When Shinra calls him out on knowing that a living person with an Adolla Burst is being used to power Amaterasu, he replies that since the Amaterasu powers the entire Empire, shutting it down would cause widespread unrest. During Nataku's rampage, Inca  sees a thread of fire going through Ritsu and moves her lightly to save her from death. It comes with. As the Infernal fires the ray, Charon steps in and exclaims his position as Guardian, and his aim to protect all Pillars, even Shinra; and so uses his Second Generation powers to withstand the beam and store the energy. When Charon goes to stop him, Inca sees what is about to happen so she engulfs Panda in flames instead, then departs with the White Clad. Following discussion with the other companies, Obi announces that Shinra, Arthur, Tamaki and Victor will be part of a joint operation with Takeru Noto and Ogun Montgomery from other companies under the command of Purt Co Pan. Fire Force Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Meanwhile, Kurono fears that Nataku is becoming too strong and creates a huge katana from black smoke which he uses to cut the Infernal to pieces and extracts Nataku. He's so terrible that the heartless research lab hire somebody give the children some type of happiness, Early Installment Character Design Difference, the monks and other members from the Holy Sol's Shadow, appearing to Shinra in the form of someone he trusts, To Shinra. Still confused, she manages to dodge Charon's various attempts to grab her and continues her barrage of explosions against him. It appears she is actually the only one being used as a Keystone at this point as she is powering Tokyo. Following the fight between Arthur and Shinra, who was being mind-controlled by the mysterious First Pillar, Company 8 learns that someone else will awaken an Adolla Burst and if they want to put a stop to the Evangelists plans, must recruit them before they do. He releases Shira from the training room and together they search for Nataku while Company 8 race to their rescue in their ", Puppeteer directs Dominion to attack Haumea while Maki turns her attention to Haumea's protector Arrow, and almost defeats her. Knowing there is little time to waste, Obi, Company 8's captain, attempts to recruit additional help by speaking with the chief of the Fire Defense Agency. They both changed their beliefs in response to the experience in "hell" and work against the Evangelist. Since the discovery of his Adolla Burst and Adolla Link, Shinra has been targeted by many followers of the Evangelist who attempt to recruit him either by conversation or force. If he does hate someone then he'll try to mask it before and after brutalizing them. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Leaving with Charon. The second season of the Fire Force anime television series is animated by David Production. But while the Woman in Black cares for others and entered her tomb willingly, the First Pillar hates the world and was (seemingly) forced into Amaterasu. At Company 8, Lisa arrives on her release from hospital and they all learn about the outcomes of Shinmon and Joker's investigation. A confused Inca is left speechless and Sancho tries to pull Charon away, but Inca sees a line going through Sancho's chest. Inca manages to break into a man's house as soon as a fire suddenly breaks out in his home. he effortlessly crushes an out-of-control Nataku who had managed to hold back the entire cast. Once the church had these people killed to cut him off from humanity. Both of them also contact Shinra, but while the Woman in Black simply asks for help, the First Pillar tries to force him into causing death and destruction. [5] The second opening theme is "Torch of Liberty", performed by Kana-Boon, while the second ending theme is "Desire", performed by Pelican Fanclub.[6][7]. Inca is a young woman with short pink hair and pink eyes and a thin yet voluptuous build . Sadly, he's totally insane after decades of pain and leads a cult of likeminded Infernals trying to kill themselves. As shown by Scop and Yata, a talking mole and crow, respectively, with fire powers. being shocked when he is able to dodge her ability. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Haumea is incensed and almost electrocutes Arrow, demanding better support. He literally risks this as his power also includes radiation. Meanwhile, Kurono becomes bored fighting Arthur and Shinra as they are strong opponents and he uses his Black Smoke to kill the hapless White Clad holding Nataku. The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item. Joker ends putting an end to his life by cutting him into little pieces taking advantage of his confusion after cutting the right arm of the Captain. The Fire Force team report their discoveries to Captain Obi. Two years ago, during the Great Fire, she wore a light t-shirt with the words "乱DMC" in the middle, and dark shorts. Both Shinra and Inca experience brief Adolla Links to the First Pillar, causing the Special Fire Force to spring into action. Back in the present, Joker takes on the Shadow commander who draws his retractable zig-zag whip-sword, leaving Shinmon to fight the other Shadows. Later, Company 8 are frustrated when Obi reports that Fire Force headquarters have recommended that they take no action for three years while the church assesses the information. Shinra goes after Inca who has been captured by the White Clad, but she refuses to join either group. 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She is known to get to fire scenes before fire fighters. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Inca Kasugatani Madeleine Morris is the English dub voice of Inca Kasugatani in Fire Force, and Miyuri Shimabukuro is the Japanese voice. At 8am, the Company 2 Fire Force units enter the Nether simultaneously; Shinra with the Hebio Squad, Arthur with the Heckler Squad, Hinawa with the Engo Squad which is joined by Takigi Oze from CID, Tamaki with the Kagenashi Squad, and Victor with the Ohana Squad. He sees back to the time when Tempe survived Great Cataclysm but found himself alone. Cover art for the first Blu-ray compilation. [2][3], The first opening theme, "SPARK-AGAIN", is performed by Aimer,[4] while the first ending theme, "ID", is performed by Cider Girl. Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. International shipping paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. 30 day returns. After receiving the item, contact seller within. He meets company president, Victor reveals to Company 8 that he is a Haijima spy, but they already know this. The difference is that the First Pillar was seemingly forced into her position against her will and is furious about it, while the Woman in Black actively sacrificed herself for others and is content with her role. The administrative, political and military center of the empire was located in the city of Cusco.The Inca civilization arose from the Peruvian highlands sometime in the early 13th century. He shows some to Burns after their experience with Adolla disproves the Church's teachings, simply saying that the path Burns is walking seems too painful to bare. Their objective is to investigate the Great Cataclysm of 250 years ago hoping to obtain insights into the Adolla Bursts and the Evangelist's motives in collecting the eight Pillars. They explain the connections between Amaterasu and the Adolla Burst, which draws into question the teachings of the Holy Sol Temple and implies a connection with the Evangelist. During the Great Fire in Tokyo in Year 196, Inca witnessed firsthand the destruction of the flames. Inca Kasugatani (因果 春日谷, Inka Kasugatani) is the Fifth Pillar and a member of the White-Clad. Fire Force continues its explosive second season as Shinra Kusakabe and the rest of Company 8 join the search for the Fifth Pillar. Qualifying purchases could enjoy No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. Turns out they. Due to her rare ability to predict the pathway of flames via its scent, she identified herself as a Fourth Generation, but after awakening her Adolla Burst, in doing so activated her pyrokinetic abilities and became a Third Generation. This time with even more ruined childhoods. As Shinmon pressures Joker to explain how he knows so much about the operations of the Holy Sol, they are soon are surrounded by masked Holy Sol Shadows, the Temple's secret assassination team. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/FireForce. Inca Kasugatani (因果 春日谷) Inca Kasugatani is a citizen of Tokyo, whose famously reputed as a fire thief across the country for her acts of saving people from fires in exchange for their valuables. Given what Joker's life until that point was, that really says something. Anti-Hero: Both of them count, alongside Inca.They save people from house fires danger for the thrill and the money. Joker will endanger people and be a criminal while seeking his objectives. If you'd like to get the additional items you've selected to qualify for this offer. As a massive fan of anime, comics, manga, and soccer, if he isn't gobbling up that content, he is probably wishing he was or is getting a snack. I'm 'The Joker.'