I think both of us agree a human can easily stomp one and make that beetle a grease spot. No offense, I understand your opinion completely. Best guess would be the bear simply becuase it is 2 or 3 times heavier than a typical lion, although the latter would be faster I doubt it would be much of an advantage. A lion is not respected for its strength but for its courage and boldness. Food will be harder to be found by everyone and could lead to more widespread problems in general. Once again, this is one of the silliest debates on the internet. With its quick reflexes, the lion can deal a decisive blow by lunging at the bear’s neck or face. Lol. However, in a fight against a tiger the odds are less certain for the bear. Usually, people think they consume vegetables in their dietary consumption but on the contrary grizzly bears are omnivores. Who is most likely to emerge victorious if there was a hypothetical fight between a Grizzly bear and an African lion? African lions are better hunters than the grizzly bear. you obviously have no idea about research, Lets talk about this fight first. you give the lion a 5 and the grizzly a 4. An African lion’s front paws can measure over 3 inches in length while their rear paws are about 2 inches long. On the other hand, the bear has the advantage of body and build. They have an equally large appetite. Grizzly bears are responsible for killing an average of 3 people every year in North America and Canada. Sign up to receive ourPredators Face-Off's via email: © Copyright 2014-2018 Animal vs Animal Comparison Blog. Really? Come at me m8, I’d rather see a silver back gorilla vs a grizzly bear, a male african lion would look at any bear as a meal whearas any bear would look at a lion as a threat i mean i would like to think that a grizzly could fight off a lion just like i would like to think a man could fight off a bear but in most cases we would lose without a weapon just like in most cases a bear would lose against a lion. since the sites you linked were just garbage, The grizzly bear would tear the lion apart and there’s proof dating back hundreds of years back to roman times furthermore there is actual video of a small young Russian brown bear killing a fully grown Siberian tiger which is much larger than the African lion for all doubters out there the bear wins the fight and the tiger submits and runs off but it doesn’t run very far because it dies meanwhile the bear took a swim in a lake nearby this isn’t opinion it’s a fact, So how do you know. They even eat fish, rodents, ground squirrels, cattle, sheep, deer and more. Whether we are antler hunting, mushroom grazing, backpacking, fly fishing, or hunting, bears as well as mountain lions are often the biggest predatory threat in Montana. As we can see, statistics are definitely in the lion’s favor. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Could your self-driving car choose to kill you? The location will have its say. A tiger usually don’t stand on it’s hind legs to fight another one they pounce and they try biting the neck of their opponents and usually from the back. Winner: Grizzly Bear . The Lions does not have forelimbs and backlimbs as heavyli muscled as tiger. A kodiak/polar bear would be a fairer match up. One more thing: In overall body strength a lion/tiger is indeed more powerful than a bear. YouTube Male lion fight videos you see they last only a couple minutes consisting of short bursts of activity followed by long periods of intimidation like roaring or posturing. Also, grizzly bears hardly cross 600 lbs. African lions are usually strong in general but not as compared to other cats in the family as tigers appear to be stronger. Why? Plus a study by some college in Montana did a study on the small in land grizzlys and they were throwing a 700 pound dumpster easily. However, if they were to meet, what will be the outcome? These animals are continents apart, so for them to fight against each other is a far off distant reality along with their living conditions which are also entirely different from each other. Many such recorded fights. An average adult male grizzly bear may weigh a massive 810 pounds. Whats not to like? Aka/Tony (It’s almost 2 times heavier than the heaviest male African Lions!) were hugely obese at that point – fat-as, for sure, Kamchatka bears are almost the same thing as grizzly bears. A lion has more weapons and greater agility. They can cause more damage to their opponent, even if lions have the upper hand in terms of speed and skill. The lion wins at average/equal weights and the bear wins at maximum weights. The only advantage a lion has in a battle with a tiger is its mane. Grizzly possess