So that’s how we use it. In a year like no other, read a selection of Harvard Magazine stories on the forces that will shape the presidential election outcome. Prof. Eduardo Torres-Jara (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Prof. Hongqiang Wang (SUS Tech) Contact us with questions at [email protected]. In the fall of 2016, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm, an Indian mobile payments and commerce platform, received the coveted "Entrepreneur of the Year" award from the. 2009 (Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester), Dr. Nina Sinatra, PhD 2019 (Google) It was introduced in New York. Of course, its utility depends on the nature of the intervention. With variation generated by the experimental treatments, we model sales force performance to identify the effectiveness of various forms of conditional and unconditional compensation. So if we have a large epidemic in a certain place like New York, we can measure how well connected New York is to other places. We conduct a field experiment in which we vary the sales force compensation scheme at an Asian enterprise that sells consumer durable goods. Prof. Mike Tolley (Mechanical Engineering, U.C. When we were working at the beginning of the outbreak, we were generally providing our operational partners with daily updates. So, I would say there’s still huge uncertainty, but the potential for outbreaks spreading to the community from colleges is certainly there. OYO now aspires to convert corporate spaces and homes into accommodation spaces and to make its mark worldwide. So, at the beginning, when everyone was scared and we saw this big drop in mobility, this big behavior change, in places where there wasn’t much coronavirus, it’s understandable that people would have a different reaction to these stringent policies, compared to places like New York, where it was so evident and it was so obvious that the health system was struggling. Donor So, it’s been challenging. Jonathan Shaw: How rapidly can mobility data provide insights? Harvardova univerzita, anglicky Harvard University (název podle Johna Harvarda, proto je označení Harvardská chybné), byla založena roku 1636 a je nejstarší univerzitou na území USA.Sídlí ve městě Cambridge ve státě Massachusetts v bostonské aglomeraci a patří k nejprestižnějším univerzitám ve Spojených státech a ve světě. We did a study where we looked at the prevalence of COVID antibodies in pregnant women around New York City. We find those are very useful in low- and middle-income countries, where smartphone penetration isn’t as high or in places in rural communities and places like that. Up Close (Virtually) with the Forbes Pigment Collection, Harvard Football Great Performances: Carroll Lowenstein ’52, Harvard Football Great Performances: Vic Kennard ’09. Dr. Ben Finio, PhD 2012 (Lecturer, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell) And those don’t require a smartphone. Could mobility data, anonymized information about people’s locations and movements point toward answers? Dr. Katie Hoffman, PhD 2013 (Agilent), Prof. Kaushik Jayaram (Mechanical Engineering, UC Boulder) Dr. Brian Subirana is director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Auto-ID lab, a research scientist at MIT, and teaches at the Harvard Extension School. Barker Center, 2nd Floor 12 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA 02138 CV; Contact; HOME / Projects . And of course, a lot of the work that we’re doing is international also, but within the U.S. we’ve been working with New York, Massachusetts, California, Washington, other states in the northeast, Florida, multiple different states and also at the city level. So, I think part of that is to do with having a very big country, that’s very heterogeneous and the epidemic hasn’t been at the same time everywhere. Harvard Square venues offer warmth, cheer, and appetizing fare. Dr. Pratheev Sreetharan, PhD 2012 (founder and CTO, Vibrant Research LLC) Jonathan Shaw: Has mobility data been helpful in assessing the effectiveness of social distancing measures, such as travel restrictions, work-from-home policies, limits on social gatherings and closure of schools, universities, and non-essential retailers? So, at the beginning of the outbreak, we didn’t know the basic epidemiological parameters with which to inform our model structures. Would it be something like mask use? This feature is not available right now. So I do think that there... Of course, we’re battling misinformation and politicization of these issues, but there’s also just the kind of inherent problem of having a very large, diverse, heterogeneous country with a staggered epidemic that has hit different communities at different times. So, for example, you won’t be able to tell whether masks are working from this kind of information. Jonathan Shaw: Can you distinguish between, say, poor public messaging and poor adherence to rules, such as quarantines? Caroline Buckee: Well, I think there’s been an enormous variation in the response to COVID-19, and I think some countries have clearly done a