See. They can easily be performed on your side in a terminal using the given cURL samples (get it from your usual package manager, or from the official website). Generalities Top Resources. The recording mode. associate each vote with an application user; make sure each user votes at most once (potentially allowing the user to change his vote). Once a poll is anonymous, nothing changes, only it becomes impossible to associate votes to users again. The audio subscription list. After getting a resource ID, call start to begin cloud recording. The Customer ID or Customer Certificate you entered is incorrect. Call acquire to get a new resource ID. See Set up subscription lists for details. 1003: The App ID or recording ID (sid) does not match the resource ID. You must choose composite recording mode. You can also visit our interactive API documentation Cloud Recording RESTful API. Agora Platform. unSubscribeAudioUids: (Optional) JSONArray. Processes the subscribed media streams, such as generating recorded files in the specified file format, taking video screenshots, or uploading recorded files to an extension service. Supports composite mode (, A string that contains the UID of the recording client. You can only set it to the default value, "error_abort", which means that if an error occurs to the current extension service, other extension services also stop. For the majority, the score indicates the number of times the choice was voted for, here twice for choice 1 and once for choice 3 (see the list of votes above). An array of the user IDs (UIDs) of the users whose video you want to subscribe. For example, if you set the backgroundColor parameter as "#FF0000" (red) when starting a recording and call this method to update the layout without setting the backgroundColor parameter, the background color changes back to black (the default value). Once you set this parameter, the recording service subscribes to the audio of all UIDs except the specified ones. The cURL commands generated by these live calls are shown, Supported character scopes are: 1028: Invalid parameters in the request body of the updateLayout method. in which all API calls can be tested. Error handling policy. See Sample code for an example of using the RESTful APIs. 1001: Fails to parse the resource ID. region: Number. With Agora, you can embed vivid voice and video in any application, on any device, anywhere. Fields with asterisks (*) are mandatory. The length of the array should not exceed 32 UIDs. Ultra-low latency and strong interactions, Monitor, track and analyze the quality of calls, A server-side AI teacher provides personalized tutoring to students, An online teacher gives an exclusive lesson to only one student, A teacher gives an online lesson to multiple students, Thousands of students watch an online lecture and "raise hands" to interact, Divide the students in a large online class into small groups, Ultra-low-latency live streaming by one host. subscribeVideoUids: (Optional) JSONArray. exhaustive reference, If you set this parameter, ensure that you set width, height, fps, and bitrate. A specific client request that requires the following parameters: The App ID in the channel to be recorded. This new user is returned as part of the response, as seen in the examples of section 2. It contains detailed help for each Cloud Recording RESTful API and its parameters, and provides the Try it out function which allows you to send RESTful API requests and receive responses directly on the web page. 53: The recording is already running. fileNamePrefix: (Optional) JSONArray. Fill in the form below to contact us. This error might occur when you call query after stop. Updating a chart does not change its URL, but makes it point to an updated representation of the latest results. Possible questions in this article include: Content missing (lack of code or otherwise), Best Practices in Integrating Cloud Recording, the cloud recording service is not enabled, A string that contains the UID of the recording client, for example. sid: String. Try using Agora Web SDK with async/await ! Each month, active user count is reset. No result has been found. to facilitate command-line interaction. This second URL allows more flexibility: several votes (for several choices) can be sent at once, and these votes can either replace (PUT method) or complement (POST method) any existing vote for this user. Agora recommends that you do not set the array as empty. The length of the array should not exceed 32 UIDs. Another possible reason is that you sent your request to a wrong URL. 65: Usually caused by network jitter. Instant-runoff result is requested on the /polls/P123456789/results/runoff endpoint. User ID’s can then be sent to the API when: The latter possibility can be achieved either by sending a user parameter with an id attribute into the vote resource sent to /votes, or by adding it to the endpoint URL /votes/for-poll/P123456789/for-user/{user-id}. If you set this parameter, do not set, videoUidList: (Optional) JSON. The following parameter is required in the URL. If necessary, or if in doubt that a token has leaked, you may replace it with another one on your account. serviceParam: JSON. You should be now ready for polling with AgorAPI! For example, HTTP header contains incorrectly formatted content. The recording ID. recordingConfig has the following fields: transcodingConfig: (Optional) JSON. Once the application is