almost all the advantages, compared to its size grizzly has amazing agility. The grizzly bear also has nearly double the bite force (psi) of a lion, male or not. Like regular bears, they have small round ears, a large shoulder hump. I just watched a true story of 2 men in Canada called “I Survived.” This grizzly bear went up a tree 35 feet after a man and grabbed his foot to pull him down! I had heard the same thing until today. Well unlike many predators both use their claws and their teeth when fighting so that is kind of even. No feline has teeth that long to penetrate that protection. Very rarely does the Bear manage to kill a Male african lion. I know this and they take them down with the help of a pride in the Lions case. How will he kill the bear and eat it when the bear has already thrown the lion to the moon? If the Cat could jump on the Bears back he could pretty much rip him up right there. The way bears fight it would simply throw a lion like a rag doll. I thought the opposite that the Big Cats would win but nope. Think of this in human terms. I am a biologist and palaeontologist currently holding a lectureship at Queen Mary, University of London. Feline bones are easily broken. Facts? King of the jungle my ace. They are much more deadly when compared to bears. Let’s compare their strengths and weaknesses to find out. Your boss lion would be in a group to take on a lone deer because they aren’t fast enough, then they still have to hunt as a group for bigger prey because the size does matter, a water buffalo will kill your lion one on with any of its appendages or head. However, this only pissed the bear off more, who started squeezing the lion with all its might. Polar bears can drag beluga whales out of the water, and battles between polar bears are intense. Think of the way a single bear fights off a pack of wolves. The bear is protected by fur and fat, AND the bear has longer claws, which could most certainly do a lot of damage. The female grizzly is almost identical to the size of a male lion. It is a common knowledge the larger animal will win every time. An adult male grizzly bear can weigh around 340 kg with the shoulder height of 3 ft 6 inch to 4 ft 1 inch and the head & body length is ranging from 7 ft 1 inch to 7 ft 8 inch. What facts are you quoteing? So, tell me why a 450 Lb Lion doesn’t take on a 12,000 Lb Bull Elephant one on one? Male lions back down to larger male lions, so what reason would a male lion have to not back down to a behemoth, aggressive boar polar bear? Those ratings (“Force”) are purely based on those particular animals b/w whom the comparison is being done in that particular post. This is way faster than a grizzly bear’s speed, which may go up to 35 miles per hour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodiak_bear. In a fight the grizzly should take down the lion. A single paw swipe could kill or seriously injure the lion. The major strengths of these 3 badass carnivores/omnivores are:- Kodiak Grizzlies grow much bigger than their North American cousins. That’s a death sentence in nature. What if two of the most dangerous predators ever—the Grizzly bear and African lion—were to go head to head? A 150 pound man and a 200 pound man are essentially the same, other than weight. An ideal place for animal versus animal comparison. The lion has mastered life in the grasslands of Savannahs. But the bear can do it much longer. 0. The battle between the Grizzly Bear and the African Lion is pretty impressive. However, the fight could go either way. He used to spray ammonia on his tigers, and Beatty himself admitted that his arena was built in a way which would favor the lions in battle. This battle is like harry potter vs percy jackson… lion (harry potter) is gonna get literally annihilated. It’s beyond funny reading these comments about people being butt hurt as their favorite animal “The Lion” clearly loses the battle…. Both these animals appear to be dangerous and ferocious. Actually, bear are much faster than people give them credit for. Let’s compare the number of humans they kill every year. You might have taken a few guesses already. This fight would be like Jordan vs Harden. Grizzly and Black Bears Sometimes ONE single hair on my body is really long.. What does that? Lone warriors like the Tigers although slower. FYI jaguar is my favorite animal. also a lot of a bears body mass is muscle and dense bones not fat, AP so your saying a tiger or Lions paw swipe against a polar or grizzly bear is like a person punching a axe. Excellent swimmers. Like it could try to hop on the bears back but the bear could always fallback on top of the lion which could damage it. An adult