The noise they make and the things they talk about, makes my brain feel like it’s bleeding. I was sexually abused as a young boy over a prolonged period between the ages of 5-8,which didn’t really show up till i hit puberty,and when i was 16 (and after a lot of drink),i attempted to take my own life (fortunately i was unsuccessfull,and referred to a psychiatrist,who uncovered the abuse,and also had the abuser in the hospital at that time. LMU Klinikum (You taxpayers paid for this. I got them involved in many activities. I knew i wasn’t like the rest of them but I didn’t know it had a name. there is nothing to make me unhappy. Government has changed the diagnoses/descriptions for what qualifies now: “Aspergers” is no longer valid terminology. I am quite cross that the NHS etc didn’t pick this up earlier so i could of done something about it when I was younger. My girlfriend had me take this test. I always wondered why no one cared about the same things I did. I’m 18 and I scored a 40 as well I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS but was borderline Asperger’s. Checking for Vit. Maths is my main interest and I am taking my GCSE maths in Year 9. For more information about the test itself and particular statistics, you may find the following paper useful  Screening adults for Asperger Syndrome Using the AQ Test. I was completely emotional over the fat pencil and no eraser, but she got in my face and yelled that I was not going to be able to change any answer and would not be able to look at any one else’s paper this time. I’m 14 and got a score of 39, always thought that I was different. I’m 16 and have taken this test a few times in the past year and have gotten between 34 and 44 each time. I’ve slipped under the radar largely because of my good looks: I’m well groomed & conventionally attractive & people never assume anything is wrong with pretty people. For those of you have taken the AQ / Autism Test, you are probably wondering what the results mean. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. I’m 20 and took the test and scored 39. i’d always get into trouble for things i didn’t even realise i was doing. They don’t really believe in neurological disorders. I need to improve on this before it’s too late. My daughter’s sensitivity & unease has always led her to animals – now she’s desperate for a horse! didn’t like socialising sat on my own while a friend tried to get me to dance with guys tend to repeat myself talk alot don’t know when its my turn to speak apparently interrupt ppl and don’t know i’m doing it. About 2 years ago, an acquaintance of mine who is essentially a case manager for Autistic children asked me if I had ever been evaluated for or considered I might have Asperger’s. I Scored 37… I hate meeting new people and participating in conversation. I try to fit in. I gather that is fairly high. I read up on this and even wrote a ten page paper on it for school and I do fit most of the criteria. I always suspected I fit somewhere on the autism spectrum and just scored a 36 on this diagnostic test. Yes, if they’re filled with people I like, no, if ti’s people I don’t like or know well. I made it my job to ensure that they were not shy. It is fairly liberating, if anything, as it explains the struggles I have in society. If you’re worried about a high score on this test, do not be worried; instead realize that you are capable of doing things normal people cannot ever hope to achieve. I remember feeling like I wanted to run away from her as I felt like she was suffocating me, or suffocating my free spirit. 4 0 obj I also collected stones as a kid, and now its magazines and cuttings, and I’ve only ever been good at art at school. I have, however, learned to make friends and maintian rleationships…. And can´t talk, and I hold my hands over the ears. When I researched it-a lot of it seemed familiar-he scored 34-hes just turned 50. People call me shy but I cant see myself as one. I am good at Maths & IT. Only realised recently how different I am to everyone else my age and how different I see the world. Just having witnesses and speaking ones truth helps a lot! But that so many in immediate family all score high, is likely an indicator. I was also diagnosed with “sensory sensitivity” I don’t know what that has to do with anything. ), i scored 27, im not really sure whether i have it or not really, i am sensitive to noise though which i heard is a part of it, and also i hate silence, a bit of a contridictary, i hate silent places, makes me really anxious, not good for exams. I’m quite certain I suffer other social disorders as well. Like many above have said,life just seems so much easier when you can always apply logic. BUT, if someone is incapacitated from earning a living for themselves, and cannot