God bless all who died that day. "Bob, this son of a bitch just won't come out.". Gary Leff is one of the foremost experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel -- a topic he has covered since 2002. I don't know what it means, but I thought you should know.". The plane was crossing the Palmetto Expressway, a major highway just west of the airport. It was also featured in Smithsonian Television’s Air Disasters season 14, episode 9, "Deadly Disturbance", which aired March 21, 2020. I promise you no spam and no more than one email a day. Suddenly the noise stopped. "You got it in there sideways then," Loft said. Stockstill was landing the plane. [6]:107–109, Robert "Bud" Marquis (1929-2008),[7] an airboat pilot, was out frog gigging with Ray Dickinsin (1929-1988) when they witnessed the crash. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [8], In all, 75 survived the crash—67 of the 163 passengers and eight of the 10 flight attendants. The troublesome light light was on the copilot's side of the center panel, closer to Stockstill. Oh, I can't get it from here." When asked why? Banner advertising, in contrast, is paid for by advertisers (we do not directly control the banner advertising on this blog). Lorenzo Zetlin, a New York interior designer, was in seat 15H. The man from Hialeah "seemed to be on the ceiling. "[5]:23–24, In response to the accident, many airlines started crew resource management training for their pilots. How does that even work? When Connell felt a blast of cold air and a wet, in-rushing wave of fuel, he knew the plane was breaking up. My body was held in tightly by the shoulder harness. Her eighteen month old infant, Christina, lived. From his jump seat behind the captain, Donadeo looked out a side window and noticed that they were making a west to east approach. With the aircraft in mid-turn, the left wingtip hit the surface first, then the left engine and the left landing gear,[5]:8 making three trails through the sawgrass, each 5 ft (1.5 m) wide and over 100 ft (30 m) long. The National pilot responded, "Okay, that's maintain ten; you might, uh, be advised we're gonna need an extended pattern now. The TriStar's port outer wing structure struck the ground first, followed by the No. Flight 401 was referenced in season one of Supernatural, episode four: “Phantom Traveler”, which aired on October 4, 2005. Co-founder of frequent flyer community InsideFlyer.com, emcee of the Freddie Awards, and named one of the "World's Top Travel Experts" by Conde' Nast Traveler (2010-Present) Gary has been a guest on most major news media, profiled in several top print publications, and published broadly on the topic of consumer loyalty. A man couldn't find his wife.". Donadeo observed that although Stockstill was flying the plane, Loft applied power to the throttles at this point. She felt herself being shaken like a rag doll; "I could see my arms going in front of me from side to side and I felt my feet also going from side to side. ", Jerry Eskow, still nursing his double scotch in first class, awakened to "a lot of noise and a lot of vibrations." At the airport, the approach controller looked at the altitude block listed next to the little blip representing Eastern 401 on his radar screen. Marquis received burns to his face, arms, and legs—a result of spilled jet fuel from the crashed TriStar—but continued shuttling people in and out of the crash site that night and the next day. "It's a faulty light," said Stockstill. Behind Stockstill sat Donald Repo, the flight engineer. Gear down. "Eastern 401 heavy, continue approach to runway Nine Left.". This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. He knew many people who experienced paranormal activity on those planes but would not report them because those that did were sent for mandatory psychological evaluations. They have not reviewed, approved or endorsed what I have to say. While Flight 401 was flying over the Everglades, the skies were busy with other flights; Avianca 781 took off from Miami International's runway Nine Left, followed by eastern 470. The crash occurred while the entire cockpit crew was preoccupied with a burnt-out landing gear indicator light. Equipment salvaged from the wreckage was reportedly used in other Eastern Air Lines L-1011 aircraft, and John Fuller’s 1976 book The Ghost of Flight 401 recounts stories of paranormal activity on board airframes that received those parts. Just ahead of Flight 401, National Airlines Flight 607 was experiencing landing gear difficulties as it approached Miami International Airport. Skeptic Brian Dunning claims that the origin for the ghost sightings was a joke made by an Eastern Air Lines captain after an emergency landing in which he quipped that he "thought [Don] Repo’s ghost was on the plane."