On May 18, 1920, a third child and second son was born to a retired Polish army officer, Captain Karol Wojtyła, and his wife, Emilia, in Wadowice, a provincial town some fifty kilometers west of Kraków. Angela Merkel’s triumph in brokering an EU Covid-19 recovery package could mark the resurgence of a shared political dream Ler Mais, Maria João Avillez (Membro do Conselho Editorial, Nova Cidadania), in Observador, 25 Jul. Latin America suffers the biggest economic downturn in 120 years. Ler mais Ler mais EU to sanction Russians over Navalny poisoning. Henrique Burnay (Professor convidado IEP-UCP; Presidente, IEP Alumni Club), in Diário de Notícias, 27 Jul. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 10. O desafio do candidato apoiado pela Iniciativa Liberal será conseguir apresentar-se como uma alternativa sóbria e credível num contexto previsivelmente dominado por populistas de esquerda e de direita Hoover senior fellows John Cochrane, Niall Ferguson, and Hoover visiting fellow Bjorn Lomborg—this week’s guest “GoodFellow” and the author of a new book on the climate-change debate—discuss where the “environmental justice” movement is taking America and the world’s nations. Unter den Absolventen finden sich einige bekannte französische Journalisten und Politiker, darunter die ehemaligen Minister Jacques Godfrain und Henri Cuq. Ler Mais Ler mais Kim Jong Un became, Kyrgyz president strengthens hold on power as new PM named. André Azevedo Alves (Professor IEP-UCP; Coordenador Científico CIEP; Membro do Conselho de Direcção, IEP-UCP), cited in Expresso, 28 Jul. LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: THE RISE OF EXTREME POVERTY, NOBEL AWARDED TO WFP, EU OPENS TO THE BALKANS and RISING PLASTIC IN THE OCEAN, Protesters hold up their placards in front of the Lagos State House. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia are set to benefit from the investment between 2021 to 2027. Data4WASH, A Platform to Improve Access To Clean Water. Read more, Política, Ciência e Consciência, by Pedro Ferro (Guest-Professor, IEP-UCP)  Uma conversa sobre Salazar, Soares, Cunhal e sobre o actual momento que vivemos. Fui Soldado e Morri, by Paulo de Almeida Sande (Guest-Professor, IEP-UCP) Ler mais Using built-in cameras and sensors, the robot operated on a sidewalk. Introducing another week of Future Trends on Oct. 14, 2020 – tracking current global news stories that provide insight into the future. Read more 2020. José Manuel Fernandes (Professor Convidado, IEP-UCP; Membro do Conselho Editorial, Nova Cidadania) e António Barreto (Professor Convidado Seminário Adérito Sedas Nunes 2018), in Observador, 29 Jul. 2020, Biden’s election will end national nightmare 2.0 read more, João Miguel Tavares (Professor Convidado, IEP-UCP), in Público, 25 Jul. 2020, Boris's next crusade is to dethrone rule by unelected officialdom Ler mais Half of the Karabakh population displaced as mediators set for Geneva talks. Photo Credit: TobiJamesCandids. The text is structured according to the five phases of the IEP process, as shown in Figure 2, on page 10. A Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, depois de ter cortado todos os laços com o negócio dos combustíveis fósseis, transformou-se na instituição mundial (não apenas no âmbito das organizações filantrópicas) a instituir o maior prémio monetário de âmbito internacional para distinguir personalidades ou instituições que se distingam à escala global na luta contra o maior problema que a nossa espécie enfrenta: as alterações climáticas. Não gosta do tom de nova “Guerra Fria” de Washington. At his baptism on June 20, the child was named for his father. Helena Matos (Membro do Conselho Estratégico, IEP-UCP), in Observador, 26 Jul. Francisco Sá Carneiro faria este mês 86 anos. André Azevedo Alves (Professor IEP-UCP; Coordenador Científico CIEP; Membro do Conselho de Direcção, IEP-UCP), in Observador, 27 Jul. 2020, PSD ou CDS, para quem o Chega representa maior ameaça? George F. Will (Guest-Speaker, IEP Estoril Political Forum 2020), in The Washington Post, 29 Jul. Adolfo Mesquita Nunes (Participant, IEP Estoril Political Forum 2015), in Jornal de Negócios, 27 Jul. A oferta de 65 milhões de euros do rei emérito Juan Carlos a uma ex-amante é o mais recente escândalo a abalar a monarquia espanhola. ECOWAS and AU lift post-coup sanctions on Mali. Luís Campos Ferreira, ex-secretário de Estado de Passos Coelho, culpa Rui Rio pela dispersão do eleitorado da direita. Quantos portugueses se lembrarão hoje dele? 2020, Mayan: nem  Marcelo nem Ventura The EU wants to help six countries with ambitions of joining the bloc. Read more Timothy Garton Ash (Guest-Speaker, IEP Tocqueville Lecture 2016; IEP Dahrendorf Lecture 2016; Estoril Political Forum 2017), in The Guardian, 30 Jul. 2020, Jesus College’s China problem William A. Galston (Guest-Speaker, IEP Estoril Political Forum 1996, 1999-2001, 2018), in The Wall Street Journal, 28 Jul. Luís Marques Mendes afirmou no domingo à noite que o Chega está a crescer com a ajuda dos descontentes do PSD e CDS. This happened after days of widespread protests. How Will The Pandemic Impact Positive Peace? O plano de António Costa e Silva, ventiladores e hidrogénio. Introducing another week of Future Trends on Oct. 14, 2020 – tracking current global news stories that provide insight into the future. Exports of Turkish military drones are increasing, rivalling China’s own drone sector while altering the military balance of power in the Caucasus, the Middle East, and North Africa. Ler mais The jail’s director said malnutrition contributed to his demise because he did not have visitors to bring in meals to feed him. 2020, A segunda guerra fria 2020, Estado da Noção