handle taking care of their affairs alone, they might need to file for SSDI….THAT is very hard these days….. Like I can’t hear what people say, when there are more than one person talking, or if there are background noise. I’m seen as a bailer with some of my friends because if they make last minute plans I would rather stay in, my parents call me selfish, like if they get sad or angry I know what I should do but I can’t. I took it to check that this WAS asperger and not something else. Although I was already aware of my Aspergers syndrome so I knew I would probably get that result. My mom is almost forty and she scored a 41. in one school picture, if looks could kill the photographer would have been pushing up daisies! Qualified Accountant but it took a few attempts as I am not that bright. I’m a software engineer. Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) (Child) Scoring Key - Portuguese. IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN HELP DIAGNOSE GIRLS WITH ASPERGERS. Everyone around me thinks I very well could have it. I must say I found the test entirely to general. I knew I was a little off, now I understand why. 16. What you’re saying is very rude. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking AspergersTestSite to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,, and However she has she is very emphatic and always comforts fellow peers who are sad. I guess it just feels good to vent a little. That means they do even more to obstruct anyone getting these safety nets. Imagine my shock been I was 20 years old oblivious of this sickness. Other than that, I’m going to keep on being the same person and enjoying my gifts. 34 year old male. I always knew that something was very different about how I interacted with people. Is this just me or has my friend got a score im the 50/60’s region of the spectrum. anyone know the feeling? What should I do? Getting formal diagnosis as an adult, can be hard; most Docs look at it from angle that “as adults, there are no real helps available, why bother?” The Autism Spectrum Quotient helps assess adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger Syndrome (the mildest form on the autism spectrum). I hate it when somebody changes my daily routine – I often get really stresses when people do. Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie/AG Neuronale Entwicklungsstörungen, Stefania Brighenti & Roberto Keller Thank God for friends, since they are the ones that kept me safe from haters and traumatizing things (I was traumatized by many things during childhood, making my own expectations of myself way higher than what was, which concluding in being a little outcasted away from social life, and more into the world of academics), diagnosed with Asspergers when i was young but i scored 13 i am greatly happy as i am getting rediagnosed next week . -cheers. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a good father and have a good job. nosed 18. BUT…first print out the Test from online, so you can take that to the Doc, and present that to them saying, something like, The reason I took this test is because I’ve always had a hard time understanding many emotions people feel, so I’ve spent my life learning to read and mimic them to fit in. I hate change. I’ve had some counselling to help me make sense of things which has helped a lot. My score kinda makes sense, ie borderline. i scored a 36. i was diagniosed bipolar but had never found my symptoms mached with it. Aspegers sounds about right, I actually enjoy doing maths problems. Many people grow up more slowly, and experience is your friend! i’m 30 and i scored 17. looks like i’m average . Dyspraxia is poorly explained, affecting 10% of the population. Age: 19 His parents & siblings always thought he was odd-hes not close to any of them. I was diagnosed only 3-4 years ago. Most people just assume I’m stuck up rather then withdrawn from things. It takes me ages, maybe years to get to feel comfortable with new friends who aren’t really my friends but my husband”s. I can’t maintain conversations with people or know what to say to the man on the bus or in the shops, hence why I always use the self service check-out. I on the other hand am a complete opposite – I love going out, partying, fashion, shopping, concerts, theater, randomly going out and doing things (being spontaneous), skydiving, scuba-diving, traveling, etc. untill i am being shown over and over again i find myself Although I dislike working with others in general, I don’t mind helping people, and I do gain some sense of accomplishment from being the “go to”, even when interruptions irritate and side-track me. i scored a 32 both times i took the test. One person I do understand completely is my 12 year old son. I am clean now and