male bear’s fangs may be about 3 inches in length. This obviously won't be a walkover for either combatant. It’s no wonder they live in fear of humans and other large animals, Polar bears and Kodiaks do cross paths during the summer. When it comes to hunting, lions are unmatched; but a grizzly (I believe) has the upper-hand here. I have proof that the tiger would win in my comments. Lion (Page 1) - Mammals - Ask a Biologist Q&A - I'm sorry to say that bears and lions have been pitted against one another on many, many occasions, always for human 'sport'. It’s an interesting debate nonetheless. Bear wins easily. You are taking the worlds largest lion against and average bear that’s an unfair match right there as the average male grizzly weights 600 pounds and the average lion at 420 still giving the grizzly a weight height and strength advantage. I’ve never seen a website with such uneducated people. The tiger has plenty of other advantages. It’s why we have weight classes in organized boxing and martial art matches. A Grizzly has 4 inches of hair plus another 6 inches of fat protecting their throat. the winner is the african lion. If we compare the two animals on the basis of weight, the Grizzly bear has the upper hand. A Lion or tiger would have stood zero chance against that giant. The bear's going to win unless the lion is larger. If a lion fought a tiger, it depends but the tiger wins most of the time. In the simulated battle, the tiger jumps on the back of the grizzly and attempts to kill him with a bite to the neck like they do regular prey. According to ancient roman Colosseum fights, circus mishaps and cage fights in Russia and America during the 1800s, its that large male lions who almost always win against Black bears, Grizzely/Brown and even polar bears. You can check history bear beat lion tiger and bull moose in under 3 minutes. The Russian government charges 50 grand for a permit to kill one. About the circus and zoo example, you cannot compare a wild lion’s temperament to a captive,… a lion’s day is basically fight fight fight, so wild ones are more honed for a face off against adversaries. They have way stronger bite force, have thicker skin, and have stronger paw swipes with intelligence and stamina on their side. The strongest animal on earth using that formula is the dung beetle They can carry over 1000 times their body weight. Aka/Tony It will slowly cripple it with strategically placed attacks and let the bear slowly bleed to death before going in for the kill. not trying to be a know-it-all Pay by Direct Debit and get 52% off an annual subscription*, Receive every issue delivered direct to your door with FREE UK delivery. Seldom even a female with Cubs. In a lion vs bear fight, who ever gets the first killer blow shall win. in Mammals. Stephen… just stop lying. I am not sure if the Tiger was female or male. Also, the bear is more of a heavy hitter, and combined with those massive claws, the lion wouldn’t have much of a chance. I am from the USA and would love to think a huge grizzly could beat a lion, but after seeing the endurance and strength of a big male lion I would have to say the lion. Actually, lions are pretty powerful animals. Well yeah if a killer blow hits either of them they would be killed. A Grizzly bear is way larger and heavier than an African lion. This is thicker than the length of the claws of a lion, which is 1 1/2 inches (on a large male). Iap, The fact of the matter is that cats arent built for fighting, cats are built for hunting, cats have lightweight bones, and powerful muscles, and to refute one of the above statements, no, siberian tigers do not have the strongest bite force of any carnivore, saltwater crocodiles hold that title. Male bears go at it for sever minutes at a time, and are able to sustain high levels of impact. You refuse to do research and I simply have to bash your head into the wall. Let’s weigh the odds and figure it out together. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7c7b23d60868ba8271a6b8dcfef2280" );document.getElementById("c5c3804a6a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kodiaks are bigger and better fighters. On the contrary, tigers appear to be more muscular and more active than lions. .. strength =muscle fiber density/length,, type of fiber,, of focrum points in the bone not size…why a 90lb chimp is stronger than 300lb power lifter….please stop with simple it’s bigger heavier so better arguments…600lb sumo wrestler get destroyed by 180lb mma fighters who has skills in fighting…. They hunt smaller prey like fishes and elks. An average adult male grizzly bear can weigh somewhere around 810 pounds. Your email address will not