. As the White Clad take Inca away, Shinra again engages Charon, but his attacks appear to have little effect. and probably are the most worrying eyes in the entire series. On a rooftop, Arthur attacks Haumea who has been coordinating the attack on the town. A young demon wearing a Western-style kimono with hair that looks ... Power Profile Summary the stone pillars start to emerge from the sea. It's not clear how often Burns and Joker have remained in contact over the years, but they are willing to work together even if they don't like it. "I'm 'The Dreamer of the Dawn.' While Charon attempts to explain to Inca why the Evangelist is looking for her, she awakens her fire-ignition ability. The shy Juggernaut overcomes his fears and attacks Orochi to save Tamaki, but the Purple Haze knight uses her Medusa Whip for both defence and attack. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shinra attempts a final plea with the Fifth Pillar to escape with him and join the Special Fire Force, but Inca ignores him and instead … After years of abuse and suffering, he managed to escape and survive thanks to the kindness of strangers. Inca tells him he will fall in love with her and blushes with his denial. The kanji in her name (因果, Inca), can mean 'cause and effect' or 'fate', which links to her lifestyle, in that she chose to side with the White-Clad because she felt it was her fate. They are suddenly are interrupted by a series of explosions, and when Shinra goes to investigate, he is attacked by a giant sentient Infernal which shoots balls of fire from its mouth. A flashback shows the how the promising young "orphan of god", Five-Two, is physically beaten into submission, but he but never surrendered to their collective philosophy. She once again expresses her disinterest in not joining either parties or a boring life. However, Shinra witnessed the presence of a mother, younger brother, and a third party other than herself, and suspected that the person was the culprit. Best exemplified when Haijima orders him to stop and take back the out of control Nataku, making Kurono center in what's supposed to be his main job and cease his attack on Company 8. gets to keep doing what he does. TV Show: Fire Force Shortly after, she started making her way away from the flames so not to get hurt, but on the way, discovered that she had awoken the ability to sense the path flames will take before they occur through the form of scent, which led her to easily avoid the flames and escape the disaster. Whichever side can convince her will have a scary advantage. Inca tells Panda to run and then leads Charon away from her friend and into the city. He just wanted to be strong enough to learn what was wrong with the world, not to have friends or to be special. It is known that Inca used to get annoyed with her father very often, the same way Charon gets on Haumea's nerves, but he had passed away before she got over it.[2]. He uses it in an attack on Tempe and finds that his body travels at light speed causing time to run backwards. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. She watches the battle unfold and sees the giant shadow of Shinra's Hellfire before it finally actives and blasts Charon out of the way. Inca Kasugatani: Fifth Pillar (五柱目, Gohashira-me) It works because Kurono is just so monstrously strong that he can pull it off. She understands that she'll run into more danger with the White Clads, much to Shinra's disapproval. Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. They follow fresh tracks and reach an equipment room which appears to be a White Clad lab containing jars of live Infernal bugs. A researcher working for Haijima in developing the skills of children. If Company 8 were able to recruit Inca, then their mission to stomp out the Infernals, spontaneous human combustion and the Evangelist would be greatly benefited by her addition. Agitated with the situation, she sees a cluster of multiple threads and doesn't hesitate to start waves of explosions to cover her escape from both the Fire Soldier and White Clad. First quarter second. After giving her his savings, she and the guys get him out of the house uninjured. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on, This item has an extended handling time and a delivery estimate. Before they knew it, Charon as killed him. He appears in silhouette alongside the other Pillers long before his power is revealed. Nataku recalls his mother's oppressive expectations for him to excel, and the similar pressure he felt pressure from Kurono in the Haijima research facility. Doma Profile Summary With a heavily beating heart and finding it hard to breathe from the anxiety, Inca is told that she will become used to death working for the waiting Evangelist. Unfortunately, it hasn't made him less dangerous. He tells the boy to stay weak and able to be bullied, releasing Nataku from his mother's unreasonable expectations. A general in the Japan Empire's military and Maki's father. He begs her for help - to which Inca has no problem with, but only if he makes it worth her while by providing something of value. Nataku resents these feelings and increases the