better job than others. Dr. Andy Baisch, PhD 2013 (Vibrant Research LLC), Dr. Nick Bartlett, PhD 2018 (Wolf Greenfield), Dr. Mustafa Boyvat (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems) In this episode, associate professor of epidemiology Caroline Buckee explains how such data—carefully stewarded to ensure individual privacy—can even be used to help predict where outbreaks are likely to flare next. And that’s happened across the board, with places like Boston and Atlanta losing 10% to 15% of their population in a month or two, as people left the cities. Class Notes or Obituaries, please log in using your Harvard They may have the same changes in mobility. On an individual level, no, we don’t go down to that resolution. Mask wearing is common, in another, it’s not. So, the issue there, is that potentially that’s not so useful for contact tracing, traditional contact tracing is quite intrusive. Prof. Sawyer Fuller (Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington) Harvard University is … Feel free to ask team members about ongoing projects. But subsequent to those early days, I think forecasting has become quite difficult because so much of the epidemic is driven by social and political decisions and behaviors. Dean of the Faculty, Harvard T.H. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Technology degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, (which honored him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2019), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, (which honored him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2014), and a Ph.D. in Management from Purdue University. During today’s office hours, we’ll speak with Caroline Buckee, who is associate director of Harvard Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics and an associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. The pandemic continues to affect athletics. So, we’ve had validation that indeed these data do provide important insights into transmission. Transcript from the interview (the following was prepared by a machine algorithm, and may not perfectly reflect the audio file of the interview): A note to our listeners: this episode was recorded on September 22, 2020. An "indelible feat of foot" leads Harvard over Yale. For something like West Nile virus or a vector-borne disease, the ecological side of the mosquito biology is going to play an important role. Subirana obtained his PhD in computer science at the MIT Artificial … In addition, Das is a member of the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, and the Harvard-IESE Committee. And we really need to make sure that we’re not blurring the line between public health surveillance and state surveillance. It will have different kinds of utility for different kinds of pathogen. So, all of these kinds of information are mobile phone data. Prof. Ardian Jusufi (Elec, Mech and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney) Flipkart: Transitioning to a Marketplace Model. Photograph by Lovely Valentine Photography/Courtesy of Hammond Castle, Gothic surroundings, spiritualism, and science: Hammond Castle Museum’s eclectic appeal, Claude Monet/Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Winter exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, President Bacow on the engaged upside to online teaching and learning. But, of course, you have to aggregate it and process it in a way that provides insights. Michael Fabiano, A.L.M. It’s always behind the firewall. Legally Blonde is a 2001 American comedy film based on Amanda Brown's 2001 novel of the same name, scripted by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, and directed by Robert Luketic, in his feature-length directorial debut. Das has co-authored two books and his articles have appeared in publications that include Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, and Sloan Management Review. And I think it has been particularly challenging for COVID-19, not only because this is a new infection. For example, when we work in Bangladesh or Pakistan, the data never leaves the operator. Things like that. So, I think this is a difficult space because traditional contact tracing, as part of an epidemic containment strategy, is a necessary and intrusive part of the health system. Das has been quoted in publications such as The Economist and U.S. News and World Report amongst others. And so, the only way that we could start to piece that together is if we can do ecological kind of studies, where there are natural experiments happening in one place. So how many people are in that area at a certain point in time? So how many people in the data are moving between point A and point B over some time window? During today’s office hours, we’ll speak with Caroline Buckee, who is associate director of Harvard Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics and an associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. You learn everything about where that person’s been. Caroline Buckee: Yes, absolutely. I will not attempt to make a list here because research works in flux. And it’s not always high-income countries either, countries like Rwanda have done a fantastic job, very efficient. What would it require to make this strategy work? Business, Government and the International Economy, Continuous Engagement and Lifelong Learning. Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need different leadership skills and organizational capabilities from those that helped them succeed in the past at all levels of the firm. Main Menu; Utility Menu; Search; HARVARD.EDU. However, it faced intense competition from other e-commerce players like Amazon and Snapdeal. And so, part of that is about messaging, to the extent that the policies need to be very honest about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what’s at risk. Prof. Andres Concha (Adolfo Ibanez University) Das previously has been Senior Associate Dean, Executive Education, Chair of the Executive Education Advanced Management Program and the Program for Leadership Development, as well as course head of the required first-year Marketing course in the MBA program. Caroline Buckee: So, I think forecasting is very challenging, for any disease. Can cellphone technologies play a role in controlling the coronavirus pandemic? Prof. Peter Whitney, PhD 2012 (Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University) So, for example, we could see big spikes and movement around Memorial Day weekend, or we could see that there are particular travel routes that are going to be important. And we think about them in different ways. For obvious reasons, we don’t want to ever be able to identify individuals in the dataset. So that uses information about how many people travel between place A and place B. Should bonuses be tied to quotas or should they be given unconditionally? So that’s something that we’re trying to understand and quantify, so that these methods can be used rigorously and in a standardized way moving forwards. Prof. Pakpong Chirarattananon (Mechanical & Biomedical Eng., City University of Hong Kong), Prof. Kevin Chen (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT) And I think serves a completely different purpose in the context of public health. Le rappeur devra raconter son parcours et expliquer aux élèves comment vivre le rêve américain quand on vient des Hauts-de-Seine et qu'on ne connait personne dans le milieu du business. Executive Education in the Digital Matrix: The Disruption of the Supply Landscape. Jonathan Shaw: You’ve used mobile phone data in the past to model the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Now, we’re starting to reopen, and it’s possible that the link between mobility patterns and mobility metrics in the data and the transmission that’s happening in the community, that that link might shift over time. Chimurenga 16, October. Welcome to the Harvard Magazine podcast, “Ask a Harvard Professor.” I’m Jonathan Shaw. So, we saw that the lockdown came and especially in wealthier suburbs, for example, and in commercial districts, we’ve seen a complete emptying out, where people have gone to rural areas. Après qu’une des phrases de sa chanson Le Duc de Boulogne a été reprise pour un sujet de partiel à l’université de Paris-Sud, Booba conseillera bientôt les jeunes Américains sur le thème du self-made. So, I think now that we’ve had COVID and people have started to understand the utility of this kind of approach, we’re certainly going to see this continue to be used by academics as well as public health agencies. Das has consulted and/or developed and executed in-house training programs for companies  in the areas of Leadership, B2B Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Management, Strategic Marketing, Pricing, Personal Selling and Sales Management. He is currently the Senior Associate Dean, External Relations and Harvard Business Publishing. Dr. Kevin Ma, PhD 2016 (Dish Robotics) So for example, if there was an outbreak ofHIV or something like this, for a sexually transmitted disease, it’s not going to be used in the same way because the contact patterns are different and the way people behave is less, obviously, linked on a population-level to the spread of HIV, for example. So that was basically the neighborhoods where we could see commuting patterns, that’s out in the morning, back in the afternoon. Either way, it’s a challenging problem and forecasting out more than a couple of weeks, is essentially impossible right now, I think. Das Narayandas is the Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He earned a PhD in International Development... Read more about Daniel E. Agbiboa. My sense is that after this pandemic, this kind of information will be routinely used for surveillance, for preparedness and for response to outbreaks. All of those questions are really important, in a way that traditional contact tracing data doesn’t even have to deal with. Preview: Ask a Harvard Professor, Season Three. Does anybody pay for it? Prof. Alexis Lussier Desbiens (Mechanical Engineering, Université de Sherbrooke), Dr. Neel Doshi, PhD 2019 (Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr. Mishu Duduta (Medical Devices Fellow, University of Minnesota) II. But one thing to mention there is that we don’t really know the extent to which seasonality is going to make this much harder for us. But also, the exposure notifications that have been developed, for example, the Apple, Google app, those are very conservative about privacy. Santa Barbara) Prof. Hiroto Tanaka (Chiba University), Prof. Zeynep Temel (Carnegie Mellon University) Because of course, once it’s aggregated on a population-level, it’s not precisely the same as contact rates that spread the virus, it’s a proxy for that on a larger scale. These documents should be submitted as pdf attachments to Prof. Wood: And inevitably, some of those will spill over and we’ll see rising cases in some situations. In addition, our list of publications gives an idea of recent and past work. Jonathan Shaw: Is the spatial resolution of some of the data that you use good enough to be able to model rates of new contact between individuals? Executive development programs have entered a period of disruption catalyzed by the digitalization of content, connectivity, and communication and are driven by renewed demand for high-level executive and managerial skills. What I think is interesting this year is that we’ve seen really the flood gates open on this kind of information. But in terms of being a quantified, near real time, data stream, that tells you where everybody is and where they’re moving around, that’s useful for every infectious disease. So, by sequencing the virus, which you can now do cheaply and quickly, you can start to understand how transmission is occurring in time and space. Jonathan Shaw: Which state and local governments have you been working with? Caroline Buckee: So, you can divide mobile data into multiple types. Prof. Brennan Phillips (Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island)  I think the open question is the extent to which universities can contain them. In October 2018, supporters of Students for Fair Admissions hold signs in front of the federal courthouse where the admissions trial took place. We had a big outbreak in New York, Seattle, Massachusetts. So I think it is very helpful for certain kinds of monitoring and it gives a sense for the overall picture. The AP’s Michael Fabiano on the 2020 election. We also find heterogeneity in the impact of compensation on performance across salespeople; unconditional compensation is more effective for salespeople with high base performance, whereas conditional compensation is equally effective across all types of salespeople. And I think the best forecasting approach has been the ensemble approach that the CDC has coordinated through colleagues at UMass Amherst, they’ve taken lots of different forecasts and tried to come up with a sort of a consensus for what might happen, with uncertainty. So, as we’ve been working with policymakers on the state and city level, we’ve found that they have requested this data on a daily level, on a daily basis, because they need to know what’s happening in the neighborhoods that they are trying to protect from the coronavirus. Dr. Pierre-Emile Duhamel, PhD 2017 (Intel)  If you look at the mobility data across the U.S., around the middle of March, when the national emergency was declared, regardless of where you were in the country, regardless of what the local policy was, we saw a massive drop in mobility everywhere. Professor of government Dustin Tingley (bottom right), faculty director of the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching and deputy vice provost for advances in learning, introduces HILT conference panelists (clockwise from top left): Sherri Ann Charleston, Anthony Jack, María Luisa Parra, and Clint Smith.Screen capture by Harvard Magazine/LG. And we found that particular kinds of mobility correlated very, very strongly with seroprevalence in these pregnant women. And again, it speaks to the fact that the other component of this, in public health in general, is trust. But then there’s another kind of information we might want within New York City, for example. Confronting “some of the most challenging images in the history of photography”, Carroll LowensteinPhotograph courtesy of Peter Mee, A performance for the ages—in just nine throws. We’ve been working on privacy protocols for this kind of data, actually, for a long time, for about a decade, since we started working with this kind of information. Twenty-four-year old Ritesh Agarwal, founder and CEO of India-based online hotel branding network OYO Rooms, has tackled the issue of unreliability in India's highly fragmented budget hotel industry. We find little evidence that effectiveness differs between a quota-bonus plan and a punitive-bonus plan framed as a penalty for not achieving quota. Reese Witherspoon stars as Elle Woods, a sorority girl who attempts to win back her ex-boyfriend, played by Matthew Davis, by getting a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School, and in the … So, they’re consent-based platforms