be published. … Because they aren’t never heard that term until now I’ve Alabama called them inland bears. In fact, the “Great Bear Almanac” duly confirms this. Male lions are not picking fights with cape buffalo when they are on their own; that would simply be suicide. Siberian Tiger – The largest canines & the greatest bite force(carnivorous) in the animal kingdom with the greatest paw swipe strength any carnivorous animal holds. black bears can climb trees,brown bears can’t. There was a fight between an 550 lb African lion and a 700 lb Grizzly bear. African lions are voracious predators, and in the case of such a battle, the lion would almost always win. Actually biological data shows lions have higher bone density in forearms, same or better density as well as bigger skull But one on one the lion don’t have a chance. Grizzlies are the lions of the west. The tiger’s intelligence may win out in this battle though. But still I think the bear had more chances of winning, obviously because they are far bigger and owes greater strength. There are many such cases where grizzly bear completely dominated the male African lion in zoo as well as in circus also, one of the incident was happen in circus where grizzly bear kill the African lion in just a few minutes only with its paw swipes. The average grizzly bear can easily tip the scales at 300 kg (660 lbs), making it well over a third heavier than a large lion at 180 kg (400 lbs). I find that conflicts between tigers and brown bears in Russia generally favour the tiger but, one could argue that the data is still open for interpretation. Actually, AP is not wrong. A grizzly’s shoulder muscles weigh as much as an entire lion? The biggest 3 reasons most biologists and myself believe that gives those bears the advantage is as follows. Required fields are marked *. But the tiger won’t go head to head with a giant like that. Where people get one swipe, break back come from …I don’t know but it is a joke. And for those of you who want to claim “siberian tigers hint brown bears” , you are correct, however, these are european brown bears, which weigh an average of 250 pounds, less than half the size of a siberian tiger. In terms of skill, agility, and experience, the scales tip in favor of the African lion. If the question was asking who the more efficient hunter was, the answer would be the tiger/lion. Their paw swipes would be nothing more than a waste of energy. 300 pounds would either be a female or a subadult. See, the fact of the matter is, the lion is a natural born killer, so it knows where to hit, bite, and strike. Like any other animal when it comes to Grizzlies, they are more aggressive and violent when defending themselves and their children. In your comparisons section you have a “Force” category. Koala bear vs Sloth fight comparison- who will win? Grizzly bears also lie on top of the food chain in the North American wilderness. Bears may look like fat, lumbering garbage disposals, but they too have fast twitch muscles, easily comparable to those of a big cat, so the whole “speed and agility” argument, is highly disputable. The battle between the Grizzly Bear and the African Lion is pretty impressive. Grizzly paws are bigger than those of African lion and helps him to swipe stronger while fighting with its competitor. You sound like an old guy set in his own ignorant way, calling everyone “kid” lol. Who will win the fight between African Lion and Grizzly Bear? However from videos ive seen it looks like Bears dont really have expeirence going one on one with lethal animals other then other bears. Then looses the apex predators and bear killed all comers. But i’m not a ‘grizzly bear fanboy’ I simply think the bear will win the fight. The continued fantasy of the “1500 lb grizzly”, That would take days or weeks to set in so the entire pride would need to stalk the entire herd of elefants, Orchas also know as killer whales, also known to hunt sharks for sport, also one of the meanest animals in the sea, if it can take a great white shark bit you tigers claws are only gonna piss it off more, Where are these facts of yours all I see is opinions called facts with zero sources, You have major issues man you know those suits k9 trainers wear, that’s the layers of fat the bears have, a lion cannot get through them with teeth or claws you use the bacterial infection as a form of victory, fun fact lions have fought Komodo Dragons and by those stipulations it’s a tie, the Komodo only needs one hit to kill the lion days later from either poison bacterial infection or both, but you won’t admit your pretious lion can lose to a lizard.
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