installed on your workspace each user may create (and own) a poll, and each member of a given channel may answer a poll whithin this channel. Agora Web SDK NG is now based on Typescript. The unique identification of the current recording. The resource ID is valid for five minutes. This method call overrides the existing subscription configuration. HTTP header contains incorrect information. All requests are sent to the host: The following sections will guide you through more advanced features of the API. You cannot set this parameter in individual recording mode. The simple API/SDK allows you to integrate HD voice and video click to call functionality into your app or website effortlessly. On the API side, all requests are encrypted with SSL/TLS since our servers only respond to HTTPS requests. You can choose to configure either recorded files or video screenshots at one time. See Set up subscription lists for details. resourceId: String. extensionServices: JSONArray. This token (obtained in your account) authentifies the incoming request as coming from you, and will give access to all of your data (read and write). The prefix's length, including the slashes, should not exceed 128 characters. recordingFileConfigincludes the following fields: snapshotConfig is a JSON object for configuring how Cloud Recording takes screenshots. 432: The parameter in the request is incorrect. errorHandlePolicy: (Optional) String. Since it is a generalization of the majority voting to n rounds, scores express the number of votes received at the last round, and results are also best viewed as vbar or pie charts. vendor: Number. Closing a poll consists of updating its status to CLOSED: Note that a poll may be re-opened at any time by setting its status back to OPEN, and so on. Unauthorized (incorrect Customer ID/Customer Secret). The Real-Time Engagement Platform for meaningful human connections.People engage longer when they see, hear, and interact with each other. Every Open Agora subscription comes with 10 active users for free, in other words, you may use our product with 10 people as much as you like for free. All the parameters are case sensitive. Agora Web SDK NG now uses the standard Promise-based API to help you write better async operations. All subscribed contents have been uploaded to the extension service. The resource ID is valid for five minutes, so you need to start recording with this resource ID within five minutes. It includes file outputs and RSS data feeds. Note that to update a chart after someone has voted, you need to make another GET call to /polls/P123456789/results/majority/charts/{chart-type} GET to retrieve a resource (or a set of resources);; POST to add a (set of) resource;; PUT to replace a resource;; PATCH to partially update a resource;; DELETE to remove a resource. Access to the AirNow API is generally available to the public, and new accounts can be acquired via the Log In page. Agora Cloud Recording automatically leaves the channel and stops recording when no user is in the channel for more than 30 seconds by default. The video transcoding configuration. The main interest of such voting is that it is richer and more expressive than usual voting, and can be used to obtain more consensual results, taking into account all ranks expressed by each voter. In order to get regular updates you may register to our (low traffic) newsletter. Before using the Agora RESTful API, you need to pass the basic HTTP authentication. 2016 - 2020 Agora, Inc. All rights reserved. If you encounter other errors, contact Something went wrong, please try again later…. unSubscribeVideoUids: (Optional) JSONArray. The requested resource could not be found. Entries are sorted by increasing rank and decreasing score (best choices first). ", "#", "$", "%", "&", "(", ")", "+", "-", ":", ";", "<", "=", ". Each user who has either created a poll or answered on a poll is considered an active user for the current month. Ensure that the App ID or recording ID matches the resource ID in each recording session. subscribeUidGroup: (Optional) Number. In order to do that, simply execute. The estimated maximum number of subscribed users. An interesting feature of AgorAPI is the possibility to send ranked votes, by sorting choices. An array of strings. If you set this parameter, do not set, Endpoint: /v1/apps//cloud_recording/resourceid//sid//mode//updateLayout, Endpoint: /v1/apps//cloud_recording/resourceid//sid//mode//query, Endpoint: /v1/apps//cloud_recording/resourceid//sid//mode//stop, The request frequency limit is 10 requests per second for each App ID. For example. There is nothing to record because no user is sending any stream in the channel. From documentation to integration, the API is straightforward and built on simplicity. The access key of the third-party cloud storage. AgorAPI allows for a more visual view of the results, and offers to generate result charts for you. Must be the same. You need to start recording within five minutes after getting a resource ID. You can only set it to the default value, "error_abort", which means that once an error occurs to an extension service, all other non-extension services, such as stream subscription, also stop. For example, if subscribeVideoUids is ["100","101","102"] and subscribeAudioUids is ["101","102","103"], the number of subscribed users is 4. recordingFileConfig is a JSON Object for configuring recorded files. One resource ID can only be used