intensity of his radiation, firing a mighty blast which threatens to destroy the entire region. KEEP READING: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind - How King Crimson's Time Control Works. In the fight with the firefighters who rushed, he wanted to put himself in the thrill rather than being helped and spending his boring daily life, and turned away from Shinra’s persuasion and joined the group of conductors. First generations become Infernals while second generations can control flames but can't ignite their own the way that third generations do. But they also stand by each other. … Incompetent.... Takehisa Hinawa's Profile Summary Both pupils have a nuclear hazard symbol, reflecting his radiation powers, He doesn't become an Infernal when he gets bitten by a flame bug, merely falling unconscious. Panda manages to find them and tries to avenge his brother's death and protect Inca from this people. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Joining the Fire Force would lead to her having to pay for her crimes, but would be a life of security. though she does possesses a connection to Iris. The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. destroy the titanic Infernals that emerge from the pillars. Iris takes him to the National Holy Sol Cemetery where clergy are buried and she reveals her doubts about the value of the church if it really was created by the Evangelist. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. Having an Adolla Burst is something else entirely. The following day, Tagaki and his partner investigate together, descending into one of the dark underground tunnels. The self-proclaimed apprentice of Vulcan. He suspects that Charon is one of those and tries using the Corona technique again, but the knowledge is of little use against the experienced Charon. Add to cart to save with this special offer. They both have knowledge about the Kusakabe house fire and. Inca states that she doesn't care about others' lives and that she actually does care about her own; thinking of life as precious and only worth living through the fear of losing it. Considering how rotten he was and how much mental and physical damage he did to Joker, his gruesome death was sure earned. Two brothers who are part of Inka's trio of Fire Thieves, saving people from house fires in exchange for their valuables. Inca is greedy, narcissistic, selfish and a thrill-seeker. She concludes that this means she is fated to join the White Clads. She reveals that someone has raided their vegetable garden while the rest of the group prepare to travel to the location of a spatial rift. She has expressed extreme distaste to abiding by rules and doing what others tell her to do, wanting to make decisions for herself. According to her Character Profile in Volume 18: Inca's favourite type of music are those which are appropriately popular. She thinks introspectively about her possible fates. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fire_Force_(season_2)&oldid=988799911, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Obi discuss the implications of the appearance of another Pillar with the Fire Defence Agency Chief. Height 154 cm. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. Before joining, she was famously reputed across the Tokyo for being a Fire Thief, saving people from fires in exchange for their goods. Denji's buddy. "Fire Force Anime Gets 2nd Season, Stage Play in Summer 2020", "Fire Force Season 2 release date set for July 2020: Enen no Shouboutai Season 2 and the manga's ending by Atsushi Ohkubo", "Fire Force Anime Season 2 Premieres on July 3", "Fire Force Anime's 2nd Season Unveils Video, New Cast & Staff, Opening Song, July Debut (Updated)", "Cider Girl Perform Fire Force Anime's 2nd Season Ending Song", "Fire Force Anime Season 2 Previews Haijima Arc, Kana-Boon Song in Video", "Bust out your planners – Toonami's got some announcements to make! Shinra might have lived his whole life within her domain and formed a contention to her. Shinra and Inca are then sent into the past. Joker is finally left with only his. He berates Kurono and calls him an idiot until he gives in and does as he's told. A three-way tag team battle develops a effort to capture the boy, almost like a. Shinra attacks the giant Infernal containing Nataku and uses the Adolla link to trigger the young boy's memories. Back inside the Tabernacle Amaterasu, Victor tests Arthur's hypothesis that the code is based on ". Iris blesses him, but another sister questions why God allowed such a devout man to become an Infernal. In a flash, Charon appears behind Inca, which startles her and her friends. Meanwhile, Yona reveals to other Knights of the Ashen Flame that he impersonated Raffles I and created the Holy Sol Temple on orders of the Evangelist. Inca uses her skill to arrive at the location of impending fires where she will offer to help victims but only if they hand over their valuables. A third generation capable person who predicts ignition and explosion from the flow of heat energy and can see the future vision from the transition. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. As they drive inland in a covered, Shinra believes the internal voice came from the Tabernacle. He was the man who shaped Joker (then Five-Two) into the individual he is today. Will ship within 10 business days of receiving cleared payment. Suddenly, a person who ignites from his body instantly burns his whole body into flames, losing himself and burning his surroundings until his life is exhausted. RELATED: My Hero Academia: Everything We Know About the U.A. She desperately values her own freedom more than anything else and hates people trying to make choices for her, and has gone so far as killing friends should they attempt to stop her from exercising it. Selfish at times, Inca originally was willing to risk her life to save her friends. Vulcan interrupts and announces that he can design a unit which does not require a human power source. Shinra agrees to accompany Victor to Haijima, while Company 8 prepares to back him up. She watches as the two start fighting each other, much in Charon's favour. He's both a Demon-Class Infernal and totally sentient. However, the chief denies Obi's request, reminding him that this mission is the reason the 8th Company was created and why they must continue their investigation alone. Once a member of the Eight Pillars falls into the Evangelist'shands, one of her followers is chosen to be their Guardian. Black Clover: The Black Bulls Prepare for Calamity in Vol. Running toward it with a smile on her face, she sees multiple huge rays of light shining from the ground, getting excited about the fact that many fires are about to occur all over Tokyo. However, Nataku's radiation rays are still active and he becomes a danger to all sides as a result of Haumea's actions. It describes the discovery of the Adolla Burst and creation of the Amaterasu. While everyone else fails to talk Nataku down, he manages to calm him down by, An emotional variety. You know it's bad when the. A young boy, Shinra, who has longed for a hero since he was a child, lost his mother and newborn brother 12 years ago due to a sudden fire. Inca and Shinra preparing to travel to the past. Joker putting an hallucinogen substance in his cigar to corner and confuse him takes him completely by surprise. This strong belief and her selfishness have appeared to absolve her of any sense of responsibility for her choices and actions, which only furthers her danger seeking obsession. Suddenly, Inca detects that several fires are about to erupt all over the city at once, which prompts her to don a mischievous smile. It's revealed that his parents placed a lot of expectations on him to succeed and become a doctor like his father, and reacted extremely negatively any time he got less than a perfect grade, such as one time when he got an 87 on his test instead of his usual 100, and they treated it as if he failed completely. While Company 8 break into Haijima Industries Skills Development Laboratory to secure Nataku, Inca arrives order to take in the Sixth Pillar having foresaw his awakening. Ōbi's old boss, head of the normal fire department and the man who helped form Company 8. She meets Haumea for the first time, noting her electrical aura that could hurt her with a touch. A firefighter turned Serial Killer, Setsuo was about to get away scot-free on the insanity plea before he is struck down by Spontaneous Human Combustion and transformed into an Infernal. Subject to credit approval. 16 years old. 's Fight Scenes Are Some of Shonen's Most Creative, The Irregular at Magic High School: Tatsuya Is Everyone's Valentine's Day Target, Why Sword Art Online Fans Are Worried About the Progressive Film, Fullmetal Alchemist: How Sloth Could Beat Edward Elric in a Fight. both trapped inside generators to burn forever to ensure the survival of the surrounding area. - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. She will recklessly place herself into possibly fatal disasters to feel a rush of excitement and loves when chaos emerges out of peace, embracing rather than fearing it. As they watch the fray from atop, Ritsu asks what they should do. He was previously known as 52 in an attempt to rob him of his self-respect and individuality. Now, Inca values life above all else and claims living is more important than anything else.It is her own life she values most and is generally indi… Inca Kasugathani│Fire force wiki . Company 8 has a meeting with President Gureo Haijima who casually