The host, Rob Haupt, asked some great questions and was easy to talk to. How do I sit, what do I do with my hands, how long do I look at them before I look away? I speak four languages and have a basic understanding of two more (in my experience, if you know the basics you can figure out a lot). Yes there are some other ambiguous questions, it’s the case with the AQ test too. Well, for one I went back over some to make sure I answered them “correctly”…lol. I took the quiz and then “Over” reserched it. I think we all have a lot of conscious and unconscious coping mechanisms. (Eh, holy crud, I have an account here?? I think it’s one of our biggest strengths, even when other people might call us obsessive. Go directly to the test: Schizotypal Personality Questionnary (SPQ-A). As I sit in my house alone, again, upset that no one any interest in hanging out with me, I realize that something is wrong here. Your Aspie score: 132 of 200 Thanks for sharing all this great info. , What are your thoughts (anyone) on something beyond learned behavior/coping mechanisms that actually help, such as medication (Risperdol?)? Hello! I feel like I have so much more blogging to do on this topic… when I have time and energy…, Yes, thanks for sharing this Cynthia, it does give a great visualisation of different areas. Scheduled to see a GP today for proper testing. Well, like so many other people on the spectrum. I haven’t ever written anything about this that I can recall but it’s an interesting topic to think about. I can make smalltalk/idle chatter a bit, but I have no desire to keep in touch or communicate further than that, because without a lot of common ground I have nothing to say, and no interest in saying anything. The distribution of scores between aspie and NT becomes most obvious when you look at the spiderwebs. My score is aspie 149 out of 200, NT 55 out of 200 I did the 70question one too, with similar results, but I liked this one because it had things I recognised immediately: I am little miss tippy toes, where are my arms?, I thought I had a hair fetish(!). So I will start that process in the New Year, and I’m already clear my intent is not for labels or medications, but only 1) to make sense of a lifetime of nonsense, and 2) learn how to get through life much better than I do, be happier, and be a better wife to my long-suffering husband. It’s very interesting to read. Non autistic: 46 of 200 Luckily things seem to have improved greatly in the last decade with typical female presentations being recognised by most experts and from that more ‘atypical’ presentations recognised across the board, but it still varies greatly by region and whether you’re referred to someone who believes strongly in things like ‘extreme male brain’ or the old gendered stereotype. Besides it being English, it comes in a language I really understand. It was there all along, I just tried and tried so hard to hide and ignore them that I wasn’t even aware I was doing it. I am sure they get people all the time who read something online and have diagnosed themselves with something or other. and my super star daughter who is surely an undiagnosed Aspie. There is an entire post on the various ways to try to get a diagnosis along with some advice on how to approach whoever you initially end up see (GP, psychologist, etc). I read all of your “Adult Diagnosis” series, which has been extremely helpful. The goal of this test is to check for neurodiverse / neurotypical traits in adults. I got 163/200 neurodivergent. Certains s’accordent à dire qu’il est plutôt fiable et qu’il rend bien compte des traits autistiques, d’autres mettent en avant qu’il n’a pas de base scientifique et qu’il n’a pas été déployé selon une méthodologie permettant d’assurer le sérieux des résultats. Obviously there are questions on the Aspie Quiz that are aspie indicators but will be answered positively by NTs. I came out Aspie Score 103/200. Ph34r m3! I think the blowfish shape is fairly common and it also seems common to have some slight variation within a range of scores, depending on you interpret the questions on each go through. Because my deepest craving is a clean white geometric empty space to work in hahaha. And the thing about feeling romantic attraction when someone has expressed their attraction to you first, that’s basically my life lol. (Autism as originally referred to as “childhood schizophrenia.) I noticed I’ve never posted my scores here. Yes. There have been a few rounds of refinement since then, so probably some of each? How horrible for a pastor’s wife. Given that one doesn’t believe rdos to lie and to be a fraud, I think his answers are plausible and consistent. Conversation is difficult. SOme days I feel so “normal” so I am weird and will take Autistic tests even tho I know I am one just to feel validated. I am a therapist, MA, I can work with you one on one on a deep level, but it tires me beyond anything. My scores vary a little depending on how I interpret the questions too. The raw data and statistics might be published, Not the case, I think now. … It’s not necessarily what the other person may feel they need at that time, even if they are a fellow Aspie. Statistics/results are saved in a database. Weird thing is that I cannot stand clutter but my need to keep files of everything and it all piling up keeps creating more clutter and then I go and need my stimming to not explode. ://. Very atypical !! I bumped into a person I worked with a while ago and he said he missed me cos I was friendly and talked to him and the new ones didn’t, so bow down to my high-functioning skills. The full details about the book, including submission guidelines are at Typed Words, Loud Voices. I wouldn’t be me then. Also I like how each of the symptoms in your results shows how Aspie or non-autistic that symptom is. I think the talent questions are around things like pattern recognition and cataloging information. I never know when people don’t like me and I alswys think my husband is mad at me or yelling at me. The only question that really bothered me was one that had to do with “unusual things you find attractive in the opposite sex” (I’m paraphrasing) because it makes an assumption that (unless you’re asexual) you’re heterosexual. My score was 158/200 for neurodiverse (aspie) score and 68/200 NT. The societal stereotype of Asperger’s is just one of more