starting out patient rehab as my therapist thinks I abused for self-medication towards aspergers. I got 39 I’m 18 haven’t been diagnosed I took this test because my friends said I showed slot of the signs of as effete. Publically, I have abused drugs in order to socially tolerate going out. . Got 50 out of 50. Paula this information can and will save your marriage, as your post was some time ago I suspect you know this by now with our tendency to analyze and research, I scored 33 about two weeks ago. But how to deal with office politics? Least I know now! Maybe not immediately available, but keep trying and someone out there will be able to help you. I took this test on behalf of my son who is 6. This randomness doesn’t happen often now that I am actually analysing social interactions but did when I was younger. �$u�E�ީۘ0� e�ᮥ����`���f�lj�Nk��/{�ٛ0�?���V���/ᮙ��4������5.�Nq�,�����\����S^g�.�_% �e ��-��X?���5a����2+� �AK�+-Ay!�½/I�3�ä�Q�E�`mI��PS3u����d�5�6c打�G-J����a�j����ɥ����,����id[i��מgc�|��+�k����.���-h ��vc�߸&�ޗ�x3�\���:���v�h_�ƍ���"+�Ⱦ�T I have no official diagnosis of Asperger’s. Well, neither. I only scored 17 although I have made hardly any social relationships. Whatever they are they always surprise me in a way I always cant believe it. And that’s what these people are saying. I have been married for 33 years,have 2 great children and i suppose i have adapted to a certain extent,to seem relatively normal to most people,though those that know me well (especially family) know that i am different. I think maybe my husband has aspergers shows a lot of the symptoms. @James of Captica… I’m not autistic, or at least I don’t believe so – I scored 20 in the test. Going through these comments has me worried that makes me feel as a normal function person with Aspergers. 2nd time married to someone I totally adore but says I am boring. People with a clinical diagnosis tend to score above 32 out of 50 on the AQ and males in the general population tend to score higher than females. Have no criminal record; it’s just that no one wants an Aspie on staff. I have always gone from subject to subject learning a lot about each one. Still, my father would have scored autistic on this test, because he doesn’t enjoy new situations, small chit chat etc. Im 45 and scored 30. Most people cannot understand the intense focus and obsessive traits present in my personality, but I consider them to be a gift, even if they come at the cost of social adeptness, since my capabilities and experience of the world are deeply enriched by my obsessive pursuit of perfection and fine-grained perception of detail. I think my daughter may have this. I prefer animals to people. My observation: self-knowledge is the starting place for anyone who must interact with the rest of society, Aspergers or not. I am 14 and got 33 on the test. I was very, very shy and I have taught myself “routines” to cope with social situations. I like to be spontaneous whether that means planning something when I want to, or needing to go for a walk. I have often been referred to as the go to person at work to investigate the complex problems that may crop up. Also I am the inventor of the Culica Cube game (and was on Dragons Den, (BBC UK) with it) and the Captica board games and have written a novel, “Murder In The Afterlife” on Amazon kindle. It would be boring if everyone was the same, so i’ve heard. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, but I was close to Asperger’s syndrome. Are you even a physician or psychologist? I scored 7, but there are several Asperger behaviour patterns I relate strongly to, but they weren’t really covered in the questions. They have threw the diagnosis of Bi Polar 1 for the past 4 years at me but I react differently to every drug I take than others around me. �b�K(�TU��0W�6�l��l���fq/��S,9������TuVXc�E����������i�~Ī�oHC�e,��PW��~�߆�����k:7"ɘ��ʞFB�ڕ-{" XH/��J��H��q%A˞FB4�S�u�c��.�ۺZgE���&cl����`�Sɨ]?֮MDhɓI�3�.�D-%O%��m�ak�В'��M�4�}pR�d�nf(9)y* M7U��&(i�SIh+�?W%���I@ά�j��yL��&���Z�-{ �~�ڍnt ZV���2)�u���F��D ���~�)=�E�{w� ���X�ȟg��Y�l��&���M�a��=�l�d�Gnd\�]�Ýܶ��DV��t�kwS�V�_��s���nǫ���ɹ� ��ʑE���w��ק �'�['��9eO����}v�LSM�4�u��ųp�U|���u��ӕ��د�����܈u�lŕp��-���.\i�l�J�kl�b�<9gڲ��}�֓�'�Jǂ�ȹ��Vv w�!