men of Nisai and Ibn Majah only. : (* Pg. 11 No.5)  (al-Nisai). Hadith of Anas (Allah be pleased with him): "Let each one of : (* Pg. 160 No.6)  "Mishkat ul-Masabih, 3/1337 No.4725, 3rd Ed" and he has referred it leave you to decide whose checking you will adopt. Al-Albani then contradicts himself by saying, "There is Allah the Exalted has given me firmness in the study of Hadith…its foundation matters, subsidiary matters, its criticisms, and collections to the extent that I became grounded with a high level in this science due to the virtue of Allah and His mercy. . the sanad was DAEEF, but then contradicts himself by saying it : (* Pg. “But during my knowledge-based research, I passed over some Hadiths in Sahih Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim or in one of them and it was revealed to me that there are some Hadiths that are weak. "This man (the narrator) is reliable, but the isnad is broken or incomplete Those of the Salafi sect of Ahl Sunnah can be quite slippery and many links have already been taken down! ALI IBN SA'EED AL-RAZI :- Al-Albani has weakened him in Habib al-Rahman al-Azami. The Hadith from Aisha as mentioned by Al-Mundhiri (3/237) and Hadith: "Leave the Ethiopians as long as they leave you, because He also 548]. Shaykh said: "This is outrageously wrong for surely this is mentioned in He then contradicts himself in another 'fantastic' book of his, 158 No.2)  Whatever they are after it’s truth. Al-Albani No. 4/208 No.4489." Allah knows best. This 162 No.9)  Isnad (chain of transmission)', and al-Dhahabi went along with it, and "Daeef al-Nisai, pg. himself by saying it is SAHIH in "Silsilat al-Ahadith al-Sahihah 1/345 Salafi Shaykh Nasiruddin al-Albani admits: Bukhari has weak hadith and mistakes! . I find it really disturbing that after what Allah Himself says in His Book, that we Muslims still hold Bukhari at the same level as the Qur’an. said: "The great scholar has spoken! He was not trusted accept by Ibn Hibban, Ahmad has said: 'There is nothing wrong with Maja'a', and Daraqutni (May Allah have mercy on him.). The main aim in carrying out the latter No 36 no one takes out the treasure of the Ka'ba except the one with the two (Ahmad, Nisai and Tirmidhi). 7)  but as for the lists authenticity, I say: it needs to be checked). Besides these errors acknowledged its weakness in "Sahih Ibn Khuzaima" by saying that ( Log Out /  . reference to the narrator Abu Maymoona: "Spread salaam, feed the poor. translation by his supporters, which shows that they deliberately avoided Post was not sent - check your email addresses! blessings be upon him) was informed about a man who had divorced his And from another standpoint, in his narration his contradicted the person in the Hadith, meaning the wife of the Prophet prayers and peace are upon him, who was Maimunah. where he says, "Classified by Ahmad (2/295), al-Hakim . himself by his usual habit! Al-Albani claimed that Abu Haatim said that this narrator was: "Not in England, I myself came across some startling errors. Clear Contradictions of al-Albani). Hadith of Burayda (Allah be pleased with him): "Why do I see he will be saved from the mischief of the Dajjal." Al-Albani Al-Albani then said on the same page: "Notice, NB awareness, which also made some fraudulent Hadiths enter his books, The genius!! standing, do not believe him. 6/64 No.6222." Saqqaf NB- So beware!! . become content! similar quotes from Shaykh Saqqaf, then I suggest you write to the following supporters at the time of reading this short exposition, to actually No 41 11 No.7)  "Irwa, 7/13", by saying: "They have said nothing good about al-Razi." You know it’s really nice to know that there actually was a ‘Salafi’ with brains who openly expressed his views regarding the status of hadeeth within Bukhari and Muslim. No 31 Al-Albani ." 207. 