Worth checking out for: Fashion and lifestyle products. One had to hit [CTRL] + [F] and look for model numbers. A very good site if you’re looking for some unusual equipment or obscure, but essential gadget. There is a daily deal feature and the site is also listed on Junglee.com What was confusing is the Customer care hotline which they’ve mentioned in a top band on the web site to be available for 8 hours while on the bottom of the site, the very same number is quoted to be available 24x7. The store was recently revamped and now discount coupons are put up occasionally which only adds to sweeten the deal. It gets a mention in our top 50 list on account of the deals it features on its homepage. The site has a nice clean layout and easy to navigate, and has brand-specific stores as well. But as a rule, e-commerce sites suggest being visited by a number of customers, so performance testing for these sites becomes more important, than any other testing. For a quick look at most often performed tests on a typical web application, check out: => 180+ Sample Test Cases for Testing Web and Desktop Applications. Once you buy into it, you could be a “lucky” winner who gets it for that amount. This is an interesting e-commerce website, unlike most others you’ll come across in this list or on the Web. Worth checking out for: Mobile accessories, headphones. Pay attention to their daily deal section, they regularly feature tech-related products there. Most definitely. what would be appropriate answer. The CPU + Mobo reals are also decent every now and then. As you shortlist your preferences, keep an eye on the right-sidebar which has an assortment of radio buttons and checkboxes to finetune your search further. Worth checking out for: Books, Gifts & Flowers. The website offers every category of PC components at decent prices. Worth checking out for: Computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, toys, mobiles, personal care. But it has quite a big GSM handsets sections, and a respectable Dual SIM phones home, both of which are well worth a look on your online quest to secure the best possible deal. Speeds up your searches. nice article , I mentioned couple of test cases (search , product details) in interview that I did in my last case, but interviewer asked me how I automated those features. Great Article! The Croma line of retail stores are quite popular here and they offer almost everything consumer electronic products that you would want. The website seems to be 2 years old and barely made it into our top 50, at this point we really can’t tell if it is on the way up or heading six-feet under. Mobiles, Consumer electronics, computers and peripherals. But if you manage to wrap your head around the website’s navigation, you’ll find some great deals on niche products like case fans, gaming accessories or even highend in-ears, etc. Among IT products and gadgets, the site has a plethora of products on offer, with a substantial number sporting discounted price. Gadgets, gizmos, electronics, smartphones, tablets et al should form part of it’s repertoire. You can also place  a requisition for bulk orders and expect some discount on the item. When the user hovers over it, is it still going to scroll to the next one? This becomes obvious when you enter the respective categories, with product pictures splashed across the screen. If a product is added to shopping cart or removed that information should be reflected in other browsers too. #9) Create yourself a lot of interrupted scenarios that usually user come across design your script very robust so that your script affords it and still run and pass the script. As you scroll, you will see items dynamically arranging themselves. It means using specific tools, like jmeter or Taurus for example to launch these tests, it means development of test data and performance intensive use cases to implement these tests. A relatively new entrant in the scene, royalimages.in deals with a wider range of product categories. Worth checking out for: An unusual, but exhaustive assortment of gadgets. Besides performance testing tools, functional testing tools and frameworks are used to conduct functional tests (e.g. One-click can trigger different algorithms and processes. Worth checking out for: Cameras, camcorders, portable. Same goes for digital cameras. Intelligent filtering options makes searches quick. Node.js CLI Inspiration. Breadcrumb navigation for the categories (highlighted in Red below). Worth checking out for: Toys, sporting goods, jewellery, kitchenware, clothing, health care, faith & belief. They deliver all over India but offer a COD (cash on delivery) option for Mumbai. One of the nice things we like about this site, seen on a couple of other sites as well, is an excel file containing updated prices of everything that they sell. For any site to be featured here it had to meet one criteria - it should sell products that are of interest to our reader. If yes, at what interval will the image be refreshed? The Database should be optimized and the ETL processes should help maintain a Data Warehouse that aids for OLAP and BI. Thanks to this background, Futurebazaar has a wide range of main categories, with detailed sub-categories. Although this site may not look as inviting as the ones we have seen above, do not go by the looks. If you are a returning customer you will be shown some recommended products on the home page or in your shopping cart. Every time you shop at ZAPstore, it