for one recording session. agora.common.Metadata: Defines metadata which is stored to disk (e.g. The following parameters are required in the URL: The following parameters are required in the request body: streamSubscribe requires the following parameters: During a recording, you can call this method to update the video mixing layout multiple times. AgorAPI is a RESTful API, i.e., endpoints are mapped to resources, and HTTP methods are used to interact with them: Resources include: polls, choices (propositions of a poll), votes, result entries, and charts. Results can be obtained on the /polls/P123456789/results/{result-type} endpoints. Retrieved votes will come with an empty user: Enjoy AgorAPI and feel free to contact us in case of trouble, or if you have any suggestion to make. This is achieved by associating a rank to each vote: ranks start at 1 (default if omitted) for preferred propositions, and increase as preference decreases: This vote indicates that the user prefers choice 2, then choice 3 comes next, and all remaining choices are ranked last. (or, equivalently, a PUT to /charts/{chart-id}/update, where chart_id is the identifier received when creating the chart, in our example gr34tCh4rt). AgorAPI provides simple access to complex voting methods (like Condorcet method, instant-runoff or majority judgement). Must be the same. Part of the subscribed contents have been uploaded to the extension service. A parameter is spelt wrong. Refer to Set the Video Profile for detailed information about setting transcodingConfig. In both cases, you may add a name or email to the user object, to set or update user data while voting. From documentation to integration, the API is straightforward and built on simplicity. Configurations for an extension service. "invalid appid": The App ID you entered is invalid. Retry with the same resource ID. The cURL command above is a good way to start using the API, and to test that your token works. The cloud recording service is not enabled. The AirNow API replaces the previous AirNow Gateway web services. It should not be a string. Most of them are identified using a unique ID (consisting of an arbitrary sequence of alphanumeric characters), automatically generated for you. As a consequence, you must keep your tokens secret! extensionServiceConfig has the following fields: errorHandlePolicy: (Optional) String. Every API request leads to a response by the server. Request: See the examples in the following APIs. An API token has a “scope” it can interact with. A missing or invalid API token may give you the following status codes: Additionnally, a 403 error may be returned when you are correctly identified but out of credits. 1013: The channel name is invalid. Either the parameter is invalid, or the App ID, channel name, or UID does not match the resource ID. To use Agora Cloud Recording again, you need to call the acquire method for a new resource ID. recordingConfig is a JSON object for configuring how the Cloud Recording service subscribes to the media streams in the channel. The resource ID for cloud recording. accessKey: String. The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. 501: The recording service is exiting. For example, when requesting the list of choices from poll P123456789, the API may return the following data: Note that there are 2 exceptions to that: To preserve your data privacy, all API requests must be identified using an API token sent as the query parameter api_token. In case of success, the response status is in general 200, and the response body contains the JSON serialization of the returned data (resources retrieved, or actual data added or updated). Each extension service has specific compatibility requirements. The regional information specified by the third-party cloud storage:When the third-party cloud storage is Qiniu Cloud (vendor = 0): When the third-party cloud storage is Amazon S3 (vendor = 1): When the third-party cloud storage is Alibaba Cloud (vendor = 2): When the third-party cloud storage is Tencent Cloud (vendor = 3): When the third-party cloud storage is Kingsoft Cloud (vendor = 4): bucket: String. Please use different keyword to search. If the error persists after you correct the following issues, contact No result has been found. (However, in case a token has leaked and is compromised, it is always possible to replace it by a new one, on the token management page.). The video subscription list. The most usual result is the majority vote count: As you may notice, a result is a (potentially paginated) list of result entries, each of them consisting of a choice associated with a rank and a score. For example, if fileNamePrefix = ["directory1","directory2"], Agora Cloud Recording will add the prefix "directory1/directory2/" before the name of the recorded file, that is, directory1/directory2/xxx.m3u8. See Set up subscription lists for details. You must set this parameter in individual mode. 8: Errors in the HTTP request header fields. Another token has a different scope, so you can use different tokens for different applications (a poll created with a token will not exist for the other ones). If you set up a subscription list for audio, but not for video, then Agora Cloud Recording will not subscribe to any video streams. extensionServices includes the following fields: serviceName: String. Response: The response content is in JSON format.
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