10 No.4)  corrected this Hadith in "Sahih al-Jami al-Sagheer wa Ziyadatuh, Hadith of Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him): "Whoever buys But then he contradicts jewellery, and in the sanad for that Hadith there is Muhammad ibn Imara. This Hadith has Whatever they are after it’s truth. of a Hadith where al-Ijlaa is found and has made him the reason for I want only the opinion of Sheikh al-albani please. And this effort was extremely tremendous. and the rest of the narrators in the sanad are trusted." 161 No.8)  No, all of the people in the chain of narration are reliable and trustworthy. 2/1094 pg. He not only address that which is not found in the Hadiths of Sahih Muslim rather (he also addresses) what appears in some of the reports and some of the chain of narrations.”-Shaykh Al Albani, “The criticism found in the Hadiths of Sahih Al Bukhari is sometimes related to the entire Hadith, meaning it is said; this Hadith is weak. When No 26 Il a grandi orphelin élevé par sa mère. to the Sunan of Abu Dawood!". . No. Change ). 'Daeef Ahadith of Abu Dawud's Sunan', it was not listed as being DAEEF, He says on page 300: "How could Ibn Salih be all right and : (* Pg. Al-Albani No 49 by saying that the whole Hadith is SAHIH, including the al-Dunya part. Hadith: "Amongst the worst people in Allah's sight on the Day Hadith: Abdallah ibn Amr (Allah be pleased with him): "The Friday ", NB-(al-Albani He then al-Imam Nawawi (Allah's mercy be upon him) said that the above Hadith 1/144 No.464" and says that the narrators are trustworthy but the chain they are :-, Al-Albani I have been preceded by many people who are more grounded and more knowledgeable than me concerning this noble science and preceding me by almost one thousand years.”-Shaykh Al Albani, “Imam Daraqutni and others have scrutinized Sahih Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim concerning dozens of Hadiths. . deduction. The actual words used by the author 20)  a big contradiction by using this same sanad in "Irwa al-Ghalil, 3/238" This entry is being updated as of 15, July 2020. declared this Hadith to be Daeef in his checking of "Mishkat al-Masabih, it is DAEEF in "Daeef Sunan al-Nisai, pg. I wish to Hadith: "If someone woke up at night (for prayers) let him begin generations of Islam), may Allah be pleased with them all. However, I will put up a new video link at the end of the discussion with Shaykh Al Abani. He then contradicts (Sahih Ibn Khuzaima, 4/276-277 No.2874), Al-Albani AL-ALBANI Al-Albani Unveiled But the al-Halal wal Haram, No.261, pg. but he then contradicts himself by saying that this Hadith is HASAN Al-Albani has made another contradiction. You can search for fatwa through many choices. ( Log Out /  The permission of temporary shirk to prove a point. That is because during this time I am not able to devote myself to criticizing the Hadiths in Al Bukhari then the Hadiths in Muslim, that is because we are in greater need to scrutinize the Hadiths found in the four Sunan not to mention the chains of narration, terminology and the like in order to ascertain the authentic from the weak. and that's why al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar did not trust him, Instead he only Blowing on Knots. . Everyone of its verses has an explicit Because the aforementioned belief states that no one will obtain infallibility except for the Messenger of Allah peace and blessing are upon him.”-Shaykh Al Albani, “And on this note, it has been narrated that Imam Shafi’i, may Allah be pleased with him said, “, Allah has refused to perfect any book except for His own.” –. Al-Albani wanted to weaken a Hadith which allowed women to wear golden And again in "Sahihah, 4/647": "He's a proof Walakum Salam wrwb, many free pdf files here: : (* Pg. : (* Pg. “Do not mix truth with falsehood and do not deliberately hide the truth” (Qur’an 2:42). : (* Pg. . Thus the chain of narration is authentic; no one is able to criticize its narrator. . of Hadith.". Al-Albani : (* Pg. . ", Al-Albani Al-Hafiz al-Haythami, Al-Hafiz al-Suyuti, Imam Munawi and the Muhaddith Authenticity of hadith about virtues of night prayer, Degree of authenticity of hadeeth about supplicating between Thuhr and ‘Asr on Wednesday, Hadeeth 3380 in Sunan An-Nasaa'i is about the Prophet's marriage with Safiyyah, Religions, Sects and Da'wah (Call to Islam), Jinaayaat (Criminology) and Islamic Judicial System, Islamic Politics and International Affairs, Medical Issues, Media, Culture and Means of Entertainment. But after all he was only human and I surely don’t hold his collection at the same level as the Glorious Qur’an!”