lets you buy a product at discounted rates, and from the looks of it, always. Here we feature a rather comprehensive selection of sites that are relevant to you, our geeky reader. If navigation such as that is displayed, make sure every element of it is functional. While its strength in offering books at a discount was its USP at one point of time, it has since diversified into various segments, with electronics and gadgets forming a chunk of it. Great Article Swati! The “sale of the week” section offers up some great deals on gadgets such as routers. The site has an extensive tech-related gadget and products section, and it’s among the most popular stuff on the website. Very convenient if you’re trying to decide on a PC configuration. @Swati – Nice article. Because, when you go shopping at a physical store, the customer has already made a commitment to visit and might give the brand a chance. If you’re on a PC hardware or accessories buying quest, this is one website you just cannot miss. For any site to be featured here it had to meet one criteria - it should sell products that are of interest to our reader. © Copyright SoftwareTestingHelp 2020 — Read our Copyright Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms | Cookie Policy | Affiliate Disclaimer | Link to Us, #6) Categories/Featured Products/Related or Recommended Products, 180+ Sample Test Cases for Testing Web and Desktop Applications, advantage of many open source test automation tools, 16+ TOP Usability Testing Tools to Test Your Web Application. Worth checking out for: Electronic items, Computer. For a Digit reader, this site makes complete sense as it has a detailed computer peripherals section. The orange logo with the power cord in it is enough to convince customers that the experience of shopping from here would be guaranteed to be the same as stepping into one of their stores. Flipkart and a few other sites do the same things so it isn’t something new. Does it render the same way in different browsers and different screen resolutions? Radical Icons Inspiration. please suggest . Camera section has only 13 DSLRs. So, they undergo all the typical test types. There are sites that cater to everyone – the all-encompassing jack-of-all-trades providers and then others that are super niche – selling only flowers or lingerie. In such cases it helps to manually get to the right site for the product category of your choice. #15) Security Testing is where customer trust is gained on which e-commerce is built so here you have to spend a lot of time testing on DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK, User Account security, Data confidentiality, content security, credit card security, disable non-essential services.SSL Certificate Validation. What about those unlucky hundreds (thousands)? TitThere are literally hundreds of shopping sites out there and it’s really difficult to cut through the clutter. #4) Never waste time automating on the unstable application. About the Author: This article is written by STH team member Swati S. If you want to write and help testing community let us know here. There is a subctegory which has double entry.what should be the test case for that. They also have a section which. However, for non-electronic items, this site have quite a variety. awesome. Online, choices are many. It’s like you’re playing Russian roulette every time you shop, but there’s some method to all that madness (make sure you read the website’s instructions carefully). Worth checking out for: Home appliances and mobile phones. #11) Automate Accessibility Testing by keyboard actions without using mouse action you definitely will come across some of the problems and fix it. purple.shop is a full-service e-commerce platform that leverages Group’s retail base online and helps the stores and businesses in its centres reach more customers through online channels. Apart from an extensive and well-stacked entertainment section, the website does a very good job of announcing special deals and offers through a large scrolling tile which is hard to miss. I can’t wait to hear your comments and questions. It has a wonderful segmentation of its main product categories. In fact until recently the website used to redirect to the deal page first before letting the user go to the home page. Since these are dynamic elements, the best way to test these parts of the application is to test the algorithm based on which these sections are populated. Happy to know that the article was useful. to precision engineering equipment, spy gadgets, signal jammers, telescopes, weird gift ideas and many many more. Forum members swear by its customer service and it handles your product RMA process for you. 3. Over the years, some of us have shopped here on a regular basis and can vouch for its service and legacy. Hello Sir/Ma’am, Hope you are doing well, We have reviewed your requirements carefully. If great audio gear is what you crave this website is your destination. Convenient? Worth checking out for: Mobiles, cameras, computers. Do you have any recommendations for an approach to performing testing on a retail site that requires constant pricing updates to stay competitive in the market? And the site has a simple, accessible interface. The site design is very basic, but elegant. Thanks to eBay’s global presence, it has a feature called the Global Easy Buy which allows you to buy products selling in international markets in your local currency. Worth checking out