Also, during most flu seasons, state and territorial health departments report the level of geographic spread of flu activity in their jurisdictions each week through the State and Territorial Epidemiologists Report. This vaccine will replace the previously licensed trivalent high-dose vaccine. Health experts are still studying how common this can be. When these researchers reexamined data from the first study using correct methods, they found that flu vaccination did not increase risk for infection with other respiratory viruses, including seasonal coronaviruses. There also may be other locations in your area that have vaccine available. Is there a test that can detect both flu and COVID-19? Flu vaccines have been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization and death. To help ensure the safe delivery of care during vaccination visits, providers should: Yes. For the upcoming flu season, flu vaccination will be very important to reduce flu because it can help reduce the overall impact of respiratory illnesses on the population and thus lessen the resulting burden on the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting vaccinated in July or August is too early, especially for older people, because of the likelihood of reduced protection against flu infection later in the flu season. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce site, nous supposerons que vous en êtes satisfait. Les décisions d’orientation acquises à la fin de l’année scolaire en cours ou antérieurement doivent être prises en compte dans les vœux saisis sur AFFELNET. For the 2020-2021 season, manufacturers have projected they will provide as many as 194-198 million doses of flu vaccine, which is more than the 175 million dose record set during the 2019-2020 flu season. The test will also help public health laboratories save time and testing materials, and to possibly return test results faster. Reduce crowding in waiting areas by asking patients to remain outside (e.g., stay in their vehicles, if applicable) until they are called into the facility for their appointment. La demande d’affectation en lycée après la 3e se prépare via un service en ligne accessible aux familles à partir du portail « scolarité services » : Affelnet (Affectation des élèves par le Net), pour les élèves scolarisés en établissement public ou privé sous contrat. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus. The cell- or recombinant-based H3N2 vaccine component was updated from an A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like virus to an A/Hong Kong/45/2019 (H3N2)-like virus. LYCEE VOLTAIRE / AFFELNET 2020. Pour toutes les demandes spécifiques liées à une dérogation, une option particulière, un déménagement, ou un désaccord avec la décision du conseil de classe, elles feront l’objet d’une procédure « papier » gérée par le chef d’établissement qui transmettra à une commission départementale pour étude et affectation. recevoir la notification d’affectation en lycée, puis, procéder à l’inscription pour la rentrée scolaire suivante. Are there enough doses of flu vaccine available for the 2020-2021 flu season? Use the VaccineFinderexternal icon to find out where to get vaccinated near you. CDC’s first viral test for SARS-CoV-2 (the CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel (ER-34)) will still be available for qualified laboratories to order through the International Reagent Resource (IRR)external iconexternal icon. Minimize chances for exposures, including steps such as these: Limit and monitor points of entry to the facility and install barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards, to limit physical contact with patients at triage. What is CDC doing to promote flu vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic? This flaw led to the incorrect association between flu vaccination and seasonal coronavirus risk. You can safely get a flu vaccine at multiple locations including your doctor’s office, health departments, and pharmacies. How can I safely get a flu vaccine if COVID-19 is spreading in my community? Providing specific appointment times or other strategies to manage patient flow and avoid crowding. More information about new vaccines available this year. Diagnostic testing can help determine if you are sick with flu or COVID-19. En principe, un élève qui choisira une spécialité proposée à Gustave Eiffel restera dans ce lycée. DV-2022 Entrants should keep their confirmation number until at least September 30, 2022. Educational outreach activities by CDC, including social media, press conferences, web page spotlights, radio media tours, op-eds, and other publications. Is there guidance for giving flu vaccine in settings other than a doctor’s office (e.g., pharmacies; temporary, off-site, or satellite clinics; and large-scale influenza clinics)? Healthcare providers who give vaccines should also consult guidance from state, local, tribal, and territorial health officials. Yes. It is possible have flu, as well as other respiratory illnesses, and COVID-19 at the same time. Pour un élève sans affectation, un 2è puis un 3è tour sont organisés en fonction des places vacantes. While this isn’t enough for every person in the U.S. to receive a flu vaccine this season, not everyone chooses to get vaccinated. Why is it important for influenza (flu) vaccines to be given during the COVID-19 pandemic? Some of the symptoms of flu and COVID-19 are similar, making it hard to tell the difference between them based on symptoms alone. 