[22][24]. The 52-year-old flight engineer was one of 101 people who’d died Dec. 29, 1972 when Eastern Flight 401, packed with holiday travelers, slammed into the Everglades 19 … Based on the book, it dramatized the crash, rescue efforts, and NTSB investigation. It's the holidays. The controller called back to give Flight 401 new heading information, "Eastern 401, roger. "Could you jiggle the light?". Loft referred to a one-inch square light on the lower right side of the center instrument panel that indicates that the nose gear is down and locked in position for landing. Similarly, after helping free a fellow passenger from the wreckage, Thomas Rothenberg, a warehouse supervisor in New York City, stood around with three other survivors and, he said later, "talked about what we did for a living." Loft looked at Stockstill and instructed him to lower the gear: "Go ahead and throw 'em out." The first officer and copilot, Bert Stockstill, flew the plan. CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard®, Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card, The Busiest Airline Routes In The U.S. And The World Right Now. The plane broke up into three or four sections, and the sections were spread out over the marsh. I was sitting upright in my seat in water up to my waist. ", Loft told him, "You can't see the indices - for the nose wheel, ah, there's a place in there you can look and see if they're lined up. It started coming apart. Then it lifted and hit again. As the airplane broke up, the same apparently random pattern of survival and slaughter was repeated, time and time again. Her neck was broken - death was instant. [5]:23 In this mode, once the pilot releases pressure on the yoke (control column or wheel), the autopilot maintains the pitch attitude selected by the pilot until he moves the yoke again. The plane began to pull out of its descent. Is The New Air Canada Aeroplan Delivering Awards At The Prices They Promised? Flight crew didn’t realize the plane was descending (“We’re still at 2000, right?”). Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 departed New York for Miami on December 29, 1972. "See if you can get the light out," Loft told him. You want me to fly it, Bob? One passenger saw "bright flashes like sparks. In the front of the plane, strapped into her seat against the rear wall of the cockpit, Adrianne Hamilton felt the entire nose of the airplane rotate violently to the right; she lurched left, but was held by her seat belt. "The tests didn't show that the lights worked anyway," Stockstill offered, referring to Repo's test a few moments earlier. "I can give you pliers, but if you force it, you'll break it, just believe me. This was a normal procedure for Eastern Airlines; pilot and copilot customarily flew alternate legs of a trip, one pilot flying, the other assisting. "What frequency did he want us on?". Many thanks to Sharon Kay Horvath, whose research helped me to find some of the burials It was pitch black. Sign up to receive the latest news and updates from View From The Wing. He turned to Loft as Repo was entering the hell hole. There could be a stone with a message. Flashlights are now standard equipment near jumpseats, and all jumpseats are outfitted with shoulder harnesses. The investigator then replied: maybe not a legal responsibility, but a moral one. He woke up in a puddle near an engine, missing some clothes but generally OK. "The next thing I remember was struggling to breathe. [4] It was also the first hull loss and first fatal crash of a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. "We did something to the altitude," Stockstill said. Back in the passenger cabin, some people noticed that they were turning. [23], According to Robert J. Serling's 1980 book From the Captain to the Colonel: An Informal History of Eastern Airlines, the claim that wreckage from Flight 401 was installed and later removed from other Eastern aircraft was false, and no Eastern employees had ever claimed to have seen or believed in the alleged ghost sightings. ", Loft came back with a question. The slight forward pressure on the stick would have caused the aircraft to enter a slow descent, maintained by the CWS system. He turned to Repo and said "Hey, get down there and see if that goddamn nose wheel's down." From the radio speaker the local controller said, "Eastern 401 heavy, Roger, pull up, climb straight ahead to two thousand and go back to approach control, 128.6.". Then Repo reappeared from the hell hole. In the extreme rear of the aircraft, sitting in the coach lounge, Beverly Raposa felt the plane bank to the left. Required fields are marked *. Co-founder of frequent flyer community InsideFlyer.com, emcee of the Freddie Awards, and named one of the "World's Top Travel Experts" by Conde' Nast Traveler (2010-Present) Gary has been a guest on most major news media, profiled in several top print publications, and published broadly on the topic of consumer loyalty. You gotta turn it one quarter to the left. The plane began to make a U-turn, swinging first to the north and slowly around until it was pointed away from the airport and out toward the Everglades. [5]:5 The plane was traveling at 227 miles per hour (197 kn; 365 km/h) when it hit the ground. Frank Borman, a former NASA astronaut and Eastern's senior vice president of operations, was awoken at home by a phone call explaining of a probable crash. On his 1979 album Three Hearts, musician Bob Welch also recorded a song titled "The Ghost of Flight 401". There was not a great deal of action in the cockpit for Donadeo to observe, however. [11] The swamp absorbed much of the energy of the crash, lessening the impact on the aircraft. On December 29th, 1972, Eastern Airlines Flight 401, a widebody L1011 jet, crashed into the Everglades while attempting to land at Miami International Airport. There were 75 survivors. Shortly before midnight on December 29, 1972, the Lockheed L-1011-1 Tristar crashed into the Florida Everglades,[1][2][3] causing 101 fatalities. Ed Ulrich and Sandra Burt, sitting together in first class, were separated by fifty yards. [5]:4 This altitude alert, designed to warn the pilots of an inadvertent deviation from the selected altitude, went unnoticed by the crew. On my hands and knees in six inches of water; I was cold; I