admits that he knows Amaterasu is powered by a human which is why Haijima are seeking a person possessing the Adilla Burst to create another version. After asking why Charon needs her, Inca's Third Generation powers awaken and she follows a thread with her fingers, from the 'Start' to the 'Goal' and creates an explosion. Sancho places his hand on Charon's shoulder to ask what he wants but is gruesomely killed by the White-Clad member. At Company 8, Maki, Iris and Tamaki take Shinra shopping for clothes for Lieutenant Hinawa because of his poor dress sense. She has a borderline fetishistic obsession with danger and an apparent invincibility complex due to being able to see and dodge any attack from fire or heat before it happens. Suddenly a priest bursts into flame and Shira puts him to rest. I'm 'The Smoker.' Something went wrong. This is actually a terrible thing because Nataku's refusal to slow down actually puts the entire empire in danger. However, Joker has been emitting a hallucinogenic smoke from his cigarettes which confuses the commander long enough for Joker to cut him to pieces. Joker asks the proto-nationalist Benimaru Shinmon if he will go against the Holy Sol Temple to discover the truth about what they are hiding and Shinmon surprisingly agrees. They enter the church and Joker exposes a hidden trapdoor to the levels below with access to the forbidden Nether. So far, only four characters are known to have awoken this ability – Shinra, Sho, Haumea and the First Pillar. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. In Fire Force, there are various generations of pyrokinetics with different degrees of control over fire. However, Maki is ordered to return to the military by her father for her safety and she reluctantly complies. Shinra chooses to seek the truth as a hero and protect people as a hero. With a burst of energy, she sprints to a park where she meets with Panda and Sancho. She wears white sandal-like shoes that covers the majority of her feet, except her toes and heels, and she has golden circlets around her biceps and neck, as well as a black and gold crown-like object on her head. Claiming to only feel alive when in danger and cheating death, Inca is an adrenaline junkie that despises the idea of a world without the sensation of danger or death defying circumstances. Once Nataku releases a blast capable of levelling the entire Tokyo Empire, Charon eventually manages to redirect the beam upwards. Two years ago, Inca acquired the ability to detect the pathway that heat[4] will take via her sense of smell, leading to categorizing herself as a Fourth Generation. Joker acts like a relaxed and unpredictable criminal. The empire's religion centered on the Sun God Inti and practiced human sacrifice, both key elements of the White Clad and the role of the Eight Pillars with the Fire Force universe. It was a distraction so they wouldn't realize his actual plan to viciously murder them. The English translation of her name is identical to the famous Inca Empire. Shinra finally manages to focus his attack and succeeds in downing Charon but not defeating him. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Inca excitedly imagines herself brutalised. Height 180 cm. believes in truth and justice and wants to reveal whatever dark secrets, even through he was raised to be an assassin. The Guardians (守リ人 Mori Bito) are people from a variety of organizations who areassigned to protect and support their respective member of thePillars. RELATED: How Fire Force Reignites the Race For the Adolla Burst. It became possible to ignite by tracing an arbitrary line while fighting with a conductor. She then retreats with the White-Clad. Companies 2 and 5 then arrive and assist Company 8 to dispatch the remaining Infernals and evacuate the citizens. Joker and Burns know each other and are willing to work together. Eventually, Shinra decides to try a new technique taught to him by Obi, called the "Corna". Because of their prior experience, one Company 8 member is assigned to accompany each if the Company 2 units to carry out the investigation. A third year student at Kyoto School of Magic. The Guardian is chosen based on the strengths and weaknesses of their mutual Pillar. Similarly to when she is detecting flames, the ability manifests as a line with "start" and "goal" labeling each end. Maki has a rare dinner at the Oze family home with her mother, Madoka, her father, General Danro and brother Tagaki. There are 1 items available. Also, Tron Legacy is underrated. The head of the Church and the Emperor of Tokyo. Having completed their mission, the Fire Force team head back to the Tokyo Empire and report to Captain Obi. A tied up Inca watches as Shinra is beaten down by Charon.
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