19AN0161 Annexe 1 - calendrier AFFELNET 2020-2021 Télécharger. That said, demand for flu vaccine may be greater this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. What flu vaccines are recommended this season? You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. If you don’t have a doctor that you regularly see, flu vaccines are also available at locations including health departments and pharmacies. They should change their gloves and wash their hands between patients. Are there any new vaccines licensed for use during the 2020-2021 flu season? Au sein de la communauté éducative la place des parents y est importante. The second new vaccine that will be available is a quadrivalent adjuvanted vaccine licensed for use in adults 65 years and older. 22 octobre 2020 Affelnet 2021, comment ça marche ? There are some key differences between flu and COVID-19. Limiting the overall number of patients at any given time, particularly for populations at higher risk for. The B/Yamagata lineage vaccine component was not updated. Dans certaines académies, la demande correspondante peut être enregistrée dans Affelnet-lycée. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Use VaccineFinderexternal icon to find out where to get vaccinated near you. N’hésitez pas à consulter la Foire aux questions « Enseignants » disponible dans cette même rubrique Applications / Affelnet. Etudes générales ou CAP, comment ça marche ? When will flu activity begin and when will it peak? The composition of U.S. flu vaccines is reviewed annually and updated as needed to match circulating flu viruses. total flu vaccine doses distributed throughout the 2020-2021 flu season. CDC recommends annual influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months and older with any licensed, age-appropriate flu vaccine (IIV, RIV4, or LAIV4) with no preference expressed for any one vaccine over another. Visitez le site de l'académie de Créteil ! For patients (sick or well) presenting for care or routine visits, ensure physical distancing by implementing strategies, such as: Separating sick from well patients by scheduling these visits during different times of the day (e.g., well visits in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon), placing patients with sick visits in different areas of the facility, or scheduling patients with sick visits in a different location from well visits (when space is available). When scheduling or confirming appointments for vaccination, patients should be instructed to notify the provider’s office or clinic in advance if they currently have or develop any symptoms of COVID-19. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. The Canadian findings highlighted the protective benefits of flu vaccination. While an allocation system can initially limit the size of individual orders, as supplies become available in increasing numbers, supply is expected to catch up with demand. Ensure that physical distancing measures, with separation of at least 6 feet between patients and visitors, are maintained during all aspects of the visit, including check-in, checkout, screening procedures, and postvaccination monitoring. Retrouvez-nous avec des informations inédites rapidement sur le 1er site dédié aux parents qui veulent comprendre l'affectation de leur enfant ! Devenir Consultant en Orientation Scolaire, Le Grand Oral du bac : mieux le comprendre pour mieux le préparer, Parcoursup 2021 : les étapes à ne pas manquer en terminale. the three recommended viruses above, plus B/Phuket/3073/2013-like (Yamagata lineage) virus. Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices — United States, 2020-2021 Influenza Season, Getting a Flu Vaccine during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Administering Flu Vaccines During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Shots made with virus grown in cell culture, Interim Guidance for Immunization Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Administering Flu Vaccines during the COVID-19 Pandemic. CDC will continue to provide weekly updates on total flu vaccine doses distributed throughout the 2020-2021 flu season. Are there special precautions my doctor, pharmacist, or health department should take this flu season to make sure flu vaccines can be given safely during the COVID-19 pandemic? Will a flu vaccine protect me against COVID-19? Les familles doivent saisir un ou plusieurs vœux provisoires, soit : Le conseil de classe du 2è trimestre émet un avis provisoire d’orientation. Another important difference is there is a vaccine to protect against flu. No. There is no evidence that getting a flu vaccination increases your risk of getting sick from a coronavirus, like the one that causes COVID-19. Arranging a separate vaccination area