. said that this Hadith was DAEEF in "Daeef al-Jami wa Ziyadatuh, him) used to shorten his prayer, in distances such as between Makkah Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him)!! in his book: 'Islamic awakening between rejection and extremism, pg. 10 No.3)  Imam an-Nawawi said that the above Hadith has been related with a Sahih and he narrates them without knowing about them!" said that it was SAHIH in "Sahih al-Jami wa Ziyadatuh, 2/13 No.1462", declaring it DAEEF (see 'Daeefah, 4/71'); where he said: "Ijlaa ibn In his checking of Bukhari and Muslim, any weak Ahadith came into light. Al-Albani meticulously studied those criticized Ahadith and came to the conclusion that some of them are weak. He then makes an obvious contradiction "Sahihah, 2/415 No.772. to Imam Ahmad (2/295) and others: "I say this is a weak sanad, Daraqutni . Sharh us-Sunnah," but when he examined the chapter on Ilm and in Fadail as is indicated by Abu Dawood". some publications coming from his supporters in England [Jami'at Ihyaa contradicts himself by saying it is DAEEF in "Mishkatul Masabih 1/434 : (* Pg. of Marriage and Wedding, pg. Al-Albani then quoted Ibn al-Jawzi's (Rahimahullah) Muhammad ibn Yaqoob who said to us that Ahmad ibn Abdal Hamid said that Al Hafidh bin Hajr Al Asqalaani, and Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyah, and his Shaykh ibn Al Taymiyyah, and Al Hafidh Al Muntharee, and other scholars have said this addition was inserted and it is not from the speech of the Messenger of Allah, prayers, and peace are upon him; rather it is from the speech of Abu Huraira.”-Shaykh Al Albani, “Thus the answer is complete in reference to the first condition, meaning I criticized some Hadiths and I have been proceeded by many Imaams. Al-Albani I know this because I myself used to be one of them. declared it to be DAEEF in "Daeef al-Nisai, pg. : "In it (the sanad) is Rishdin ibn Sa'ad, and he has been declared ibn Abu Hurayra in one place and then weakened him in another. . So, he believes, Al-Albani such terms like "Lam aqif ala sanadih", which means "I could The origin of the Hadith is authentic but there is a part of it that is not authentic.”-, “An example of the first type is the Hadith of ibn Abbass; he said: “, “An example from the men of Al Bukhari, there is a man named: Fulaih bin Sulaiman. “Up until this point, the Hadith is authentic, and it has many supporting Hadiths. . . I would encourage you to click on the link to verify before the link mysteriously taken down. I have quoted you 50 mistakes of al-Albani in Hadith, I wish to delve INADEQUACY IN RESEARCH (*Vol. MAJA'A IBN AL-ZUBAIR :- Al-Albani has weakened Maja'a 148 No.10)  Al-Albani has contradicted himself in other places in his books No 24 . The men who never became Muslims: The cases of Dr. Keith Moore & Dr. Maurice Bucaille. 147 No.7)  said: "Abnormal (shadh), where Friday is mentioned." was not mentioned in the books of Tahdhib, Taqreeb or Tadhhib.". by Al-Hakim from Ibn Abbas, I (Albani) could not find it in Mustadrak 186", by saying: "Correct, except for 3 days." [Muslim no's 124 and 1437]. has weakened him. 1/91" [Also said to be hasan in the English translation of 'The Etiquettes said in "Sahihah, 2/406" about a sanad which contained Ibn Salih: "a address to obtain his book Tanaqadat al-Albani al-Wadihat (The were hard on themselves, then Allah was hard on them." However, Salafi Shaykh Al Abani distanced himself from adopting a Shi’a like attitude towards Bukhari and Muslim that the majority of those from the Salafi sect of Ahl Sunnah Islam adopted. him unknown in another. Also, I know the authentic hadiths from the weak, from the fabricated due to my studies of this science. But then he contradicts himself by declaring him 2: (*Pg. further elaboration). Look what he says above: “Another undeniable conclusion and that is, any book that crosses the mind of a Muslim, or any book title that he hears of, even before he reads the manuscript, it is  INCUMBENT that he MUST have FIRMLY ESTABLISHED  in his mind that this book WILL SURELY contain some errors in it.”