Design for Change Founder - Kiran Bir Sethi, Justin's 'Suds 4 Society' with Design For Change. Rio vê-se a si próprio como um homem numa missão; alguém que tem “a obrigação moral”, por “não pertencer à mobília”, de “credibilizar o Parlamento”. O Novo Banco e a notável arte de legalizar o roubo It does this by developing global and national indices, calculating the economic cost of violence, analysing country level risk and understanding positive peace. Turkey’s lira hits an all-time low – again. Em vez de manifestações ideológicas, quem quiser combater discriminações racistas tem por onde começar: recolha de dados para realçar padrões de discriminação e discutir soluções ajustadas à realidade, Carlos Guimarães Pinto (Professor Convidado, IEP-UCP), in ECO, 30 Jul. Francisco Jaime Quesado (Alumnus, IEP-UCP), in Dinheiro Vivo, 27 Jul. Founded by IT entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea in 2007, the Institute for Economics and Peace is impacting traditional thinking on matters of security, defence, terrorism and development. 2020, A “Europa” não existe, mas aprofunda-se Ouvir mais Both organizations have decided to lift the suspension they had imposed against Mali. Read More Uma das apostas defendidas por António Costa Silva na sua Proposta Estratégica prende-se com a Reindustrialização. Neben dem IEP Paris und seiner Außenstellen ist es heute eines von acht Institut d'études politiques de Province, die örtlichen Universitäten angeschlossen sind. Read more 2020, Rui Rio e o caminho para um centrismo autoritário The idea that the courts should act semi-politically is a recent one, and it’s time to start rolling it back COVID-19 effects are expected to push up to 115 million people into extreme poverty. João Pereira Coutinho (Professor, IEP-UCP), in Folha de São Paulo, 27 Jul. 2020, O Novo Banco é uma história velha? Ler mais Alunos com notas elevadas não devem ser punidos desta forma. European Union foreign ministers backed a Franco-German plan to impose sanctions on Russians suspected of poisoning Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny with a nerve agent. But not all is bad news. 2020, O Super-Homem Primeiro Ministro To what would have been the stunned surprise of those present that day, the child grew up to be the emblematic figure of the second half of the twentieth century—as Henry Kissinger put it a few minutes after the death of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005. That so many NHS staff are overweight will only make it harder to convince the public to take weight loss advice 2020, Querem combater o racismo? Projections show that people living below the international poverty line ($1,90 a day) after the pandemic, are more likely to be urban, better educated, and less likely to work in agriculture than those living in extreme poverty before COVID-19. China’s central bank is set to cut FX risk reserve ratio to zero. Standards. 2020, Xi Jinping deveria estar com insónias? 2020, Já que se fala de protecionismo Ler mais 2020, Chilling Out On Climate With Bjorn Lomborg Viriato Soromenho Marques (Professor Convidado, IEP-UCP), in Jornal de Letras, 29 Jul. E todos votaram a favor. Teresa de Sousa (Membro do Conselho Estratégico, IEP-UCP), in Público, 26 Jul. The country’s government bonds are priced at 6.4%, compared with 4.25% for similar-maturity notes issued in February. Japan Post delivery robot debuts in Tokyo. Read more Science will be central to the future of Europe. This week: extreme poverty’s changing face, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict displaces thousands, EU invests in Balkans, and Japanese delivery robots. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. This revised resource guide is based on information gathered between 2001 Autora cartografa a mudança tectônica na linguagem ideológica do século 21 em seu livro Salazar e salazaristas em cada esquina. 2020. A direita que se tornou oposição de si mesma reduzida à contabilidade dos votos que o Chega pode conseguir. A Lone Star e António Ramalho deveriam ter prestado todas as informações sobre as operações de venda de ativos sem que ninguém as pedisse. E Marcelo a dizer coisas. 2020, Uma embaixadora das gerações futuras The total death toll has risen to 525. Le site officiel de Sciences Po Province a dévoilé les dates clés de l'inscription a ses formations pour l'année 2019. people living below the international poverty line, destroyed about 90% of the region’s crops, mankind has produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, Europe’s Course for Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19, accused of a slew of human rights violations, redeployed as investigations into alleged abuses, This All-Women Cooperative is Feeding Hundreds During the Pandemic, Hungary and Poland Block Europe’s Covid Recovery Fund, COVID-19: Why More Than Vaccines Are Needed – One Health Approach. 2020, The woke war on religion Niall Ferguson (Guest-Speaker, IEP Estoril Political Forum 2013), (Good Fellows) in Hoover Institution, 28 Jul. Mai 1948[3] nach dem Modell des IEP Paris als Institut d'études politiques de l'université de Toulouse gegründet und 1969 in Institut d'études politiques de Toulouse umbenannt. Up to 16 million tons of microplastic are stored at the bottom of the oceans. Malnutrition stalks Congo’s overcrowded prisons. Concours iep province 2020 Dates concours Sciences Po Province 2019 Cap'SciencesP . O golpe de génio da alta finança predatória está em transformar aquilo que antes se chamava “roubo” num conjunto de operações financeiras extremamente opacas e complexas, pejadas de conflitos de interesse e… perfeitamente legais.
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