or separate hours for persons at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, such as older adults and persons with underlying medical conditions, when feasible. Les élèves se dirigeant en voie professionnelle, garderont la possibilité de plusieurs vœux pour une famille de métiers, celle-ci se trouvant généralement présente dans les différents départements d’une académie. Karine Serra, Consultante Eurêka Study à Muret-Toulouse (31). More information for laboratories is available. CDC does not have a preferential recommendation for any flu vaccine over another, and vaccination should not be delayed to wait on a specific vaccine product when another vaccine licensed for use in adults is available. Vaccination should not be delayed to wait on a specific vaccine product when another age-appropriate vaccine is available. Saving Lives, Protecting People. de recevoir l’avis du conseil de classe pour le 2. de recevoir l’avis définitif du conseil de classe. This page compares COVID-19 and flu, given the best available information to date. Flu viruses are constantly changing so it’s not unusual for new flu viruses to appear each year. Ces documents ont été transmis aux élèves concernés et dès qu’ils les auront renseignés, veuillez bien les transmettre au professeur principal ; Mme Elise VIEN et M Dominique GIOT. How and where people get a flu vaccine may need to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Depuis la rentrée 2019, 9 familles de métiers sont mises en place dans les classes de 2de professionnelles : Copyright © 2015-2020 Eureka Study - Conseil en orientation. There are several flu vaccine formulations that are approved for use in people 65 and older, including two so-called “enhanced” flu vaccines: the high dose flu vaccine and the adjuvanted flu vaccine. Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or health department if they are following CDC’s vaccination pandemic guidance. ... Simulateur Affelnet (version 2019-2020) ... octobre 2020 – février 2021; Assemblée Générale du Foyer Socio-Educatif du 13-10-2020 What are emergency warning signs of flu sickness? Affectation au lycée après la 3ème, les nouveautés 2020. This guidance will be continually reassessed and updated based on the evolving epidemiology of COVID-19 in the United States. CDC has released Interim Guidance for Immunization Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Updated vaccination websites for the public and providers that highlight the safety precautions being implemented in healthcare facilities during the pandemic. Find flu vaccines in your area. Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or health department if they are following CDC’s vaccination pandemic guidance. There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Ideally, the intervals between shipments are short so that each provider has a continuous supply and can continue vaccinating patients without interruption. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site web. The DV-2022 registration period opens on October 7, 2020, and closes on November 10, 2020. Directeur de publication : Dominique GIOT (Proviseur), Se connecter | Concernant les fiches de dialogue, elles sont disponibles ci-dessous. Check the IRR website for details. A flu vaccine may also provide several individual health benefits, including keeping you from getting sick with flu, reducing the severity of your illness if you do get flu and reducing your risk of a flu-associated hospitalization. For example, last season, only about half of Americans chose to get a flu vaccine and, in general, there are many doses of flu vaccine that go unused every season. The cell- or recombinant-based H1N1 vaccine component was updated from an A/Brisbane/02/2018 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus to an A/Hawaii/70/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus. For additional questions, please visit: Clinical Questions about COVID-19: Questions and Answers: Testing, Diagnosis, and Notification. While it’s not possible to say with certainty what will happen in the fall and winter, CDC believes it’s likely that flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 will both be spreading. Additionally, because vaccine manufacturing has been extended to support the production of a record number of flu vaccine doses this year, providers are likely to receive more shipments throughout the season. Thus, healthcare providers should use every opportunity during the influenza vaccination season to administer influenza vaccines to all eligible persons, including; No. Les résultats d’affectation seront transmis aux élèves le 1er juillet. Both vaccines are specifically designed to create a stronger immune response in people aged 65 years and older. Initial test kits were sent to public health laboratories in early August 2020. When going to get a flu vaccine, be sure to practice everyday preventive actions. Influenza Surveillance Report (FluView), Past Flu Seasons Flu Forecasting Accuracy Results, Tools to Prepare Your Practice for Flu Season, Information for Clinicians on Influenza Virus Testing, Multiplex Assays Authorized