for: Gadgets, Books, Home Appliances. They sell everything from the usual cameras, iPads, etc. Hit the Electronics tag on the left sidebad to enter the shop’s gadget section, which focuses heavily on mobile phones and computers. It has a very tiny section dedicated to technology-related products, but it’s well worth a look. So does one feature promote better conversion as opposed to another, is important testing. The camera section seems to have some pretty good offerings with some models priced about Rs.500 cheaper than most websites so you might wanna check this site out for some sweet deals. It also has an online music store Flyte from where you can download music after paying for it. ACs, high end studio monitoring headphones, tube amps, and sound cards! Another popular e-commerce site which looks somewhat similar to Flipkart in terms of layout. How do you control the test without placing a freeze on content, which is sometimes unrealistic over the ample test time? Hereby, you can at least cover maximum user experience with E-commerce Website, so that adequate testing can be achieved by automating regression cycle. Worth checking out for: Everything under the sun, One of the big names internationally in the e-commerce segment, Ebay. E-commerce Landing Page. Do you agree or not ? Worth checking out for: Just about anything, excluding computer components. Vijay Sales is a household name for any Mumbai resident, with customers swearing by its deals and quality of service for several decades now. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. MACHINES AND MUSCLES!! Also the various features on an eCommerce website must be tested. The scale model cars will appeal to some and they do have a nice selection of remote-control gadgets you can check out. Apple, which used to get 30% of its annual sales in India from e-commerce sites here, launched its own online store for India this month. This is an e-commerce arm of the same. It is recognised by me that it is a well organised guide for testing. If you’re a serious shutterbug, then you definitely need no introduction to this online website. Its homepage has plenty of information about what Tradus offers and the overall look and feel is quite nice. This is the kind of marketplace where you will find any kind of product thanks to their tie-ups with resellers. Worth checking out for: All sorts of electronics. from Videocon, but they do have a good assortment of mobile phones as well. There is also another website by the same company that deals with floristry and gifts sourced through righthopping.in What’s more? The site leaves much to be desired in terms of aesthetics, but for us geeks, such frivolities don’t matter. does Amazon and flipkart do this all process of Testing manually before making there build live ?? Even hard to find things like the Dremel tool is available, in fact most of its variants are. The website focuses heavily on camera equipment and is a worthy destination if you're in the market for carry-cases, tripods, and filters. The site’s designed has evolved since it first began back in 1999, and its current avatar sports a trendy yet simple skin, with easy-to-navigate sections and categories. can only be used for juniors, who see eCom for the first time in their life. A website more dedicated towards the home and family than geeks like us, it does offer a decent assortment of headphones and earphones. They do offer free shipping and cash-on-delivery so that is a plus, other than that, the items listed here, except for mobile phones and Canon cameras, are very few compared to other rivals. If yes, is it taking you to the right page and right deal? jargon associated with most electronic products. Worth checking for: Mobile phones and other odds and ends. Get your optimized e … Publish Your Site. The better the site, the better the business. Sudhayadav3121. The is necessary because once you decide on your config, ordering all components from one source may not be the best solution. and they offer most of their products at discounts. It would have been great if security and performance tests also listed. It must be a worthy counterpart to the storefront. Corded, cordless, feature packed goodness and more will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost(provided the order is above Rs.500). Digivante Direct Ecommerce Testing is proven to strengthen e-commerce website quality, improve the buying experience, and increase online revenues. All transactions would be handled electronically or online – e-commerce facilitates all the various shopping-related activities, including the purchase and sales of … As we all know an eCommerce site have lots of data so it is very important to do the testing of website. Copyright © 2007-19 9.9 Group Pvt. Based on the framework, the testers can easily execute the tests and obtain relevant results by generating test reports. So under computer hardware, you will have all the components necessary to build your rig, the Networking section has categories for wired and wireless routers along with NAS devices and so on. The navigation too can help you drill down to the phone of your choice by filters such as price, operating system, etc. Digit caters to the largest community of tech buyers, users and enthusiasts in India. Selenium) are used to run functional tests and CI tools to manage test launches. Add Your Content. they’ve got almost every gadget you can think of, including a “cheap” Segway i2 transporter for “only” Rs.400,000! The framework must include the test scripts and the scenarios of various automated processes. An excellent place to visit if you’re out camera shopping. Some Web Elements attributes will be the same so there will be no unique way of distinguishing in such scenario use contains() method of xpaths or scroll into view. The range of lenses available was pretty “wide”, no pun intended. Homepages of retail sites are busy. It has a section called Clearance, which has products selling at heavy discounts as it pertains to stock clearance. To find what tools to use and how to use them efficiently navigate to Blazemeter.com/blog that has all necessary information about it, that helps to implement your tests for e-commerce web sites. We are about leadership – the 9.9 kind! Anything to keep in mind while performing the tests? This article is complete and comprehensive, especially what comes to design of test cases, usability and functional testing of e-commerce sites. It is crucial part while testing e-commerce application. In this most of the discussion is around the functionality. Agreed, it offers something different from other sites in terms of the look. The prices are what you would expect to in any decent retail store and don’t expect mind-boggling deals here. #6) When you are executing test scripts on a different browser at the same time. Best described as a one stop destination for tools of all sorts. They are listed below in no particular order. The deals of the day aren’t that great always (not worth bookmarking for) but the Laptop Of The Week section needs your attention. We even spotted a Bamboo Pen & Touch input device. Start testing your ecommerce website and app today. Worth checking out for: Headphones and electronic toys. E-commerce originated somewhere toward the late ’90s. Drag and drop text, pictures, videos and more engaging content. The IT Depot is a popular name often recommended among tech forums online, and it has quite a fan following. They include free shipping and even have EMI schemes for those who need them and they also throw in a 15 day returns policy. 9) to get in on it. From ceiling fans to cellphones to headphones to cameras to fridges. A website should work – not just on computers but on mobile devices too. Shopping in person vs. shopping online has many advantages. This happens to be one of the few websites that sells toys. This website started its journey as a movie rental service back in 2007, but it didn’t do too well. Worth checking out for: Niche electronics and PC peripherals. Well, if not the Top 10, it should definitely feature among your Top 20 online shopping list, because Tradus has really flourished into successful shopping portal since its inception back in 2009. #12) Tester should be carefully designed the scenario and add initiate checkpoint and insert login script whenever it is required. But selecting right tool to automate E-commerce Website depends on many key parameters. Initially it used to be just a long html page with tables listing components and prices. This website has all sorts of electronics. Select A Template. In this case, a user is notified about his transaction status through email and message to phone you should validate this email or message in a test script. Tradus.in is now Tradus.com, in case you haven’t noticed the change or it no longer features among your online shopping destinations. Prices are nothing too great and are strictly decent when compared to others. This article has some very basic pointers. Now the site sells stuff and the prices are still decent. The website tries to keep the good show going online, trying to replicate the chain’s on-ground success. Convenience, time-saving and easy access to products worldwide, etc. If you’re feeling adventurous and try your hand at an unconventional way of shopping, you must try your hand at ZAPstore. Interestingly, they have all the absolute latest products listed out, even if they’re not currently available in India, and will send you a notification (if you want it) when that product is in stock. Searching for a particular is also very easy, the results displayed in a tiled layout. Be warned, we have heard some complaints regarding prices revisions after an order is placed. Belonging to the Times Group, Indiatimes shopping has been quite an old player in the e-commerce segment. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Worth checking out for: Guaranteed deals, innovative concept. Next Electronics, pushes into the e-retail space with its online portal. Thank you for this kind of help very helpful to. Delhi based SMC INTERNATIONAL is not only an online store but also happens to be the distributor for a wide range of products based out of Nehru Place. Create your e-commerce store and expand your business to new horizons 3 EASY STEPS TO CREATE A WEBSITE. Check your Data mining/BI systems and check from the backend the queries that populate these sections. A no-frills online shopping website, Egully isn’t the most glamorous looking of the bunch listed here. and phone accessories This is the online avatar of the the popular retail chain with the same name. And, grooming new leaders for this promising industry. The sections that are of interest to us include Camera, Computer peripherals and Electronics. Add items to the cart and continue shopping, If the user adds the same item to the cart while continuing to shop, the item count in the shopping cart should get incremented, All