in Brikama as opposed to it being played alone as is common in Guinea for example), or in musical ensembles with drums, kora and other instruments. Des résonateurs tubulaires augmentent la durée du son et renforcent les partiels harmoniques, le rapprochant ainsi des instruments à cordes européens, tout en gardant sa sonorité distinctive et son caractère d’instrument de percussion. Il (elle) est joué(e) par une à quatre personnes en même temps disposées côte à côte, allant du registre grave au registre aigu, chacun étant munis de deux maillets, pouvant donc jouer ensemble jusqu’à 8 notes simultanées. %PDF-1.6 %���� The glue for attaching them is often bought from a shop rather than made from sticky rice water and I’ve been shown one method of attaching the plastic using heated chewing gum as ‘glue’. Un balafon est généralement capable de produire de 18 à 25 notes (et comporte donc autant de lames). Learn more about The Magic of Music and How it Affects Us. Traditionnellement ces membranes sont des toiles d’araignées ou des ailes de chauves-souris, aujourd’hui remplacées par du papier à cigarette ou une fine membrane en plastique. I’m a balafon player myself, although originally taught by a jeli. She has kindly offered to write a series of posts for us on West African musical instruments starting with the balafon." These days balafon makers sometimes resort to electronic tuning devices instead of tuning simply by ear and the holes in the gourds are covered with plastic (generally cut from the thin black plastic bags to be found all over West Africa) as opposed to the traditional spider web covering once used. Cookies de tiersLes cookies liés aux réseaux sociaux vous permettent de vous connecter à vos réseaux sociaux et de partager des contenus depuis notre site Internet. More recently, handicraft workers have begun producing unique designs and pictures made from butterfly wings glued to paper and some ebony and other tropical hardwood… Traditionnellement, l’accord serait plus proche d’un accord équiheptatonique (7 notes), très différent du système musical occidental. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. "I can remember when I first heard someone playing the balafon in The Gambia, many years ago - I was transfixed; the skill and speed of the playing was outstanding. His own identity eclipsed by his importance as the player of the balafon. the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office including information on safety and security, local laws, currency and health. Le balafon, également appelé bala ou balani, est un instrument de percussion idiophone mélodique originaire du Mali. Le balafon [Livre] : traité de musique d’un balânfôla / Konomba Traoré, « En de longues prises de vue respectueuses de la musique et des paroles des musiciens, les quatre documentaires de ce coffret introduisent le spectateur-auditeur à une pratique musicale fascinante…, « A Ouagadougou, Konomba, maître balafoniste, initie son fils à la fabrication et à la sacralisation d’un balafon. A couple of holes are then cut in each gourd to increase the buzz (or merlion effect if you want to be technical). 02 [Disque compact]. Le balafon est une sorte de xylophone originaire d'Afrique occidentale. It is made from wooden planks that are loosely bound by a string and placed : 4 films / réal. - 4 min - Please visit Travel Aware for the latest travel advice from In the West, instruments like this are called xylophones. 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There are numerous versions of xylophones in existence, but only one is the most popular in Africa. 0 The Gambia Experience, Atlantic House, 3600 Parkway, Solent Business Park, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7AN, Company Registration No. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Stroll alongside the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and you will surely hear this amazing instrument making beautiful music in the hands of South African artists. 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Civodul. The calabash tied beneath creates a resonating sound once the artists hit the key. 30 Boulevard Vivier-Merle Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon de Julie Courel, Kora, percussion et balafon du sénégal [Microsillon]. Stroll alongside the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, and you will surely hear this amazing instrument making beautiful music in the hands of South African … 3 1994, Percussions de Guinée, Vol. He plays both the balafon and the kora and his music is a good example of the modern influences on West African music. The balafon is made from a bamboo frame with wooden keys, originally rosewood although as wood gets scarcer other hardwoods are sometimes substituted. Beating at the heart of tropical music is the ever-popular xylophone, the typically wooden piano that makes sounds familiar with beach days and tropical flower shirts. I hope I’ve not told any ‘secrets’ and that I can continue to play and teach the balafon with the respect it deserves. Similar instruments are played in parts of Central Africa, with the ancient Kingdom of Kongodenoting the instrum… The balafon is associated with the Griot, an hereditary musicianship tradition of West Africa and in The Gambia this tends to be mostly found in Brikama (where there are also a lot of griot or ‘jeli’ families who play the kora or African harp). Believed to have been developed independently of the Southern African and South American instrument now called the marimba, oral histories of the balafon date it to at least the rise of the Mali Empire in the 12th century CE. Jazz, soul and blues festival comes to The Gambia this April, Smiles from The Gambia on International Happiness Day, A life changing family holiday in The Gambia, A Gambia and Senegal update from our Destination Expert, Charity auction brings solar lighting to Gambian villages. I’ve had the privilege of learning to play and mend this extraordinary instrument for over 8 years now and too many musicians, both in The Gambia and Guinea, have been generous with their time and knowledge to name them all. Ils participent au fonctionnement du panier d'achat et au processus d'achat et vous aident en cas de problème de sécurité et pour vous conformer aux réglementations.
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