that people opt into. He holds appointments in... Multi-media historian Vincent Brown is Charles Warren Professor of History and Professor of African and African-American Studies and is the Director of... Bruno Carvalho works on cities as lived and imagined spaces. Santa Barbara)  But those are the kinds of data streams we use. We then examine the impact of the forces of digital disruption—the disaggregation and disintermediation of activity chains and the decoupling of the sources of value in education programs—on the future of executive education. Prof. Kyujin Cho (Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University) Dr. Ben Goldberg, PhD 2017 (John Deere), Prof. Nick Gravish (Mechanical Engineering, UCSD) Dr. Zhi Ern Teoh, PhD 2016 (Cooper Perkins, Inc.) We use them slightly differently. The thing that we can do with these population-level metrics is look at problematic places, in general, that require more surveillance, right? Doug Elmendorf and Karen Dynan: How Much Can the Federal Budget and the Deficit Continue to Grow? But once the disease had taken hold and its seriousness became evident, local populations began to adjust their behavior, irrespective of official advice. So the public trust in the government and the public trust in public health agencies, and so on. Even as the demand for managerial skills continues to grow, executive education worldwide has entered a period of disruption caused by the digitalization of content, connectivity, and communication. The position is open this summer (e.g., 8/1/2020 or 9/1/2020) and guaranteed for a year with a possible second year extension. Prof. Sangbae Kim (Mechanical Engineering, MIT) I will not attempt to make a list here because research works in flux. So that’s become a very important part of the Mobility Data Network and some of the work that’s happening in my group. The results have implications for companies trying to use bonuses to more effectively manage their salespeople. They have slightly different properties and we use them in a different context, depending on where we are. Prof. Jamie Paik (Mechanical Engineering, EPFL) San Diego) But try and keep them to the college and prevent it from spilling out into widespread community transmission. Prof. Jessica Shang, S.B. Dr. Joshua Gafford, PhD 2018 (Postdoctoral researcher, Vanderbilt) Your mobile phone and your personal data and apps are not necessarily. In 2018, OYO branded 8,500 properties across 200 cities and managed to capture almost 1.5% of India's budget hotel market. For a list of general current … Jonathan Shaw: And what do these different kinds of data provide, in terms of insights into population-level movements? 2009 (Mechanical Engineering, U.C. I am a cultural historian who specializes in U.S. racial formation from the nineteenth century to the present. The other thing that I think has really been interesting to see for this outbreak, that I think will change how we view outbreak containment and pandemic preparedness, is the use of viral genomics and genomics in general. Executive Development Programs Enter the Digital Matrix: Disrupting the Demand Landscape, The Skills Gap and the Near-Far Problem in Executive Education and Leadership Development, Incentives versus Reciprocity: Insights from a Field Experiment. Copyright © President & Fellows of Harvard College, which honored him as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2019). Prof. Nada Amin. Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? A Civil War image and an Empire State Building homage, Read the Harvard Mk. And other changes to Harvard’s COVID-19 workforce policies. So, my hope is that we won’t see resurgence in a really problematic way. And I think one of the things that distinguishes countries that have done well is that they have used technology and science in a smart way, and they responded very quickly. Harvard’s world-famous collection of colors can now be enjoyed from home. Caroline Buckee: Well, so I think the privacy issues around the contact tracing apps are very different. You take names and phone numbers, that’s the whole point of it. Jonathan Shaw: And what would the reason be for a shift like that? Philippe Douste-Blazy nommé prof à Harvard Une citation du rappeur Booba sujet d’un partiel à l’université Paris-Sud Oxford, Sciences Po: quand les rappeurs interviennent à l’université And we’ve combined that with mobile phone data to show really how viruses entered the country and then emerged and spread across the country from there. And so, I think some of these apps are still really in the trial phase. A kick off the left foot of Vic Kennard ends a six-year drought versus the Bulldogs. For a list of general current directions, see the list on And when and how would Flipkart become profitable? You can start to date the time of emergence of the virus in a particular place and start to see spatial patterns of how the virus is spreading. So you can, for example, identify the origin of a new viral lineage and link it to a particular importation event.
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