�� �;��ឰJ�YK�9��E��������ȓ'>�d;�1��C�Q�����M�������A�ցວ�&! I have a million scenarios in my head of,”if this happens,i will do that”,and if that happens i will do this,and if something occurs that i haven’t anticipated,then its a mad panic. I personally feel there are more than enough subjects of study presented by life to engage my interest for more than one lifetime. Please log in again. But I’ve always wondered why I live under such a disconnect. Scored 38 on this test. It is also a BIG advantage in some professions (I’m a network administrator with an assistant who deals with the users), and I love it. But you’re not alone in having difficulty relating to other people. A LOT. Agree: 2,4,5,6,7,12,13,16,20,21,22,23,26,33,39,41,42,43,46: 1 point I’m thinking of going to see the G. P and to get a proper diagnosis. scored 37, the worst thing is i have to memorise every license plate in front of me, That is my true calling. Well sod em that are critical, I am an aspi too it seems and am not going to let it get me down, for my son’s sake. Why? People with a clinical diagnosis tend to score above 32 out of 50 on the AQ and males in the general population tend to score higher than females. I’ve always waffled I get called “talking computer” at home and seem to regain random information I spot. Years later I was re-diagnosed by another therapist and she confirmed that I had social anxiety disorder and inattentive ADD which in the long run helped me out TONS. I just scored 41 on this test. I am going to bring this to my doctors attention so I can get the diagnosis for what is obviously asperger’s that I have. It’s silly of you to assume it’s a happy and decent life. Sometimes I have no clue about how to react in a determined situation. The real reason we actually went there is because of my depression which I also have. Feeling slightly releaved in a way as like the others I’ve always felt that I’ve been on a different wave length to my friends,family and colleagues over the years. Confused, ADD and autism can have many of the same symptoms. Many have gone through their lives never being diagnosed–just being “different”. I’m 33 and working on a Ph.D. in musical digital signal processing, I pick up highly technical subjects with ease, am naturally fascinated with science, and am also a talented musician and accomplished artist. 26, i scored 24. Then I can fully be myself because I’m not being myself. This is basically rhetorical, because in the end, these are questions only I can answer. She’s also a liar… Is that a trait? I scored a 23. I’m 27 I was diagnosed with this condition last year while trying to get an extension on my thesis, I had long suspected something was up totally clueless in certain subjects such as maths etc it took / still does forever for me to grasp certain things. 36 score. Hi, I always felt different to others, even as a child, always felt inadequate in social situations, and found myself getting tongue-tied, even stammering if these feelings became too much. Why you may ask well its because I dealt with my bad behaviours and habits over a three year period. She deals with the people and gets the problems they are having with the network, and I fix them. i’m 31 and got a 37 always sat on my own at school don’t like talking on the phone. I ran for political office a few years ago. EVERYONE DESERVES A DECENT QUALITY OF LIFE.kthanksbye:). Well, I’m 19 and scored 39! he is very mathematical ect. 37/50 *��#���r��ט�X��ʡj�U���.��J()� ��_)+b5�dX�*�j�PA%V{�4�>V F@Wc�"V>� )�+�T���b���Y)VN�j�P!P�v T�j��?� My other daughter says that when she phones she can’t get a word in edgeways. I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome already. I was told that means, I have borderline asperger syndrome. It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with them, it’s just that I don’t really know how to plan these things. No one ever talked about autism when I was young and my parents preferred to pretend I was the same as everyone else. I have a boyfriend, and friends, I find it easy to abstain relationships that I already had or that people have helped me form, but other than that, I hate speaking to new people! Hello. We recently watched “The Bridge”-I noticed similarities between the character & my husband. My Father would feel compelled to count the aspects of visual patterns , my brother has a photographic memory and once demonstrated an ability to memorize over 100 number plates from vehicles in the local neighbourhood. It all adds up dont it! I just didn’t know what it was. When I got to high school, I had learned how to mimic more or less normal social behavior and did even better in college and beyond. Part of me thought or still thinks I have low levels of aspbergers because of my social awkwardness. But now I have been made acutely aware that my family is tired of being tolerant of my inconsiderate ways. I just don’t care about meeting new people. My dad used to tell everyone I was going to be an engineer. All the next generation of children in our family have either Aspergers, Autism, ADHD or a learning disability. I don’t have awful social skills though, I never go out but I can still communicate and get along decent, but I think because my IQ is 130 SD 15, I’m able to pick it up just cuz I’m decently smart, so I may be something of a high functioning autistic as well. Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, T Tavassoli, R Hoekstra, Simon Baron-Cohen, The Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ): development and validation of a new sensory questionnaire for adults with and without autism. Autism and Aspergers are both an umbrella syndrome that includes plenty within the parameters you’ve described. BUT, society has changed over time to be far less tolerant of anyone different / not conforming to “norms”. Keep doing this test once a year. Btw, I’m a math major at an Ivy. The reason was I never had the opportunity to play with other children until I went to school. This is a free test online so its sure fire not that accurate. Also one thing above all that I really hate that’s been picked up by my wife especially, if I get the slightest bit of criticism or something I misinterpret with anyone I become really touchy and obsess over what it was to prevent it happening again. Ok so first test I’ve ever done I’m 23 years old I’ve always been dyslexic and really struggled in school for many reasons. Download. I’m 19 and have always felt like the weird, shy girl. maybe cuz im a girl and i display the symptoms differently than boys do…plus im quite high functioning so my aspergers is quite a mild form. A person MUST have as many other valid diagnoses filed along with ASD, as they have documentations for–such as severe Anxiety Disorder, Depression, etc. I’m always happy. I have friends who would have scored a 40 and family who would have scored 50. I think if you want help, you can and should get it. Probably 1 in a 1000 odds that I DON’T have aspergers. Now I struggle to cope with the phone ringing and emails and colleagues making demands. She finds world confusing and new changes with fashion, technology, or anything else is really confusing for her. So my daughters had trouble beginning in pre-k and it is now effecting her in kindergarten she is at the bottom of her class I’ve asked her p.c.p to refer her to a specialist the 1st time i asked was about 18mos ago since then Ive asked 6 more times they told me that it takes about a year before the specialist will even call me back to start to set up an apt. I’m 15 and I just scored 39 on the AQ test. I’m a 14-year-old male and I’ve gotten a 26, 32 and i believe a 36 on this test, and my life is basically shit. Thanks! Dead pleased. Age: 16 I got a 26, and my life is a nightmare because of my inability to have ordinary social interactions. The mercury in the vaccines IS a problem; getting too much at once, especially at such young ages, is a trigger being pulled [per Senate Subcommittee meeting not long back]. More information can be gained by signing up for our free course. I guess I’m not an asperger’s then. My dad thinks I hung the moon and dislikes me making any sort of reference to being different, even though he often hammered on me about my “shyness” as a child. I’m 30 years old and scored 40. my daughter is 5 years old and doesn’t want to got to school because shes not like the other kids. I do them for fun. I blow sprockets when I’m faced w/ change, & I count steps in everything I do…everything has a process w/ steps that must be adhered. so I have Asperger Syndrome? But as said she is extremely good at reading body language, who makes me unsure and the doctors. Tendency towards autistic traits. I am not as smart as them but my job is rocket science compared to the jobs of most other people. Got a 10. Now, to get myself diagnosed, officially, is going to come next…. On this particular self-test, I scored a 41. It made sense to me because I’ve always felt different and disconnected with the world. my 10yr old son scored 45 on this test (unless i unplug his XBOX, end of the world!) She seems fine now. At this young age, don’t make this test a self-fulfilling prophecy but use it as a tool for your self-development as you enter adulthood. Age 26 (turning 27 next month in July), Female I’m 47 -not taken this test for a while but I just scored 41. My score here was of 42 which I guess it means my aspergers is very advanced even thou at the time of my diagnosis I was told I was only level one. I have many many friends but only feel comfortable hanging out with one at a time. Now when I am being pedantic about something my partner reminds me… and I back off. It can omly be taken with grain salt, but even if i get an official diagnosis from a profressional help, I wouldnt still believe it. But even so (specially in the country I live in Dominican republic) people don’t seem to recognize Aspergers low levels as a condition, they treat me as if I was just eccentric and push me to adapt, even when I communicate I have Aspergers ( which by the way took me until recently to be able to communicate). I can’t