obvious coping strategies. I’m extremely sensitive to Gluten, Dairy and Soy, and accidentally eating the wrong things can profoundly affect the way I feel physically and mentally. I’d been googling aspergers on the net and I recognised a lot of the traits (and grumbled about how some of them would be tolerated or seem as normal for blokes and how women have this ideal woman that they are supposed to be like regardless of whether they are aspie or not). Is it wrong to be jealous of your score? What's so Special About a Special Interest? I’m the sarcastic intelligent one? . The same will be true of aspies having some qualities that are more commonly associated with NTs. Now I’ve come around to “this is me, deal with it” and surprisingly that’s working out really well. Thanks. Glad to hear that the Aspie Quiz is continuing to be developed and supported anyway . Before that I just told myself that everyone must score high, because obviously so many of the statements were true. With two kids on the spectrum, there’s a good chance that you may be too. I’ve been finding that my traits become harder to hide or compensate for as I grow older and I think that was one of the things that finally made me go looking for answers. So in that sense, usual sex became boring and repetative, so I answered yes I like unusual sex…. It runs in my family, though it has only been diagnosed among younger members (under 10). Yay! I wonder how many people backtracked upon similar questions which were worded differently, just to see if they answered the same on both. I can’t find a good article including NVLD as a type of Asperger’s, but this covers it I totally get what you mean – this kind of chatty, space filling talk can be so confusing. Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 40 of 200. My highest WAIS scores were 98th and 95th percentile (verbal reasoning and comprehension), the lowest are 1st and 5th percentile (mental arithmetic and picture completion – visual reasoning). I have taken it 3 times and gotten 181, 175 and 167 on the aspie side respectively, and between 50-55 on the NT side. But I do sing at awkward moments, there is no denying that. I’m a software developer who was recruited out of college despite lacking qualifications (majored in math, didn’t learn much of it, with my reasoning abilities compensating for actually learning the content) because I was obviously talented in that area. Family progress! Everything else feels bad to me and is overwhelming. I was put in therapy, drugged and diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (which turned out to be the therapist’s favorite diagnosis and everyone there got it), along with 6 more entries from ICD10, because BPD actually didn’t fit quite so well. You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie). I dont think there would be any point trying for a diognosis as it was hard enough getting one for my son who is more ‘classic’ autism let alone a 35 year old woman whos got on with it all this time. I wonder if there’s a typical Aspie graph? It get’s difficult when your hair colour matches your skin tone. Yes, there are definitely a lot of anxiety related questions on the quiz so that could factor into it. My husband calls me a human calculator. I was always a loner, a reader and a collector. And I guess as an aspie, I’m bothered by how it lacks precision. Besides a renewed obsession with The Sims, that’s about all that’s new around these parts. I have a DX of Bipolar, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, OCD. I find it interesting that my scores are more widely distributed than theirs. It’s gotten a bit better now after 7 months. The critics with regard to rdos’ Neanderthal theory, I’ve had some reason to consider. Also, it’s quite possible to have spectrum traits but not AS. The relationships section was so interesting?? Current level of functioning is really bad, so any help would be appreciated. It’s difficult to test the reliability and validity of an online test because they are never a replacment for an official diagnosis by a psychologist but in my experience, the Asper Quiz is fairly accurate. His Aspie score was 128 and NT was 59. At any rate, it sounds like you have quite a bit in common with your children, which is a lucky thing for them! ), I hadn’t anywhere else to ask! I noticed some control questions and made sure they are answered consistently, but I have no idea about the others. Anyway, I just discovered all this a few months ago as well and it’s been quite interesting exploring what it means to be on the spectrum/AS. I fell down a similar hole researching autism and still haven’t climbed out. With all the bad weather I was worried water would seep up from the water table and I’d get flooded. Yet, I absolutely know that it is only in recent years that I have truly begun to meltdown and feel exhausted at times; I have “managed” and “adapted” for so long in such busy environments; I teach High School Modern Languages!! I visualize EVERYTHING and can find the deepest reason very soon behind it all. Thank you for sharing your detailed scores. It sounds like scripting and other workarounds serve you well, though. Still new to blogosphere, beginners mistake. I’m such a good person, with a big heart, but today that heart is heavy because I feel like so many people regard me as simply a pain in the ass. because I’m one of those people who may start to show certain kinds of behaviour after reading or thinking too much about a possible diagnosis … not helpful. (For what it’s worth, I took the Version 2 test and got 142/200 for aspie and 53/200 for nt with a ‘very likely an aspie’ comment. Once you submit your answers, you’ll get a basic results page with your Aspie and NT scores as well as a graphical spiderweb representation of your subscale scores. Hmmm . They all got “normal” results. That’s when I do have to use phrases to get through it, but I can go home and pray to God for the right thing to happen, the truth to come to light, all that. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), "I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults" e-book is available for,, I Think I Might be Autistic. The Aspie Quiz is made up of 150 questions that fall into six domains: talent, compulsion, social, perception, communication and hunting.
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