heard moans and yelling; I smelled fumes. And the light was still off. What followed felt like a roller coaster or wild whip ride." That done, he was anxious to return to Miami in order to close on a new house. From first impact to last movement the Whisperliner traveled more than one third of a mile. It was a made for TV movie that came out in the late 1970s (1978 or 1979). Loft acknowledged, "One eighty." At more than 40 feet away, my wife felt her cry and rushed to pick her up from a mangled twist of wires and bushes. Loft told him, "Yeah. Very moving experience. Another flight’s captain reported seeing flight engineer Don Repo in his cockpit. Captain Loft had been with the airline for 32 years and had accumulated a total of 29,700 flight hours throughout his flying career. There he was able to land in a swampy patch of grass and coordinate rescue efforts. At 11:35 p.m., Loft radioed the approach controller to report their position. [5]:23 Investigators believe this was due to the crew being distracted by the nose gear light, and because the flight engineer was not in his seat when it sounded, so would not have been able to hear it. The breakup of the fuselage had freed it from its stowage and activated its inflation mechanism. The crash was documented in Rob and Sarah Elder's 1977 book Crash. 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The three major sections of the fuselage—the most intact of which was the tail assembly—lay in the mud towards the end of the wreckage trail. More About Gary », “Equipment salvaged from the wreckage was reportedly used in other Eastern Air Lines L-1011 aircraft”. ", "All right," said Stockstill, but his voice was almost covered by the much louder sound of an altitude alert horn. He started it was not his responsibility. The bay was accessible through a small square trap door on the floor of the cockpit. CVR transcript of the December 29, 1972 accident of Eastern Flight 401, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar in the Everglades near Miami, FL, USA. It wasn't like people say, your life passing before you. After a moment, Loft repeats his message. No complete cross-section of the passenger cabin remained, and both the port wing and tailplane were demolished to fragments. If I had a pair of pliers, I could cushion it with that Kleenex. After descending 250 feet (76 m) from the selected altitude of 2,000 feet (610 m), a C-chord sounded from the rear speaker. "The plane started shaking, violent shaking like a cardboard box. In another 50 seconds, the plane was at half its assigned altitude.[5]:5. He would continue to operate the radio and Stockstill would fly the plane. The poodle under her seat lived. The L-1011 began a gradual left turn. Advertiser Disclosure: Many (but not all) of the credit card offers on the site are from banks from which we receive compensation if you are approved. The controller radioed the plane, "Eastern 401, how are things coming along out there?" View from the Wing is a project of Miles and Points Consulting, LLC. The plane was traveling 227 miles per hour when it flew into the ground. As the plane circled, Ruiz, seated in the back of the plane, walked over to flight attendant Pat Ghyssels and wondered why the aircraft was flying away from the city lights. He accompanied 3 survivors on the helicopter to the hospital including a flight attendant and passenger who lost her baby in the crash. Carmen Jorge was killed. "This wont come out, Bob. "Want to tell 'em we'll take it around and circle around and fart around? Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 departed New York for Miami on December 29, 1972. [10], Most of the dead were passengers in the aircraft's midsection. Stockstill finally managed to extract the light fixture from the instrument panel. Eight passengers became infected; doctors used hyperbaric chambers to treat the infections. The plane was supposed to be at two thousand feet, but the crisp, green phosphorescent numerals read nine hundred. [6]:108 The most common injuries were fractures of ribs, spines, pelvises, and lower extremities. L-1011 N310EA Crashed Into The Florida Everglades, credit: Jon Proctor via Wikimedia Commons. If we're a little late, it's overtime,' Ruiz recalls. Investigators believe the autopilot switched modes when the captain accidentally leaned against the yoke while turning to speak to the flight engineer, who was sitting behind and to the right of him. Crashing into the Everglades, much of the force of impact was absorbed and the mud from the swamp helped prevent injured passengers from bleeding out though it also caused infections in many of the survivors. His flight crew included First Officer Albert John (Bert) Stockstill, 39, who had 5,800 hours of flying experience (with 306 of them in the L-1011), and Second Officer (flight engineer) Donald Louis (Don) Repo, 51, who had 15,700 hours of flying experience, with 53 of them in the L-1011. For almost the entire trip, a DC-10 could be seen ahead of the L-1011. The airplane crashed at 25°51′53″N,80°35′43″W. CVR transcript Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 - 29 DEC 1972 Last updated: 16 October 2004. Incongruously, not far from the roofless fuselage center section with the inner portion of the starboard wing still attached, lay a large, undamaged and fully inflated rubber dinghy, one of a number carried on the TriStar in the event of an emergency water landing. "All right, leave it there," said the captain. "Miami tower, Eastern 401, just turned on final." We searched for her in