make friends because I don’t know how to converse with people and I especially don’t know how to discuss my emotions or help other people with their problems or anything. I know its hard dealing with this I know but that’s not the case with me. 31, No. You don’t even need to see a psychologist, based on what you’ve said it’s definitely obvious. I took this, and another test or two, out of curiosity. I feel stupid going to the doctors. Age 61. And there were so many more things like that. However, I noticed all of the questions I am not autistic for are to do with reading and imagination. Age: 13 I’ve been told by various people that I have autistic tendencies for most of my life. Im very habile at starting conversations but i soonly loose its point. I know Im not when I read about my abnormal behaviors but I couldnt shake the feeling and confidence that theres nothing abnormal about my behavior. And museums are pretty tiring too (for everybody). I guess I’ve kinda learned and immitated what others do over the years. stream I’m 31 I’ve never been diagnosed with Asperger’s or Autism, but I scored a 32 on this. Disagree: 1,8,10,11,15,17,24,25,27,28,29,30,31,32,34,36,37,38,40,44,47,48,49,50: 1 point People exhaust me, but through humiliating trial and error, I can socialize and not put people off all the time. I am 12 and I have taken the his test a number a number of times, my lowest sore better my 27 and my highest 32. OK. Do you think I might have aspergers? I’m a 16 year old girl and I scored 30. 1. Eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher. 26 – 31 Is a borderline score. It’s still difficult sometimes, but, I can fool most people into believing I’m “normal”. I also used to talk to my kids in the 3rd person, saying things such as “your mom’s not going to be happy when she sees that you haven’t set the table yet”, something I did to prompt them to do something without actually scolding them, but my step daughter informed me how strange it was do speak in such a manner. I just dont really know what to do or say. Am I on the spectrum, or am I just a weird kid? I’m slightly out of the norm here, but I’m glad it’s in the right direction. Thank goodness for computers – don’t know how I would’ve survived otherwise. I am considered the normal one in comparison to my brothers. I don’t believe there is many people with Aspergers syndrome in Belfast but I have came across one or two, and I believe I helped them become more outgoing as I always had time for them. I do know this though, I am a good masker. I’d this test I got a 16. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Sam, I’ve done the test a few times and I’m consistently a 27 and relate to everything you’ve said there (5 years ago!) As a small child I was allegedly diagnosed with mere traces of autism, although I have never been tested at all since then. (Was able to talk him out of doing that.) I wonder if there is more diagnosis of aspergers and autism because people are locked away by themselves learning from book. Today I got 30. I scored 6 is it normal or I’m to emotional about people and all kinds of situations? You could also do more research about the condition and how to help yourself in awkward situations. Live Action Role Play. Oh and if anyone got a score of 32 or higher, don’t click on the Asperger’s Survival Guide link. My Grandfather was obsessed with keeping the same routine. repeating myself about things people tell me that i say inappropate things that i thick sound appropate i dont realise i do it. My aunt much stronger than my mum. I can’t talk to people my own age, own small children and animals. How should I tell my mom? I’m the type to be shunned by haters and depressed or anxious when something bad happens in terms of friendships and grades…well, I live a perfectly normal life and such, so I only knew till this quiz. I always described him as like Spock-I was like Bones. At that point i just put my social awkwardness/ineptness and ocd phases down to the abuse,and got on with life. I’m 14. Again, you do not know what it is like going through life with the disorder. The only one to be diagnosed in my family , I believe is my nephew , but many on my Father’s side show traits. I still can’t see the other’s point of view but I CAN come to terms with the fact that I *might* have been wrong, after all. Unless we are larping. Am retired. I have said enough. Hmmmm….this explains a lot but will need to get this checked properly. And the response choices were irritating to say the least,what kind of a choice is agree or disagree (strongly , slightly or not)? People are trying to figure out why their lives and relationships have been difficult, and you’re discrediting a valid answer for them.
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