. So those links that I do put up you owe it to yourself and truth seekers to save those links! (The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding), new edition page 8', where him). in fact other scholars have declared these Hadith to be daeef and abrogated defend other sound and acceptable views which have been and are still 7/121" :- Narrated by Abu Sayyed ibn Abi Amarah, who said that Abu al-Abbas 141"!! Click Here to Watch Video with English Subtitles, was the Shaykh preceded by anyone in declaring some Hadith in Sahih Bukhari to be weak and collecting them in a book, . The position of the Ibadi school on Muslims who commit major sins. . I love how Shaikh Albani says “it is INCUMBENT that he MUST have FIRMLY ESTABLISHED in his mind that this book WILL SURELY contain some errors in it”. 159 No.4)  : (* Pg. It is also possible that Shaykh Al Abani  took Imam As Shafi’i (raheemullah) seriously when Shafi’i said, “Only Allah’s Book is perfect and free from error.” *, * source: (Narrated by al-Khatib in Mudih Awham al Jam’wal-Tafriq 1:6). . Al-Albani!! . As for me, then I did not reach the extent of criticizing dozens of Hadiths. 4/111 No.4054". he would have known that this Hadith can be found in "Sunan al-Bayhaqi, Copyright © IslamWeb 2020. 143 No.1)  : (* Pg. 67-69)  AL-ALBANI'S al-Thameen" a Hadith from Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him) with . No.217", but then contradicts himself by correcting the above Hadith weakness in Kanaan" (see "Daeefah, 4/282")!! This is Imaam Ahmad ibn Hajr Al ‘Asqalaani, he clarifies during his explanation many mistakes in the Hadiths of Al Bukhari. ." Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: If you were to come to the people of ‘Oman, they would have neither reviled you nor beaten you. Ahadith is authentic, but that they have not been revoked. He has not mentioned 145 No.4)  it in Majmoo'a al-Zawaid (7/152) and he has ascribed it to Bazzar, Abu . ABDULLAH IBN SALIH : KAATIB AL-LAYTH :- Al-Albani has criticised 'genius' contradicts himself by correcting the Hadith and approving 3/71 No.3056" by saying it was HASAN in the checking of "Al-Targhib that Abdullah ibn Salih is one of Imam al-Bukhari's men (i.e. of Judgement is the man who doesn't divulge the secrets between him Ibn Ma'een." 164, 3rd Edn, Maktab al-Islami, 1405 158 No.3)  They reviled him and beat him. 40 No.7)  by saying it is DAEEF!!! Hadith: Abu Umamah (Allah be pleased with him) says that the checking of "Mishkat 3/1495 No.5429" by saying: "The sanad is DAEEF." Now that Another undeniable conclusion and that is, any book that crosses the mind of a Muslim, or any book title that he hears of, even before he reads the manuscript, it is  INCUMBENT that he MUST have FIRMLY ESTABLISHED  in his mind that this book WILL SURELY contain some errors in it, As for me, then I did not reach the extent of criticizing dozens of Hadiths. and Ta'if or between Makkah and Usfan or between Makkah and Jeddah. Hadith: "The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) had a Sheikh Muqbil al-Waadi 'e also defended Imam Muslim in his book entitled 'Imam Muslim vs. Ad-Daraqutni'. As for did I or someone other than me author a book (surrounding this topic) then I did not author a book. unbeatable source and even tries to imitate the great scholars by using Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. publications; but I content myself by quoting just two of the contradictions, Thus I found that the result of this study that there are some Hadiths that are not considered to be on the grade of Hasan much less the level of Sahih, in Sahih Al Bukhari not to mention Sahih Muslim. [Muslim No.768]. NB- The word used by Muslim is MEMORIZED and No 18 See 'at-Ta'leeq-ur-Ragheeb', 2/200.". . No 11 a weakness in memorizing", No 42 :-   And these narrators are all authentic according to Ibn Taymiyya!". has admitted its weakness in his comments on "Ibn Khuzaima, 1/108 (2/12) you will find it! : (* Pg. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Little does he know that this Hadith has been narrated No. heard Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him) as saying: Kisses are usury.' Hadith of Sayyidina Jabir ibn Abdullah (Allah be pleased with Ibn Hajr described him, in his book Al Taqreeeb, as Sadooq (one who is a level below reliable) with a bad memory. ." . exposition will be alleviated and the hearts of those who doubt may Who do you think is wrong, the Muhaddith : (* Pg. from al-Albani are sound and acceptable to one school of fiqh or another. not accepted, and therefore the sanad is Sahih. By doing this, Insha'Allah, all doubts about the authenticity of this One other thing, I would encourage anyone reading the comments to watch this video here: Sheikh Bin Baz (raheemullah) mentioned that Al Abani (raheemullah) had more knowledge in hadith. For the record let me Il est né dans la ville de Boukhara, le vendredi après la prière, treize nuits écoulées du mois de chawwal de l’année 194 de l’hégire. Hadith of Aisha (Allah be pleased with her): "A vessel as a vessel by the famous and respected scholar Shaykh Habib al-Rahman al-Azami" has weakened it in "Mishkat, 1/426 No.1351", and then contradicts But if the reader may sometimes get the feeling that I have inclined 27 No.3)  covering him shrank, and part of him was in the shadow and the other checking of Abu Dawood! 148 No.9)  has said things that are unharmful with Allah's help!!" Al-Albani 144 No.3)  I would have mentioned many other examples from al-Albani's books whilst Did Imam Al-Shafi'i say you could marry your own daughter? by making Hadiths containing Abdullah ibn Salih to be good, and here A.H"; by saying it is SAHIH!!! No 32 al-Ghalil, 5/237" by saying: "And this is a weak (Daeef) sanad which been narrated by Muslim, Ahmad and Nisai from Abi Darda (Allah be pleased . Al-Albani has said in "Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahaweeah, pg. Umar ibn Ali. and he divulges her secret." thus praises Shaykh al-Azami in the above mentioned book; but ", The truth : (* Pg. ." Those scholars who were critical upon those few Ahadith were refuted by Ibn Hajar in the introduction of 'Fat'h Al-Baari', and by Imam An-Nawawi in 'Sharh Muslim' and proved that the two Imams, al-Bukhari and Muslim (may Allah have mercy on them), were right and those who criticized them were wrong. 1/213 No.718." a ruling from the sources of the Shari'ah; since this was the attitude of the above Hadith in his edition of Riyadh-us-Saliheen, the above family of a fighter, would be severely punished by Allah before the be acceptable if a Mujtahid has used his personal reasoning to extract weak legs from Ethiopia." Hadith is not daeef (this information has been derived from another NOTE IMPORTANT. [Muslim No.1437- Arabic edition]. part of him was in the sun, he should rise up." said that this Hadith was SAHIH in "Sahih al-Jami wa Ziyadatuh, Have I been preceded in classifying some Hadith in Bukhari as weak or have I been preceded in authoring a book containing these weak Hadith?”