items and their totals should be displayed in the cart, A user can add more items to the cart- total should reflect the same, Update the contents added to the cart- total should reflect that too, Calculate Shipping costs with different shipping options, Don’t check out, close the site, and come back later. That is why A/B testing and Usability Engineering for E-Commerce sites are gaining prominence. Primeabgb is a popular PC components and peripherals shop located at Mumbai’s IT Mecca, Lamington Road. This website’s similar to Vijay Sales -- Big C started as a network of stores with a strong foothold in the state of Andhra Pradesh, only to proliferate and seek greener pastures online. Just a quick one, In testing e-commerce sites/apps how can a testing professional contribute to the “conversion rates”. But the most special thing about the website is the Cool Deal of the day. Best Software Testing Tools 2020 [QA Test Automation Tools], Alpha Testing and Beta Testing (A Complete Guide), Difference between Desktop, Client Server Testing and Web Testing, 7 Basic Tips for Testing Multi-Lingual Websites. If the user is signed up for a long time, make sure the session is timed out or not. One thing i would like to ask here is “How a tester can check for the Conversion rate” Waiting for the revert. It has a lot of accessory items under Computer Peripherals and Mobile accessories. Worth checking out for: Consumer Electronics, Personal. However, spend a little time on the site to find that it does offer some value. From simple point-and-shooters to professional dSLRs, from camera tripods to memory cards, JJ Mehta’s has everything to offer to both amateur and veteran photographers. There isn’t much segmentation within the various categories. So you know when you shop from here you are bound to get a good deal. Sure it has the electronics and mobile phone category, but on the whole the site seems biased in favour of fashion and lifestyle products as the former has limited categories as compared to the latter. They also stock accessories for your mobile devices. For multi-page results, are there options to navigate to them. Different sort options have to be available- based on Brand, Price, and Reviews/ratings etc. #13) Maintain different scripts for a different mode of payment to avoid confusion. So before proceeding to regression testing its best to verify every link in page by using HTTP status code. This store is similar to Croma, a chain of retail stores with a website. The tablet collection was lacking as there are very few budget tablets on the site.While it has an accessory section, it is not heavily populated, as compared to other competitors. Hello i have read your description carefully Build me a website e-commerce site , i am preeti and i am professional graphic designer i am expert of this field,I have 8+ years of experience,logo designing , website desi More ₹16500 INR in 5 days (7 Reviews) 3.0. Choose from a library of over 200 responsive themes. A variety of e-commerce businesses include business to business (B2B), customer to business (C2B), consumer to the customer (C2C) and business to customer (B2C). Ok fine it looks like you’ve been transported to the ‘90s but let that take away from the fact that you can get your hands on some seriously niche hardware out here. It provides more than just retail, but also marketing elements… If you’re new to online shopping, feel secure in the knowledge that Indiaplaza’s one of the oldest online shopping websites in the country, and it still has a lot left to offer. This site stood out from the others on account of its niche offerings. You have equipment from brands such as AKG, Audio Technica, Brainwavz, JVC, Fiio and more. Jmeter), that is selected to conduct performance testing. Featured products also change almost every day. We looked up a few expensive books and compared them across a few websites and found that shopbychoice.com offered the same for a lot less. It maintains a good presence on Indian forums with exclusive deals in place. Computer peripherals did not have as many categories as we would generally like. Media home stocks a range of components and we’ve often seen good deals on AMD GPUs here. In today’s day and age why do you need a directory? Where this site falls short (compared to Chroma for example) is in their return policy and free shipping availability on only a select few products. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Worth checking out for: Almost every gadget you could possibly want. It features five of the best deals on its homepage across categories. Since so much lays on the application, it is critical that it undergoes thorough testing. The site should retain the items in the cart, If allowing check out as Guest, simply finish the purchase and provide an option to register at the end, If storing customer Credit card or any other financial information, perform security testing around this to make sure it is secure. This is the penultimate stage before the user commits to the purchase. But in trying to provide range the site seems to be spreading itself thin trying to cover more things but not specialise in any. At the very first glance it was pretty evident that this website focussed on cameras and other photographic equipment. In real-time you may come across this scenario such as a user may sometimes use mobile e-commerce app and also a mobile e-commerce web application.
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