for Simultaneous Detection of Influenza Viruses and SARS-CoV-2, Information on Collection of Respiratory Specimens for Influenza Virus Testing, Information for Clinicians on Rapid Diagnostic Testing for Influenza, Information on Rapid Molecular Assays, RT-PCR, and other Molecular Assays for Diagnosis of Influenza Virus Infection, Algorithm: Interpreting Influenza Testing Results When Influenza is Circulating, Algorithm: Interpreting Influenza Testing Results When Influenza is NOT Circulating, Guide: Influenza Diagnostic Testing in Closed Setting Outbreaks, Guidance: Standard-Based Electronic Laboratory Reporting, Guidance: Antiviral and Obstetric Health Care, Guidance: Outbreak Management in Long-Term Care Facilities, Guidance: Use of Mask to Control Influenza Transmission, Guidance: Prevention & Control in Peri- and Postpartum Settings, Health Professional References & Resources, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, A/Guangdong-Maonan/SWL1536/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus (updated), A/Hong Kong/2671/2019 (H3N2)-like virus (updated), B/Washington/02/2019 (B/Victoria lineage)-like virus (updated). While no significant delays have been reported, in some places, robust demand for vaccine and supplies required to support flu vaccination efforts, like needles or syringes, may mean that some providers run out of vaccine or other supplies before their next shipment has arrived. Currently, influenza vaccine manufacturers are not reporting any significant delays in national flu vaccine supply or distribution this season. The new multiplex assay can also be ordered through the IRR. Implement policies for adults and children over the age of 2 years to wear, Ensure patients practice respiratory hygiene, cough etiquette, and. Will there be flu along with COVID-19 in the fall and winter? If I am at high risk for serious illness from COVID-19 or flu, where is the safest place for me to get a flu vaccine? Mentions | Read professional reviews, view safety and reliability ratings, and find the best local prices. In previous flu seasons, the NCHS surveillance data were used to calculate the percent of all deaths occurring each week that had pneumonia and/or influenza (P&I) listed as a cause of death. PIC includes all deaths with pneumonia, influenza, and/or COVID-19 listed on the death certificate. The egg-based H3N2 vaccine component was updated from an A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like virus to an A/Hong Kong/2671/2019 (H3N2)-like virus. Other approaches to vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic may include drive-through immunization services at fixed sites, curbside clinics, mobile outreach units, and home visits. Ensuring sufficient staff and resources to help move patients through the clinic as quickly as possible. CDC recommends that all people 6 months and older get a yearly flu vaccine. For the 2020-2021 flu season, there are some changes to FluView surveillance methodology. CDC twenty four seven. However, as long as flu viruses are circulating, vaccination should continue, even in January or later. This new test is designed for use at CDC-supported public health laboratories at state and local levels, where it will supplement and streamline surveillance for flu and COVID-19. CDC has developed a test that will check for A and B type seasonal flu viruses and SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Veuillez trouver ci-après quelques documents qui doivent vous guider dans les procédures d’affectations futures. Getting a flu vaccine will not protect against COVID-19, however flu vaccination has many other important benefits. For more information on where you can get a flu vaccine, visit www.vaccinefinder.orgexternal iconexternal icon. Pour un lycée privé sous contrat, les vœux sont exprimés directement auprès de l’établissement choisi. Use the VaccineFinderexternal icon to find out where to get vaccinated near you. Il ne restera plus qu’à procéder à l’inscription dans le lycée d’accueil au mois de Juillet, et démarrer une nouvelle page d’étude et de formation ! What if my vaccine provider doesn't have my preferred flu vaccine? Giving these vaccines is not considered an. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus, 2019-2020 Preliminary In-Season Burden Estimate, Who is at High Risk for Flu Complications, Who Should & Who Should NOT Get Vaccinated, Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV)/Nasal Spray Vaccine, Selecting Viruses for the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine, Flu Vaccine and People with Egg Allergies, Frequently Asked Questions on Vaccine Supply, Historical Reference of Vaccine Doses Distributed, Hospitalized Adult Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network (HAIVEN), How Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured, What People with a Staph Infection Should Know about Flu, Resources for Hosting a Vaccination Clinic, Overview of Influenza Surveillance in the United States, Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network (FluSurv-NET), Weekly U.S.
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