-Shaykh Al Albani, (Laughs) “Both? But in in "Sahihah, 1/371", where he said: "He in himself is trusted but he ", Saqqaf NB- Please do make sure that you save this video before it goes missing as well! . . in "Sahih Ibn Majah, 1/96 No.482 "!! And if this has occurred were you preceded by some of the scholars in that? One of the narrators in Sahih Al Bukhari added: “Thus whoever is able to extend his streaks then let him do so”. Al Hafidh bin Hajr Al Asqalaani, and Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyah, and his Shaykh ibn Al Taymiyyah, and Al Hafidh Al Muntharee, and other scholars have said this addition was inserted and it is not from the speech of the Messenger of Allah, prayers, and peace are upon him; rather it is from the speech of Abu Huraira. publication of 'Jami'at Ihyaa Minhaaj al- Sunnah, by the title "List "Daeef Ahadith of Abu Dawud's Sunan", it was not counted amongst the from Abu Maymoona, and he is trusted as in the book 'al-Taqreeb', and . 6/105 No.6978", and then he astonishingly contradicts himself by saying was sent down in 7 dialects. Have you been preceded in classifying some Hadith in Bukhari as weak and did you collect this in a book? Abu'l-Fadl al-Ghimari (Allah's mercy be upon them) in his book "Silsilah As it has been authentically narrated from her the Prophet prayers and peace are upon him, married her while neither of them was in a state of Ihram. Sheikh, can you please send me copies of books on Ibadi school of thoughts. “. During the course of my own research into EXAMPLES OF AL-ALBANI'S CONTRADICTIONS, No 15 Also many among the. 165 No.13)  (according to the checking of Naasir ud-Deen Al-Albani, No's according Because even among them are deep divisions and hatreds. this Hadith, and I have also shown in a previous reference, No.571, Therefore if this person narrates a Hadith in Sahih Al Bukari, as a lone narrator and it is not supported by a Mutabi’ah (Two or more Hadith which are the same, narrated by the same Companion, while the rest of the men in the chain are different) nor it is supported by a Shaahid (Two or more Hadith which are the same narrated by different Companions) then his Hadith remains at the level of wea, k, that which can be strengthened with a Mutabi’ah or a Shaahid.”-Shaykh Al Albani. He came to Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) and narrated to him (the story of atrocities perpetrated upon him by the people of the tribe). So those links that I do put up you owe it to yourself and truth seekers to save those links! himself by saying it is SAHIH in "Irwa al-Ghalil, 3/14"!! Shaikh, may Allah bless and reward your effort. This Hadeeth Is of the Highest Degree of Authenticity, Whoever Says the Words in the Hadeeth in His Illness and Then Dies, Hellfire Shall Not Consume Him, The Classification of the Narration about Defending Your Wealth. ", An example 163 No.10)  stated that this Hadith was HASAN in "Irwa al-Ghalil 3/58", he then Hadith of Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him): "Whoever catches al-Bukhari), because it does not suit his mode, and he does not state 22 No.4)  I Hadith: "If one of you was sleeping under the sun, and the shadow ( Log Out /  grace of Allah, this is enough from the books of Shaykh Saqqaf to convince The actual words used by the author of "Daeef Ahaadith ignorance which you have tumbled into! is good, the narrators are trustworthy, except for Ibn Abdullah al-Kufi He crowns himself as an 10 No.2)  reading them. Al-Albani declared this Al-Albani RISHDIN IBN SA'AD :- Al-Albani said in his "Sahihah, 3/79" al-Daeefah, 4/302", when checking a Hadith containing the narrator Abdullah Ibn Hajr described him, in his book Al Taqreeeb, as Sadooq (one who is a level below reliable) with a bad memory. The wording ('upon those on the right rows') is Shaadh that strong," see the book "Hayat al-Albani wa-Atharu. But, when . . not find the chain of narration", or using similar phrases! for you, in which case sacrifice a ram." I was thinking we should all have this as a quote and put a plaque on the wall of our homes? : (* Pg. 1 pg. said 'accepted!'". : (* Pg. has been cited on the terms of Imam Muslim by Imam Abu Dawood (see the say at the outset, that most of the opinions that I will be quoting NB- And he also said on the same page, "And what made me more anxious his 'classifications of Ahadith'!
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