the dark amid the debris for more than 20 minutes. In the midst of all this holiday traffic, National Airlines Flight 607 - the one with the gear problem - landed without incident. Immediately behind that plane was Lan-Chile Flight 451, and backed up and waiting to land was National Airlines Flight 437. Then the fixture was replaced into the socket - sideways. There was silence. "I could see things flying all about me...there was a rush of wind...it sounded like we were in the middle of a tornado. Comments made in response to posts are not provided or commissioned nor have they been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any bank. ", "I can't see it. Eastern Air Lines Flight 401, operated by a four-month-old Lockheed L-1011, registration N310EA, carrying 163 passengers and 13 crewmembers, departed New York-JFK at 21.20h EST for a flight to Miami. But the rest of me was going along with this jolting." She smelled aircraft fuel and was seized by the fear of fire. She was wet. Lilly Infantino drowned. Loft answered, "Okay, we'd like to turn around and come back in." West Indian Flight 790 entered a final approach. Loft looked over. Evelyn de Salazar landed fifty feet from the cockpit, her seat still intact, and dies from multiple injuries. On December 29, 1972, Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 was the first jumbo jet to crash and the second worst single-plane disaster in America up to that time. Here's a link to our Advertiser Disclosure. even though there were spare bulbs on board. For his efforts, he received the Humanitarian Award from the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation and the "Alumitech – Airboat Hero Award", from the American Airboat Search and Rescue Association. Pat was flipping through the pages of Family Circle magazine, glancing at an article called How To Beat The Holiday Blues. Donadeo was no stranger to the L-1011, however. The mud of the Everglades may have blocked wounds sustained by survivors, preventing them from bleeding to death. "You got a handkerchief or something so I can get a little better grip on this, anything I can do it with? In fact a lot of the wreckage is still there. There were other ways to confirm that the gear was down, and Loft chose one of them. As Stockstill started another turn, onto 180°, he noticed the discrepancy. Repo's test failed to illuminate the small, square light. They failed to notice that the autopilot had inadvertently been disconnected, and as a result, the aircraft gradually lost altitude and crashed. ", Grad student Joseph Popson was reading his book. "Well," Stockstill said in a calm voice. Repo was also reported spotted in the avionics bay of another L-1011 ,the same place he’d been – checking on the landing gear – when flight 401 went down. However, in the years that followed, two of the pilots on that fatal flight, Bob Loft and Don Repo, would begin appearing on other Eastern Airlines flights. "Put the son of a bitch on autopilot here," Loft said. It just happened. "The last thing I recall was the sound of the engines revving. Maybe my memory is wrong, but I still hear that roar." This was the first fatal crash of a wide-body aircraft. Loft and Stockstill continued to discuss the lamp assembly. Captain Loft was found during the autopsy to have an undetected brain tumor, in an area that controls vision. Compensation does not impact the placement of cards in content. The plane was skidding. ", "Yeah," Stockstill said. [16], While Eastern Air Lines publicly denied their planes were haunted, they reportedly removed all the salvaged parts from their L-1011 fleet. (photo, left, from The Miami Herald, showing entrance to the avionics bay under the cockpit. When the airplane first touched the ground, it seemed to Ann Connell that it did so in a normal horizontal landing position. Fuck around with that goddamned twenty-cent piece of light equipment we got on this bastard! @Mark. Loft acknowledges the controller, and then began a series of practiced, terse, checklist exchanges with the rest of the flight crew: Repo: Engine crossbleeds are open. And then he told Stockstill, "Clear on Left.". [12][13] The training is designed to make problem solving in a cockpit much more efficient, thus causing less distraction for the crew. Once the plane was out of the New York area, the weather was good and Stockstill put the aircraft on auto pilot and dimmed the cockpit lights to provide better visibility of the night sky outside. "Yeah. An original floor board from Flight 401 remains in the archives at History Miami in South Florida. (Sadly this was not to be the case.) [14], Over the following months and years, rumors began circulating that employees of Eastern Air Lines were reporting sightings of the dead crew members, captain Robert Loft and second officer (flight engineer) Donald Repo, sitting on board other L-1011 (N318EA) flights. The eerie mystery of Eastern Airlines flight 401 ON A dark night in 1972, a plane hit the ground, killing 101 people. [6]:102,108 Stockstill was killed on impact, while Captain Loft died in the wreckage of the flight deck before he could be transported to a hospital. Repo told him there would never be another crash of an L-1011. function FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114bi(){var x=document.getElementsByName('FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114b');for(i=0;i Le Meilleur Reste à Venir Discours De Fin, Master Rh Alternance Rennes, Statistique Météo St Pétersbourg, Volkswagen Caravelle Dimensions, Louis Cyr Net Worth,